Spring Cleaning Corner - March 2024

11x14 Rockwell

It’s time to get your car prepared for spring! Many people don’t realize that taking care of your vehicle’s interior and exterior after winter can have a lasting impact on not only your car’s health, but your health too.

Winter road salt and grime from inclement weather can accumulate on your car’s exterior and undercarriage, leading to corrosion and rust. Road salt can also cause mechanical damage to your car by corroding components such as brake lines, suspension parts, and exhaust systems. Removing salt helps prevent this damage and ensures that your car’s mechanical systems remain in good working condition. With Ceramic X3, used in our MVP wash, you can effectively remove any unwanted residue and prevent future buildup, leaving a lasting shine.

Dust and pollen can get trapped in air vents, as well as cupholders and dashboards. It can have a significant impact on your car’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Using one of our compressed air guns, you can get in those hard to reach places to remove any potential allergens. This will improve the air quality inside your car, making it healthier for you and your passengers, especially for those with allergies or respiratory sensitivities. For extra precaution ask one of our attendants to spray down your mats next time you visit!

Using our top of the line high suction vacuums will remove dust, dirt, debris, and allergens from your car’s interior surfaces including carpets, seats, and floor mats. Regularly vacuuming out your car can create a tidy and organized environment, reducing feelings of stress or anxiety associated with a cluttered space.

The best way to finally welcome in the freshness of spring is to utilize one of our air fresheners. With four different scents available, it adds the finishing touch on prepping your vehicle for warmer weather.

Spring officially starts on March 20th; we hope to see you at the wash soon!