Wichita, KS – N 127th Street East


2171 N 127th Street East
Wichita, KS 67230

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
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Fantastic. Best wash ever. Love Ten dollar Tuesday. On a fixed income Best Buy in town.
Karen T.
17:43 26 Apr 22
East route from home
Andrea K.
15:11 26 Apr 22
Love there system. Leaves my car looking great and not just for a day
Donna M.
21:05 08 Apr 22
Awesome place to get your car washed!
Kj B.
18:25 25 Mar 22
I feel like I get a very good car wash there and the guys pay attention to detail getting the bugs off the front
Karen M.
14:23 24 Feb 22
I've been here a couple of times. I get in and out pretty quick and the car's clean. Happy with them so far!
James A.
19:53 14 Feb 22
We prefer club for a simple thing really. The damp rag is a ton of extra help in cleaning up your car wiping away dust and cleaning the cup holder in a coffee spilled pinch!
Serena P
07:15 13 Feb 22
Price is little high for a car wash
Jeremy D.
13:17 12 Feb 22
The staff is incredible always smiling it's just the best car wash in town
Lon R.
19:20 04 Feb 22
Big smiles all round, but when you get to the end..brighter lights than other club washes.😁
Christy M.
19:02 01 Jan 22
Friendliest car wash I have ever been to. Employees were helpful and kind!
Stephanie C.
18:28 10 Dec 21
I have the monthly pass. I've been really happy with it. I miss the full service car washes we have in TX, I'm generally not going to wipe down my car after a wash, I wish they did a full detail (inside carpet shampoo etc) they may offer this but I haven't noticed it on their menu. Otherwise it is a good car wash gets the salt and grime off and very fast with the pass.
Chris M
01:49 28 Nov 21
Great car wash and amazing employees.
Stephen M.
12:32 16 Nov 21
Great service. I had a Ford Transit 15 seater and it cleared the car wash just fine. I got the cheapest wash and it was just fine. Just the rear wasn't as clean but probably due to length and design of vehicles. Self serve vaccum worked great, I was there for at least an hour and they didn't say anything. Bathroom was very clean.
17:57 14 Nov 21
Can I hit it in the morning??
Rick J V.
07:19 11 Nov 21
Best automated car was I've ever used!! Staff is amazing and the price is perfect
Alan G.
18:34 29 Oct 21
Does a great job and makes your car smell fresh. Staff is friendly and courteous!
Debra Y
02:51 17 Oct 21
Great crew. Not sure how this place could do it better but if they do Google will need to add more stars to the review.
Dory Hayes (.
14:10 14 Oct 21
I've had a membership since the 21st street location opened and I have had a great experience every time. I probably visit once per week. Thank you for great service!
Amy M
18:02 12 Oct 21
In my opinion this does a better job than Charlie’s.
Becca G.
17:07 25 Sep 21
A++ My car has NEVER been this shiny before. Get the top level wash a few times a year- it makes your car look new! I think I saw a sign that says on one day a week the top wash is half price, or something.
Jane S.
02:38 12 Sep 21
I love this car wash so much! Every time I come in there they're so friendly and they do a great job!!
Casey K.
19:10 31 Aug 21
I have a monthly membership and have had excellent service every time I go through the wash. I appreciate the towel service and how clean the whole place always is.
Melissa W
01:53 26 Aug 21
Great place to get your car washed. Fantastic people working there always helpful friendly and do a great job in each time.
Mike H.
18:24 14 Aug 21
That was the best car wash I have been to in a while. Very well worth the $10.75 price.
Robert R.
03:35 28 Jul 21
Brent M.
00:25 25 Jul 21
Great service
Misty V.
15:05 14 Jul 21
Good job! Really clean and the tires look great. Wish they were open later than 8pm.
Michael B.
17:01 04 Jul 21
Best car wash we have ever had
Tamara D.
19:25 03 Jul 21
Great value
Tony C.
03:37 03 Jul 21
Just nice all the way round
Julia S.
18:12 30 Jun 21
Top Notch car wash...cost effective bathroom...mat vacuumgive it a try
Kevin S.
17:52 26 May 21
Best car wash in town. Hands down!!
Michael M.
03:56 30 Apr 21
Great wash..slightly surly young staff
timothy H.
17:11 27 Apr 21
Beat wash in town
12:08 26 Apr 21
Sometimes the sensor doesn't work for the monthly pass, but the wash is great. Somehow it gets tire shine on my tires, which is awesome. The do it yourself vacuums are super powerful.
Christian T.
16:29 24 Apr 21
They been Excellent. So good I joined the Membership club
Eddie A.
22:09 15 Apr 21
A little pricey but you do get your car cleaned. World class vacuums!! Lol
12:54 13 Apr 21
Good bang for the buck
don B.
01:22 10 Mar 21
Wonderful services and great prices
Ahmad A.
19:58 28 Feb 21
Great car wash and experience. Super friendly people.
Douglas T.
16:37 28 Feb 21
Like being a member & getting to pass in the member lane.
Michelle L.
16:23 26 Feb 21
Really good job, and the attendant could have been nicer. This is the carwash to go to if you are a veteran or active duty military.. big discounts!
Steve M.
20:49 25 Feb 21
BEST Car wash I have used in years! Love the tire shine. I have the monthly pass and like the private lane to zip in. My car is clean, polished and dry. If I want to vacuum, they are powerful vacuums!
Cindy C.
00:31 20 Feb 21
Great 10$ offer
Abdulrahman Q
23:46 17 Feb 21
Nice new carwash but didn't clean my car all the way. Left smudges and smears all down the side.
Rodney B.
17:31 29 Dec 20
Fantastic value for the intro special going on in December.
00:16 15 Dec 20

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