Spring Cleaning Corner

11x14 Rockwell

While April showers bring May flowers, rain can significantly affect the cleanliness and appearance of your car’s exterior. The combination of rainwater, dirt, and pollutants can leave streaks and spots on your vehicle’s surface, diminishing its visual appeal. Additionally, rain can exacerbate existing dirt and grime, making it more challenging to maintain a clean exterior. It’s essential to take proactive measures to keep your car clean and protected, ensuring it looks its best despite the weather conditions. 

One of the most significant problems rain causes to drivers is impaired visibility through front and back windshields. It can range from water spots to sediment buildup, which can both become difficult to remove. Consistently washing and using our streak free cleaning solution, will allow for any buildup to disintegrate and allow for full visibility. Our MVP wash contains Ceramic X3 which acts as a repellant to water, decreases water spots, increases shine, and is more durable than wax. This can also improve driving conditions during the rain, as it sheds water and prevents it from accumulating on your wind shield.  

Each of our wash processes incorporates a pre-soak that works against grime and other build up on your windshields, windows and side mirrors. This initial soak helps in the removal of those pesky water spots and any dirt that rain might have splattered onto your car. With our spot free rinse, we eliminate any final debris caused by rain and make your car shine once again.  

To ensure extra shine to all glass finishes and interiors, visit our towel and cleaning solution station positioned in our parking lot. For best results and coverage, start by spraying the interior of the windshield across the entire surface including the corners and edges. Using one of our clean microfiber towels start at the top of the windshield and work your way down in circular motions. As you proceed, make sure you regularly fold the towel to avoid spreading any leftover dust onto the glass. Finally, utilizing a fresh, clean towel, thoroughly dry your windshield to lock in a streak free finish. 

While driving in the rain can be challenging, maintaining a regular washing routine offers peace of mind and ensures optimal visibility during this rainy season.