Topeka, KS – SW 30th Terrace


6014 SW 30th Terrace
Topeka, KS 66614

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
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The wash is really good but they do pack the cars in and it can feel a bit uncomfortable. Also bring back the ticket books.
bob C.
16:16 26 Jun 22
Overall I had a great experience at this car wash, I usually have a pretty dirty car and it’s always spotless when I leave. The nice man in the polo he said his name was Andre did a great job on my running boards.
MacKenzie M.
00:16 23 Jun 22
Really great place.
15:01 20 Jun 22
Always fast and effective
Heather C.
20:52 15 Jun 22
Still the b÷st deal in Topeka..
John H.
17:53 08 Jun 22
Club Carwash is a good place to get your car washed. They have a monthly subscription that ranges from $20-$40. You can start it with a 3 month trial for $10 a month for three months if you start on a Tuesday. The car wash itself is not touchless. There are chamois brushes in the wash. You start with staff pretreating your car. Then you are guided into the rail where the wash pulls your car through in neutral. After you exit, there are powerful vacuums, towels, and cleaners for cloth Mats. If you have rubber Mats take them to the staff at the start of the wash and they will clean them for you. There is a tip box at the start as well. It cleans your car well, the staff are great, and the cost is comparable to other washes. I recommend this place if you need a car wash.
Christopher M.
05:12 31 May 22
I really like this place ,but I dont believe it is worth $40 dollars a month for VIP wash what you get. There isn't much difference between a 25 and 40 .
Jeff R.
18:10 24 May 22
Friendly workers. Cleaned the car really good and great price!!!! Vaccum worked awesome also.
Tiffany B.
18:25 19 May 22
I really love this car wash for $20 a month you get unlimited washes plus it actually really washes your car thoroughly and it has a floor mat cleaner towels and Windex the only thing I would add is maybe some all-purpose cleaner
Chrystel K.
00:24 18 May 22
A really good car wash to go to
Nick L.
15:59 13 May 22
Clean n cheap
alissa coker (.
20:10 10 May 22
I highly recommended
Yasin G.
20:26 28 Apr 22
Squeaky clean!
Jennie B.
19:08 20 Apr 22
Very nice car wash. They do a good spray down as you enter the car wash. The people are nice and friendly. You pass through the car wash and there is a large area for you to wipe down your car and vacuum it out. I did see some people having trouble with getting to the top of their car. I wonder if step ladder would help?
Leif D.
19:31 11 Apr 22
Fantastic promotioal deal for first 3 months of the year plus great car wash with all amenities included.
John Z.
09:28 07 Apr 22
Cheryl S.
16:13 28 Mar 22
Cool place. The employees know their stuff
Bex P.
12:05 09 Mar 22
Alex G.
05:24 07 Mar 22
Good wash
Thomas B.
02:18 13 Feb 22
It keeps my 12-year-old car looking New.
Lynda G.
12:38 12 Feb 22
Best car wash in this town. Their deals are pretty chill! Lines move fast. Staff nice and helpful. Only place I go to wash my cash.
00:57 09 Feb 22
These guys really hustle, they do an amazing job 👏
Brenda T.
18:03 06 Feb 22
Best place to wash and vacuum your ride!
Ryan R.
17:40 29 Jan 22
I love this place. I have the subscription. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that the last two times I went it didn't get my car all the way clean like it normally does.
Dr. Erik W.
00:49 29 Jan 22
Good service and decent drive through car wash. Never gets perfectly clean but it helps and looks nicer than it did.
Austin B.
01:57 20 Jan 22
We have Club memberships for each of our cars. We go weekly to keep them sparkling and love to keep our cars vacuumed clean! So glad they came to our town!
14:51 20 Dec 21
Great place for your car to get clean
Randell B.
16:35 08 Dec 21
Great service and great carwash!
Carol R.
21:00 04 Dec 21
Always happy smiling faces, and as always, awesome job!
Harry L.
17:51 03 Dec 21
Its good
00:00 29 Nov 21
Love this place because it does a great job of getting my vehicle cleaned. Even purchased a monthly membership!
Marcia G.
16:09 13 Nov 21
Best investment I've ever made in purchasing a monthly membership! Cleans the car very well!!
Jerry Gentry J.
15:59 23 Oct 21
This wanamaker location is great! The workers are always smiling and do a great job of going above and beyond. Love club car wash!
