Club Car Wash Celebrates 18th Anniversary 

Columbia, MO – (May 6th, 2024) 

Club Car Wash, a leading name in the car washing industry, proudly marks its 18th year of business, commemorating a journey marked by growth, excellence, and community engagement. 

Founded on May 6th, 2006, as Tiger Express Wash, Club Car Wash began its journey as a family-owned business, serving customers from its original location at 212 Nebraska Ave in Columbia, Missouri. Between 2006-2018 Tiger Express Wash expanded its footprint across mid and northeastern Missouri, with additional locations in O’Fallon, Troy, Fenton, Farmington, Sedalia, Lebanon, Washington, Arnold, and Eureka. 

In 2019, Tiger Express Wash underwent a successful rebranding, emerging as Club Car Wash, a move that not only redefined its identity but also solidified its prominence in the car washing industry. Since then, Club Car Wash has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its presence to 10, soon to be 11 states and establishing a reputation for delivering exceptional best in class service, and value to its growing membership base. 

Under the leadership of founder and CEO Rollie Bartels, Club Car Wash has thrived, evolving today into a network of over 160+ locations and closing the gap on servicing a million members. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication of the Club Car Wash team and the unwavering support of its loyal customers. 

Reflecting on the journey, Rollie remarked, “As we celebrate our 18th anniversary, we are immensely proud of how far we’ve come since our inception. We are thankful for our humble beginnings, and every member and customer that has joined us along the way.” 

Looking ahead, Club Car Wash remains steadfast in its commitment to expansion, with plans to enter new markets and introduce its signature car wash services to even more locations across the central United States. 

About Club Car Wash: 

Club Car Wash is a leading name in the car washing industry, committed to delivering outstanding service while fostering strong relationships with its customers and communities.   

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Kendell Palmquist