Troy, MO – Merlin Drive

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2 Merlin Drive
Troy, MO 63379

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 7 PM
8 AM — 7 PM
Does a good job and free vacuum is nice
Aaron R.
23:34 18 Dec 21
One word wow
liam J.
21:03 18 Dec 21
Good car wash. Friendly people
Charlie H.
18:36 17 Dec 21
This is my favorite car wash. The attendants spray your car off before entering the wash. The wash does an excellent job! This is the best wash I've ever been to!!
23:07 03 Dec 21
Like this place , cleans my truck good. A good place for a fast truck wash
Linda W.
19:46 23 Nov 21
Great washes. I have been coming for awhile and have notice Tremendous change in the atmosphere and the over quality of the facility. I definitely recommend and will keep coming!
Autumn B.
20:12 21 Nov 21
Great except the wash never gets the rocker panels.
Michael P.
20:23 06 Nov 21
Great kids running the car wash!
Vanessa G.
18:40 04 Nov 21
Always have been fast
melvin H.
16:24 31 Oct 21
Great carwash for the price! The young men are very polite and really prewash your car well.
Edita 2.
01:09 19 Oct 21
I live 2 hours away but I cannot pass this Carwash up when I go by. Their customer service is amazing!!! The wash is second to NONE!! If it’s not clean the first time (which happens….I live on gravel and it takes extra work to get clean) they do it again no problem. If I lived here I’d have the monthly package FOR SURE!!! I appreciate you all so much!
Brandy J.
20:11 10 Oct 21
Always seems to do a good job, tire shine is thick, if you dont like it, tell them not to put it on
19:49 10 Oct 21
Cleaned my laramie shinny clean
Patrick T.
01:13 02 Sep 21
My home away from home for my black 2018 Nissan Armada Platinum. I strive to keep my ride clean! Club Car Wash helps me keep it that way!!
Craig M.
00:12 20 Jun 21
Prices are a little steep for a single car wash, but if you are nuts about keeping your car clean like I am, the membership is well worth it.
Brian L.
20:11 07 May 21
Did a good job.
Larry C.
19:23 13 Apr 21
Best car wash around, car was glossy for a week, if you see a wait to get your ride washed, it's worth waiting for!
Rachel S.
00:06 25 Mar 21
I would have gave you guys five stars but they got the VIP car wash they missed places on my Jeep then when I'm ready to go vacuum I suppose they needed to be empty because there was no suction whatsoever was very unhappy this time
Laurie C.
01:07 22 Mar 21
Nice options and great customer service.
Richard R.
00:02 11 Mar 21
I got $10 wash. They gave me a microfiber towel to clean the inside of my SUV and then I used it to touch up the wheels. They sprayed my it prior to going into the wash. This wash is the best I've tried so far, and most of my wheels came clean! I had very minimal extra drying and touch up on the wheels. I will definitely go back!
Kathy L.
16:05 07 Mar 21
Prices are fine, but the lines are usually long. Does a decent enough job cleaning your vehicle. Some of the people that work there arent great though.
00:55 05 Mar 21
Was refused service at Oasis Kwik Wash in Wentzville due to a hardshell rooftop tent on my vehicle. They claimed they have "special brushes" that would rip it off. Well drove to Club Car Wash (out of my way from home which was the only reason I tried to stop at Oasis) and the attendants at Club were incredibly friendly which was already a better start. They thought it was ridiculous that they refused me but of course we're happy I chose to come here and let me tell you, I'll definitely be back. It cleaned my car off really well despite the tent being there and didn't even rip the tent off like Oasis claimed would happen since every car wash has those same "special brushes". I highly recommend Club Car Wash for their accomodations to vehicles with accessories and their friendly staff.
Amanda F
21:18 04 Mar 21
Fast helpful staff, great wash, and all the self serve extra interior cleaning you could want.
Loren C.
16:25 27 Feb 21
I am a monthy member and I would recommend their services.The workers are very polite and professional. The automatic wash is very thorough. Remember to tip they are worth it.
Bryan H.
22:12 18 Feb 21
Decent wash and all, but I had left a set of floor matts and some tie down straps in the bed of my truck before I went through. They were to heavey to fly out so I wasn't worried about them. Wouldn't be a big deal if they said somthing, or moved them or let me put them in the cab, but instead they took them to the side in the car wash. I had finished having my truck washed and was vacuuming it out when I realized it was missing some stuff. I had to walk back around into the car wash and get it from the side where they had tossed it. Not real impressed. The fact you care enough to respond though shows alot. Im going to leave the first part of my review for people to see, but I'm gonna change the rating I gave you. Thank you for actually caring.
redneck R.
05:42 08 Feb 21
Great job!
Debbie A.
22:30 04 Feb 21
Great car wash and the employees do a great job. Would recommend!!
Thomas R.
06:16 26 Jan 21
I love this place!!! I have the gold package on all 3 of my vehicles.
Randall M.
03:22 12 Jan 21
I love the great customer service at this car wash. The maintenance crew and all are very nice and respectful
Tabatha H.
23:05 06 Jan 21
You want your vehicles spotless this is the place to go!!!
Todd R.
21:00 10 Sep 20
Great wash and fast kids do a good job
Mike S.
12:10 21 Aug 20
Great Car Wash !!
Gary B.
20:34 20 Aug 20
great - 👍
Pat J.
15:26 23 Jul 20
Quick service and always a nice clean vehicle after the wash.
Terry H.
16:12 08 Jul 20
I have a monthly set up and it is awesome. I have to wash the car almost every day due to daily jaunts on gravel roads. I frequent the Tiger at LSL BLVD the most. The kids are great that pre-treat and dry. I have used O'Fallon Tiger once and Troy Tiger is(seems) longer but they do not dry the vehicle. I am really happy with all three locations.
Kecia C.
06:05 24 Jun 20
Great car wash!
Gail P.
02:05 21 Jun 20
I got the $20 wash. And I got what I paid for looks great
john S.
19:20 12 Jun 20
Excellent !!
Roger G.
16:40 10 Jun 20
Great service! Highly recommend the membership wash! Free vacuums too!
Jussie C.
03:16 10 Jun 20
Good job. The people are polite and pre-wash guys hussle. Free vacuums work well. The dusting cloth is a great bonus!
Gordon B.
12:57 04 Jun 20
Always fast and friendly service! They do a great job keeping the bugs off my car!! Monthly unlimited is the way to go 🚘
Gynette C.
00:18 03 Jun 20
Great place!!
Jason B.
13:40 22 May 20
Free vaccuum. Nuff said
Michelle B
22:04 22 Apr 20
Keeping my car fresh
christopher L.
00:43 11 Mar 20
This is the best carwash in Troy.
Gary M.
01:57 28 Feb 20
Fantastic experience! My car looks like it just rolled off the lot! And for only $20
Calista K.
00:52 23 Feb 20

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