Wichita, KS – S Rock Road

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General Manager
141 S Rock Road
Wichita, KS 67207

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 7 PM
8 AM — 7 PM
Was great, but over priced
Terry Y.
20:36 19 Jan 22
Nice works
Bao T.
14:27 12 Jan 22
I was greeted by an extremely friendly young lady with a big smile and a bubbly demeanor. After purchasing the car wash, I drove up to the hoses and was directed by a bunch of helpers -- who politely assisted me in getting into the tracks of the machine. From there, it was smooth sailing. It was easily worth the $6 price, my car looks great!
Mason W.
20:31 09 Jan 22
Unlimited what can you ask for more
Henry S.
17:07 07 Jan 22
Free mother fathering vacuums. Decent priced car wash as well save nevertheless 100 percent stasfied with the we can't guarantee a clean car at the cheapest rate its like going to burger King and telling me well I cant guarantee the burger will be good unless you buy the more expensive option but the staff is friendly and the vacuum is free so good trade off.
Andrew S.
11:19 07 Jan 22
Wonderful place. Pay once a month wash your car whenever. And they have some high suction vacuums.
ItsMad M.
22:25 01 Jan 22
Use them everything I go to town.
Brian K.
03:26 06 Dec 21
Well I finally went for a wash, easy and the suv came out clean. Good place, quick and affordable.
Kevin B.
19:24 05 Dec 21
Love keeping my truck clean and shiny. Club car wash does it. Be glad when they have more around the cities.
Beej T.
22:39 02 Dec 21
These guys take care of you
Donna S.
11:32 30 Nov 21
Do you still offer a military discount for elite service
Bob P
17:30 27 Nov 21
So easy to wash your vehicle and you're provided with a towel to use to dry and wipe down your vehicle too. Also have unlimited washes for a small fee each month, love it!!
Doug S.
02:27 18 Nov 21
Wayne R.
10:46 10 Nov 21
This is a carwash. You go there. They wash your car.
Guard B.
02:15 07 Nov 21
Oh this my new exclusive place to keep my vehicles 🚗 serviced and clean ! Price is the best in town I switched from zips and I appreciate the respect this business gives to veterans and active duty military!
John M.
11:10 31 Oct 21
Great staff
Granville H.
20:23 04 Oct 21
Washed the car here last weekend, great service, quick & easy.
Bryan P.
12:57 04 Oct 21
Great deal great wash
car C.
14:39 29 Sep 21
Good customer server
Amaris C.
13:54 22 Sep 21
I washed my car 3 times I enjoy the colors while going through the carwash. Also the vacuums clean really well for $40 a month for MVP I will be referring my friends thanks Club Car Wash
Sandtago J.
01:05 19 Sep 21
We purchased the unlimited wash, cannot be happier. Wash your car as many times as you want, free towel, and great free vacuums.
William K (.
22:06 16 Sep 21
Great service and fast wash...
Timothy H.
18:51 11 Sep 21
Good value for a monthly membership
John F.
02:03 08 Sep 21
love the colors as you go through the washing cycle and the smell of the soap.....
Aaron H.
03:15 07 Sep 21
Great car wash
Cj W.
18:26 06 Sep 21
Since submitting a previous review about issues with Pre Wash and Bug Spray, they have stepped up and improved. Thank you Brendan Lowden, Ops Mgr for addressing this in a timely manner.
Fred B.
10:54 31 Aug 21
Join the Club!
Sue W.
01:17 27 Aug 21
Make sure to get the scented soap. It makes the entire car smell incredible.
Candi R.
06:19 25 Aug 21
Excelente!!!!!! Car Wash, quedó mi carro muy limpio y hasta el color brillante,
Angelica R.
13:46 21 Aug 21
I really love how they get the trick so sparkling clean for a very small price each month. This is the best car wash ever.
Alan F.
10:13 21 Aug 21
Good car wash. Not bad prices
Brandon P.
15:46 17 Aug 21
The service is the best & definitely the best wash compared to the others!
Jed W.
06:36 17 Aug 21
Love how clean, fast, and friendly this wash is! Some of the best washes I’ve had on my car come from this location
Christopher S.
12:01 12 Aug 21
I have membership and have gone to the one by Towne East and the one at Broadway and 47th. It does a good job on my van, saves me tons of time and $.
Marie S.
21:21 22 Jul 21
Great car wash, great value, and really great people that take care of their customers!
Collin P.
20:40 19 Jul 21

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