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General Manager
1834 SW Topeka Blvd
Topeka, KS 66612

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 7 PM
8 AM — 7 PM
The best carwash anywhere bar none. I have been very impressed with it. Never going to change to any other carwash. Highly satisfied with price and the employees 👌
John H.
17:05 13 Jan 22
Wonderful place....this place is awesome! I love the way the car washes my car. I also get free Vac and towels with my service.
Quayonna K.
12:10 10 Jan 22
They do a outstanding job cleaning up my truck I will go back again.
Don the O.
15:03 07 Jan 22
Their vacuum cleaner system sucks big time. That's a good thing when you're talkin about vacuum sweepers. Very good. Once in awhile you'll find one that somebody has sucked a mask up and blocked it up, but if you call an attendant (who are always very responsive) they will remove the blockage. They also have a cart with stacks of microfiber towels and several bottles of Windex that you can use to clean your windows. You definitely can't be all you get for the monthly price.
john R.
14:55 25 Dec 21
Exelente servicio...👍🏻
Freiman N.
00:40 18 Dec 21
Love this place!!!
Kaylee H.
04:38 15 Dec 21
The car wash, vacuums and rug beaters are nice. Though sometimes a vacuum or two is not working properly and I wonder if the rug beaters get much attention. They do a marginal job and are dusty.
David F.
22:50 29 Nov 21
Great operation with friendly employees and good prices. The facility was clean, the equipment worked and with numerous locations around the city, this is my go to carwash business.
Jon F.
05:24 23 Nov 21
Very helpful staff!
mark S.
17:02 20 Nov 21
I would recommend it because cars come out really clean depending on what wash you choose yourself and also you get free vacuuming as well.
Stacked D.
00:08 12 Nov 21
Quick, easy, convenient. Friendly staff.
Angie F.
07:37 07 Nov 21
Nice car wash
Legina S.
23:12 06 Nov 21
Stop here every week, full clean and vacuum! Love this place!
Damean R.
03:29 19 Oct 21
Great service and price when getting the packages. The MVP pays for itself in a carwash and a half. Unlimited washes for $32 per month.
Michelle H.
19:34 18 Oct 21
Fun experience. I've noticed you must wipe car off though or else it leaves a film. Vacuuming works great!
Angela W.
18:33 22 Sep 21
Free vacuums and this place actually makes sure its equipment works right!
Robert C.
04:13 09 Sep 21
Great service
Donald W.
06:45 07 Sep 21
I love this carwash. It's like a carwash with Christmas lights. Cost ranges from $10 rookie wash to $40 mvp wash. I have the $30 elite. Sadly though it will damage your vehicle. Free vacuum cleaners are available for use after washing. If you buy a Membership you can wash your vehicle as many times as you want during that month, be it once a month or 50 times a month.
Martha S.
11:42 04 Sep 21
Definitely a good business and they care about their customers before they care about Money. I had a card expire. Instead of continuing to charge me they just put my account on hold.
15:31 30 Aug 21
Un lugar donde siempre lavo mi camioneta y me encanta el lugar
13:33 22 Aug 21
No issues. With a membership I get a car wash anytime of them month as many times as I want. Plus they have military discount.
Eric S.
02:45 19 Aug 21
I had a good first experience and would go again. The club rates seem reasonable.
19:58 17 Aug 21
You'll appreciate the many car wash packages they have to offer. From Veterans, standard, to elite all monthly.
Debra J.
17:00 14 Aug 21
Car is really nicely washed! 14.00 price you won't be dissappointed
Lisa Boone N.
06:21 03 Aug 21
Great service
Dustin B.
19:47 31 Jul 21
Great place to wash any Car or SUV vacuums are free for anyone. Membership aren't to high I wish you could have multiple car under one membership
Brittany W.
18:50 27 Jul 21
Cleaned vehicle thoroughly
Julio H.
22:40 26 Jul 21
My kids loove this car wash, my only thing is that if I’m paying almost $30 for a wash my rims better be sparkly, I shouldn’t have to pull up to the vacuum area and see that I have to take a rag to my rims to shine them up.
13:39 14 Jul 21
Continue to outdo squeaky clean best car wash in Topeka
Kevin H.
14:50 08 Jul 21
Tuesday specials are the best!
Keysha A.
15:47 01 Jul 21
My favorite place to go to get a good car wash.
Miguel G.
03:21 20 Jun 21
I go Club Car Wash usually about 15 times a month. Usually the one Topeka Blvd or Wanamaker. My FAVORITE is Topeka Blvd because the staff ALWAYS have a smile & ALWAYS say THANK YOU Everytime I tip them even a dollar.The mat came off my running board & didn't know if I lost it in the carwash. I went back & the staff went out of their way to look inside the carwash for me. I didn't lose it there, but the Topeka Blvd staff went ABOVE & BEYOND to look for it!
Rebecca H.
02:15 14 Jun 21
I went to the Club Car wash on a Saturday. The staff was polite and professional. The car wash itself did an excellent job. The attendant even gave us a microfiber cloth with the wash.
Tyler B.
15:04 09 Jun 21
Lo mejor para la limpieza de nuestros autos gracias,no descuiden sus máquinas de aspirar ,sigan Delante gran trabajo
Edwin G.
02:55 05 Jun 21
Me and my son had a blast going threw the car wash
Latrice J.
11:33 04 Jun 21
I go to club car wash almost every other day! Great service all the way around!
Nikki T.
15:52 29 May 21
Love it love it love it
Jerome T.
03:40 19 May 21
Wow! Awesome car wash and upscale service. Towel with cleaning solution on it provided with the Elite wash to wipe off the inside of the car. A hefty military discount. Nice vacuums with narrow suction wand to get stuff in tight spaces.
Mama K
15:20 16 May 21
Like when they have good discount...there Great!!
Connie J.
16:15 06 May 21
It's always fast smooth and hassle free.
Bobby R.
17:53 03 May 21
Always do a great job of getting our vehicle clean.
23:38 24 Apr 21
I always use the Club Car Wash on Topeka Blvd.I love the car wash and the staff are friendly, but it seems the vacuum in every stall I’ve tried the last 3-4 times has absolutely NO suction. I know they are probably an ongoing maintenance issue, but for the price I’m paying each month for 2 vehicles is it too much to ask for working equipment?I also have a question. . .When the club member line is 8 cars long and a non—club member drives right up , pays and jumps ahead, it feels like the club loyalty members are left holding the bag.No towels this afternoon. 🙁. It was very busy and the staff kept smiling! 😃👍🏼
Rhonda C.
21:04 24 Apr 21
Top-notch service every time! LOVE the vacuums & microfiber towels! Customers seem so happy (& why wouldn't they be?) People interact with each other .. ok, so I'm chatty .. lol. Good vibes all around 😊
Carol N.
18:07 17 Apr 21
I love this carwash! I like that I can use my membership at any of their locations!
Taylor N.
16:16 16 Apr 21
Bit pricey if u are not a club member, but very good wash
Ben W.
19:52 15 Apr 21

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