What is Ceramic X3?

Ceramic X3 Shine is an unrivaled formula with an advanced three-step layering process, with resistance to water and other environmental conditions. It provides a longer lasting shine by creating a hydrophobic surface, producing an exceptional glass finish and color depth. 

In order to seal in the shine on the body of your vehicle, the Ceramic X3 treatment is applied after our signature tri-foam and underbody washes. With Ceramic X3 and our tire shine, it acts as the final coating for your vehicle, then immediately goes into our spot free rinse to provide a sealant. Once underneath the blowers, this will ensure the Ceramic X3 is locked in.  

With our Unlimited Wash Club, you can bring your vehicle back for the Ceramic X3 Shine as often as you’d like. This unique treatment is available at all Club Car Wash locations and MVP wash packages.