Topeka, KS – California Avenue


2524 SE California Avenue
Topeka, KS 66605

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
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Worth the membership!
Wayne W.
02:19 28 Jun 22
Love the whole deal, so easy!!!
Gregory E.
19:05 24 Jun 22
Good carwash at a cheap price
Ray Miller (Chef R.
23:33 19 Jun 22
They do a great job
alissa coker (.
06:05 13 Jun 22
Went for the $5 donation day
Teresa P.
11:54 31 May 22
Really clean car coming out
Frank O.
16:22 16 May 22
Really great place to get your car clean.
Joshua N.
19:10 15 May 22
Great service,great vacuums and ny carstayed much cleaner now
Chelsea C.
01:38 10 May 22
Great washes for elite. Free vacuum every time.
Shanna D.
22:36 09 May 22
Great job and service but a bit pricey
Rebecca G.
02:15 26 Mar 22
Employees are friendly, courteous, and very helpful. My only complaint is people who don't get their cars washed, use the free vacuum, play loud music and keep members or other patrons from using the vacuum. They also clog the vacuum up. I like and use my Membership and I am treated very well. Please stop unauthorized people from causing noise and making a mess of a very good Car Wash Service.
19:58 16 Feb 22
Busy today, though always a Good Car Wash and Friendly Staff
Marilyn M.
22:14 13 Jan 22
Very friendly staff, great wash, vacuums worked well. Will be back
Mad Viking R.
15:33 11 Jan 22
Always nice and fast
Shelley M.
22:03 16 Dec 21
Have a VIP unlimited membership and really like it. Every team member I've interacted with had been polite, professional, and knowledgeable. Best to get there early as later in the day seems to not clean nearly as good but still a 10/10 highly recommend.
Jim J.
05:39 08 Nov 21
Hard workers in the wash area!
Christopher G.
21:46 28 Aug 21
Well cleaned vehicle.
Steve A.
16:20 01 Aug 21
It was worth it
11:47 08 Jun 21
perfect place for car wash
Sameer A.
04:59 25 May 21
This has to be the best car wash ever! Great value along with a unique approach to washing your car with style!
Debbie H.
02:52 28 Apr 21
10/10 recommend!
Taylor N.
16:17 16 Apr 21
Very nice
Heather O.
01:26 13 Apr 21
Very busy all the time. Wider lanes needed
Alandra H.
17:05 12 Apr 21
Best place to wash your car in my opinion. My car has never been so clean.
Mrs J.
18:49 06 Apr 21
some vacuum cleaners don't work
Oscar G.
05:46 07 Mar 21
Greatly appreciated
Angel D.
18:50 24 Feb 21
Fast and efficient. I would recommend to anyone.
Debra D.
01:42 24 Feb 21
I go here all the time! I mean watz the point going to another car wash to get only half of wat u get here!!
Alonzo B.
20:33 20 Feb 21
Great place to clean your car!
Armandina M.
17:27 19 Jan 21
Nothing like washing your car after a few days of bad weather thanks 😊
d r
21:02 04 Jan 21
Free vacuums
Ashley W.
18:38 04 Jan 21
Great place to wash your car! Recommend getting a membership so you can go as often as you'd like.
Mitzi M.
02:27 06 Dec 20
Best valued wash for your car without doing it yourself
Logan G
17:19 01 Dec 20
Good service
Michel R.
19:38 27 Nov 20
Amazing wash!
Darren K.
22:55 16 Nov 20
Very nice staff. Wash is good for a drive through. Well wouth the money
19:02 14 Nov 20
I really like the way things are done
21:35 12 Nov 20
Amazing and friendly service
Chris T.
15:30 11 Nov 20
Excellent service, good offers, people work very hard
Manoj N.
14:19 03 Nov 20
The guy's up front do a good job cheep mountly price
Carol R.
13:53 29 Oct 20
I have $10 a month wish I could keep it. But after 3 month it goes up $25 or $35. I do like going , great service.
Brock B.
23:47 23 Oct 20
Love the convenience of this place and the multiple locations. Vacuums are always on and easy for a quick clean or a longer deep clean.
Monica M.
16:49 19 Oct 20
Muy bueno rápido y eficiente
Edwin G.
21:01 16 Oct 20
Gets my car nice and clean
Marsha M.
15:09 12 Oct 20
Juan R.
22:27 01 Oct 20
Everything is clean and works great.
Micah G.
22:53 11 Sep 20
Love this place . brilliant concept
James J.
13:50 13 Aug 20
They have great deals
Nik J.
15:00 23 Apr 20
A dollar a day. What more can you say... #Nailedit
Maybe L.
14:12 13 Mar 20
Got a through outer body washLike the vaccum setup. It would be nice if there were people to clean the interior. Yes, I realize it'd not meant to be Eagle
Brenda B.
22:05 07 Mar 20
VIP monthly is the best carwash deal in town 30 bucks unlimited washes
Clint h
03:11 02 Feb 20
Improvements made with keeping the MEMBER line open and flowing.
Terry F.
22:12 04 Jan 20
Not too bad but the back of my car and tires are still dirty after a wash so I have to go through twice.
carolyn D.
15:19 18 Dec 19
This Applebees is consistent. The food is usually quick even when theyre busy. Servers are not overly friendly and always on top of drinks and what not. Nice little Applebees.
Alheli Arevalo W.
01:47 13 Nov 19
Pricey but they do good work. Not open 24hrs.
Ashley W.
15:18 30 Oct 19

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