Wichita, KS – S Broadway

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4826 S Broadway
Wichita, KS 67216

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 7 PM
8 AM — 7 PM
Love this place but always out of towels at entry. Otherwise I use them frequently. I pay monthly. Saves money.
Chris R.
09:33 25 Jan 22
Clean as a whistle!
Don G.
01:10 25 Jan 22
The best car wash in the ICT!!!
Craig W.
00:02 25 Jan 22
Was hesitant about which monthly Car Wash I should join but luckily I picked a great one! Club Car wash is the way to go!
Kevin P.
17:08 17 Jan 22
The people were really nice and got a good car wash , I would recommend them.
22:33 14 Jan 22
There are many car washes to choice from in Wichita now and I have used them all. Club Car Wash is by far the best wash for the money. The have several levels to choice from and for 10 bucks you can get a really good wash. They also run specials now and then so you can get the top wash as a free upgrade.
Pete S.
15:37 06 Jan 22
Great value, great wash and the vacuums are great.
Bo S.
03:22 24 Dec 21
Hard working crew doing double duty at service window, operating line and handling pressure washer lines.
bill M.
13:22 16 Dec 21
Great service and quality wash, but there is never any windex or towels. People need to quit stealing from them and making it hard on the honest people who like a clean car.
Kevin A.
15:19 13 Dec 21
They guys that made sure the dirt spot got off my car need a raise ! They did amazing! I’ll never go anywhere else
shauntae S.
13:34 09 Dec 21
Like this wash better than Charlie’s. Cleans better and the tire shine doesn’t fling up all over my freshly washed car. Plus, on Tuesday’s they have $10 VIP car washes which benefit Children’s Mercy Hospital.
Becca G.
06:39 01 Dec 21
Great wash. Love the towels to wipe down inside & outside
Teresa S.
21:35 30 Nov 21
Tried the one near my house, but had to go to Derby. There was a breakdown at 47th and Broadway. Got an excellent wash at the North Rock road location.
Frank C.
02:33 27 Nov 21
My car looks awesome!
Cheryll M.
03:11 24 Nov 21
They are way way way better than zips!
Nathan S.
16:59 06 Nov 21
I love this place! They make my tires shiny and they do a great job
Reg O
14:52 06 Nov 21
Does a great job...keeps my Chevy lookin' good
James C.
18:44 04 Nov 21
Best Car Wash 🚗 Ever, With unlimited Car Wash 🚗 and Feee Vaccuming for Only $20.00 a month, You owe Your 🚗 and Yourself The Dignity to Look Good 👍, Just ask your Car 🚗 and Your Friends, and Tell them about the Best Car 🚗 Wash and Let them Be Happy to 😊❤
18:48 19 Oct 21
Fun! Like a carnival ride!
Kay A.
04:08 18 Oct 21
Reasonable rates. Staff nice
Donna S.
09:43 09 Oct 21
Omg best touch less car wash i have ever tried.
Leah H.
18:19 04 Oct 21
Great place
Chris B.
01:27 03 Oct 21
Love.... Love... Love this place. Free vaccum and wipe down towels.
Dave C.
16:14 01 Oct 21
Best place
Amanda L.
22:10 28 Sep 21
Love the free vacuums
J. Mark C.
01:12 23 Sep 21
Always coming out shiny!!
Jamie T.
13:22 13 Sep 21
I love this place! I always have so much fun going through this car wash. It's like a rave in there with the light show that is given while your car gets a bath. Very entertaining and well worth the money for the membership if you ask me. My car always comes out looking so clean and new the vacuums are amazing. There isn't so much as one spec of dirt left in my car after using their vacuums. I feel like I'm leaving with a brand new car every time.
Amy M.
05:42 11 Sep 21
I love all the led lights. And made my car so clean
evie E.
14:03 08 Sep 21
Great place
Bryon M.
04:14 05 Sep 21
The best wash by far
William J.
18:02 01 Sep 21
They did a great job with getting all the bugs off the front of my car. Plus doing a great job on my windshield as well. I am very pleased with the location on South Broadway.
Anthony R.
22:52 31 Aug 21
Ease to get in. The driers are crazy exceptional. I'll keep driving out of my way to use this place.
Karen S.
05:39 29 Aug 21
Pricey unlimited washes. Great wash! Tuesday specials. Best car wash in town in my opinion. $21 for the Elite package per visit, without membership.
Crystal M.
15:29 22 Aug 21
Pretty good
Denny Dillon KW S.
02:29 15 Aug 21
The Best carwash and vaccums!
Tina M.
21:29 14 Aug 21
Friendly and good prices
Donna M.
16:13 14 Aug 21
This is by far the best car wash I've ever gone to. The vacuums are amazing and my car always gets clean. Would recommend
Chelse C.
19:16 09 Aug 21
I love this place and there wash is awesome
Edwin B.
19:59 04 Aug 21
Great investment, love this car wash experience and the vacuums take care of business!
Lonnie E.
17:13 04 Aug 21
A little too good took some paint off my front bumper...I like the place and I will return
Ashley R.
06:30 01 Aug 21
Got the $10 wash. Powerful vaccum.
Edward H.
23:46 31 Jul 21
Glad they came to town.Does a great job.Reasonable price
Dean H.
17:37 29 Jul 21
Awesome automatic wash and Big free vacuums available
Mandi S.
18:50 28 Jul 21
It was a little slow reading my membership tag. They applied bug cleaner and in I went. Great car wash have paid more for less wash6. Going there membership. They have military rates. Not sure what else, buy our car sure is clean and shiny.
Brian K.
02:38 27 Jul 21
living on a dirt road I'm getting my money's worth out of the $10. a month for 3 months (unlimited washes)!!!
Christy M.
19:20 26 Jul 21
Top car wash is the best
Shane L.
23:15 17 Jul 21
Nice clean fast service for as busy as it
Michael W.
03:10 17 Jul 21
Great experience every time!!!
kenneth M.
19:47 13 Jul 21
Does an excellent job of washing my vehicles. Some of the staff are just mindless drones though. Some habitually wave you forward when they are ready even if another staff member is standing right in front of you. Another occasion I had one guy 2 feet in front of me and not moving and just mindlessly waving me forward.
Branden T.
20:26 12 Jul 21
I have a club membership and there carwash is great and the vacuums are the best in town they will suck your carpet right off the floor they work so good
Jacob S.
16:47 09 Jul 21
Very nice car wash. The vacuums work real good good. They offer towls for you to wipe your car down also.
DeAnn N.
10:28 06 Jul 21

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