Jenniferfer H.
14:41 16 Oct 21
My suv gets clean always 💘 it!!!
Lisa K.
21:04 21 Sep 21
Reasonably priced for the quality of the wash; even more so if you wash several times each month. My 3-year-old son likes to go through the auto wash. Plus free vacuums!
John B.
02:05 12 Sep 21
For just body it’s really cool the worst part is you have to clean inside by yourself
01:20 19 Aug 21
Directions were to turn left on SW Terrace, but actually you'd turn right. I was blown away by the pure mechanics of this car wash. I arrived and wasn't familiar with a membership, but there was a young lady who helped me out. Everyone was smiling, considering how hot it was. I'm blown away!!
April C.
17:08 16 Aug 21
Definitely worth the money if you buy the monthly package.
Jon F.
03:51 02 Aug 21
Pretty friendly kids. No line or waiting and got right through! Good experience overall.
Car wash was great. Military gets 50% off all washes with ID.
Andrea E.
16:45 20 Jul 21
My truck sure looked sharp after going here. It got all the dirt which hardly happens as I live on a dirt road and I find stuff on the undercarriage but this place got the job done
Jessica G.
14:54 13 Jul 21
Great wash for vets
Aaron S
15:43 24 May 21
Club Car Wash is a great place. It's a drive thru type of car wash where they spray your car with a soapy spray then you drive forward til the machine kicks in then you just sit back and relax while your car gets sparkling clean. Also you get a moist terry cloth towel to wipe your car down inside and out and their vacuums really great. You have one on each side of your car and the suction is very strong. Like I said it's a GREAT place.
Tammy H.
18:51 05 May 21
No issues here. I can get a car wash whenever I want with the monthly payment
Eric S.
04:27 28 Apr 21
Update: I increased my rating to a 4 star because Club Car Wash reached out to me about the underbody spray so I rechecked under my car this week and it was wet. It doesn't do a great job but that could be due to me living on a dirt road - most people probably wouldn't have an issue with it.Original review: They are good for a quick wash but I'm really disappointed that they don't have undercarriage wash even though they said they did when u signed up for their monthly service. 95% of the time the kids don't spay under my rear window fin so my back window always comes out with dirt streaks. I do like that I get to use their rags though.
Theresa H.
01:04 28 Apr 21
Great car wash! My car is so shiny :)
Taylor N.
16:26 16 Apr 21
I had a problem about being charged and they called me back and solve the problem
Moe S.
17:01 29 Mar 21
Los empleados muy amables y hacen un buen trabajo. 👍
Betsy S.
13:55 24 Mar 21
Went to try it out, my car looks great. Going to buy a club membership and make it a weekly routine.
Andrew S.
00:03 07 Mar 21
Great drive-thru car wash. Employees are always polite, and willing to help
Dawn B.
02:28 26 Feb 21
Great car wash!!
Nile F.
00:16 24 Feb 21
Nothing gets the road grime off like a daily trip through the club car wash
Joel C.
17:01 29 Jan 21
Best car wash !
Tim O.
15:42 07 Jan 21
Love this place. Always nice and do very good work keeping my vehicles and their facilities. I am always happy to pay for the great price the Elite membership.
Alex L.
02:48 01 Jan 21
Admittedly a little pricey, but it actually cleans the car without leaving spots. The vacuums are awesome and it cleans the floor pads to a pristine condition.
Charles H.
12:35 28 Dec 20
Love it. Haven't bought a membership yet, but go there every week and get the elite wash. I also love the vacuum stations. They suck in a great way.
David S.
18:25 23 Nov 20
Super place to get out cars cleaned. I love the monthly membership! Thanks for being on our end of town!!!
Sara S.
21:30 22 Oct 20
Excellent quality of services and amenities
Darren K.
17:48 13 Oct 20
Always gets the job done. Reasonable monthly rates
andrew M.
22:25 07 Oct 20
We really love it.
Teri H.
23:50 13 Sep 20
Friendly people, great price and a decent wash for automatic.
Steven K.
11:10 29 Aug 20
Love this so much!
Rochelle P.
20:22 05 Aug 20
This is the best carwash I have ever been to. The staff is friendly and the wash is high quality. I would highly recommend signing up for their membership I saved so much money!
Darrion W.
21:19 25 Jul 20

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