Topeka, KS – California Avenue


2524 SE California Avenue
Topeka, KS 66605

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 7 PM
8 AM — 7 PM
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Holiday Hours


Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Years Eve

New Years Day


7 AM – 5 PM


7 AM – 5 PM

9 AM – 7 PM

No problems was in a hurry and only did a partial.
Ken B.
14:58 24 Nov 22
I like the drive-thru Auto Wash and the 10-dollar Tuesday deal they have only problem I have is that I believe that going through this Auto car Wash is that it is leaving scratches and dings on my vehicle. But the free vacuums and how quickly I can get through the automatic car wash is great .
Norma T.
18:18 06 Nov 22
Rinsed my car and then washed. Very nice people.
Penny S.
19:36 25 Oct 22
Worth the membership!
Wayne W.
17:44 22 Oct 22
The location on southeast California is the only location I can comment on since it's the only one I've used. The staff are friendly, efficient and they keep the facility clean and operationall. I've been there early and then minutes before closing and the place is always spicy and span clean. When I've been there late they allow me time to vacuum and dry my car without running me off the property. Their prices are a bargain for the level of quality you get when you clean you car here. I recommend washing your vehicles here I'd you like great value with excellent service.
Jon F.
17:16 02 Oct 22
They did good and prewashed the front of my vehicle helping remove the stubborn hard bugs.
Chi-Town L.
02:58 16 Sep 22
They have Very Good workers on California Street
Marvin K
21:49 09 Sep 22
They are on top of everything that is as soon as I pull in.I use the express pass.and the price is great,and the car attendant is getting my truck in as fast as there is a opening! And if I have any Questions.they a answer or will find the quickly.thank you Club car wash!
vernest Woodie (.
20:47 09 Sep 22
Excellent car wash, no complaints!
hawk W.
19:40 09 Sep 22
I like the way my tires look, and all the bugs are gone, with one passing.
Sherrie H.
17:04 09 Sep 22
Always open, clean, in an out service! Towels always there to use. I really enjoy it!!!
chris B.
16:58 09 Sep 22
My car is washed on top & bottom plus waxing & comes out looking great. I am very pleased with the service I receive.
Frances D.
16:58 09 Sep 22
Friendly services.
Deborah H.
16:56 09 Sep 22
I'm parked in a gravel driveway and when it rains my car gets dirty. And paying certain amount of money a month saves me, plus I can use it more then onces throughout the month.
Linda G.
16:53 09 Sep 22
I think they do a good job of getting my car clean and I love the free vacuums and the towels to wipe it down with 🙂
Rebekah S.
16:39 09 Sep 22
After my wash soap is left on the car.
Juanita W.
16:38 09 Sep 22
For the most part I am always satisfied with this place but but when they are very full they do sometimes tend to run you through the car wash a little fast When they are slow I think it does a better job
Dorothy B.
16:37 09 Sep 22
We love the convenience! Especially love the vacuums.
Kaye S.
16:37 09 Sep 22
Great job
ken O.
16:36 09 Sep 22
I ❤️ the service
demecka M.
16:35 09 Sep 22
Great job
Ricky P.
16:32 09 Sep 22
Usually a really good and quick experience. I like the tire shine, but the wash, specifically the brushes, tends to take plastic trim pieces off of my car sometimes.
Gabriel S.
16:18 09 Sep 22
Awesome customer service, excellent auto wash, veteran substantial discount.
laurence P.
16:18 09 Sep 22
I have no complaints. I also have a f350 and I like that I can use your vacuum service for it also
F P.
16:17 09 Sep 22
Club Car Wash is a great way to get the dust of gravel roads off the car. It’s fast, convenient, and inexpensive.
Diana C.
16:17 09 Sep 22
Fantastic customer service. Superior equipment. Many locations. I've been a member for a couple of years.
Timothy S.
16:16 09 Sep 22
I have the elite car wash and I definitely love the way my car looks every time I go.
Terry B.
16:16 09 Sep 22
Always a good service at a reasonable prices
16:15 09 Sep 22
Great place
Randy M.
02:44 09 Aug 22
This was the first time I visited this carwash. They are not the cheapest in town but they are not the most expensive either. They have a great selection of wash levels and the staff were friendly and welcoming. The wash completely cleaned my Firebird and she shined bright. Even the tire shine completely covered the walls of all 4 tires. The vacuums were working and had great suction. They even provide towels to wipe down the dashboard with. I will return and most likely subscribe to a monthly membership.
Jason B.
04:01 12 Jul 22
They need to do better with the wheels
Justin S.
21:39 05 Jul 22
Love the whole deal, so easy!!!
Gregory E.
19:05 24 Jun 22
Good carwash at a cheap price
Ray Miller (Chef R.
23:33 19 Jun 22
They do a great job
alissa coker (.
06:05 13 Jun 22
Went for the $5 donation day
Teresa P.
11:54 31 May 22
Really clean car coming out
Frank O.
16:22 16 May 22
Really great place to get your car clean.
Joshua N.
19:10 15 May 22
Great service,great vacuums and ny carstayed much cleaner now
Chelsea C.
01:38 10 May 22
Great washes for elite. Free vacuum every time.
Shanna D.
22:36 09 May 22
Great job and service but a bit pricey
Rebecca G.
02:15 26 Mar 22
Employees are friendly, courteous, and very helpful. My only complaint is people who don't get their cars washed, use the free vacuum, play loud music and keep members or other patrons from using the vacuum. They also clog the vacuum up. I like and use my Membership and I am treated very well. Please stop unauthorized people from causing noise and making a mess of a very good Car Wash Service.
19:58 16 Feb 22
Busy today, though always a Good Car Wash and Friendly Staff
Marilyn M.
22:14 13 Jan 22
Very friendly staff, great wash, vacuums worked well. Will be back
Mad Viking R.
15:33 11 Jan 22
Always nice and fast
Shelley M.
22:03 16 Dec 21
Have a VIP unlimited membership and really like it. Every team member I've interacted with had been polite, professional, and knowledgeable. Best to get there early as later in the day seems to not clean nearly as good but still a 10/10 highly recommend.
Jim J.
05:39 08 Nov 21

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