St. Louis, MO – Lusher Road


12150 Lusher Road
St. Louis, MO 63138

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 7 PM
8 AM — 7 PM
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Holiday Hours


Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Years Eve

New Years Day


7 AM – 5 PM


7 AM – 5 PM

9 AM – 7 PM

My car be sqeeky clean
Shawn H.
22:41 06 Nov 22
Lots of water left on windows and mirrors tires were not treated, maybe not part of wash procedure.
Kevin C.
20:23 05 Nov 22
Most of all i ike the pretreating before washing
Deborah O.
02:11 02 Nov 22
I am not one of the car fanatics who dotes on their vehicle. But I LOVE how my car sparkles after going, especially the tires. Friendly, enthusiastic staff & management. Wish they had someone to do interiors too. I'm not a car fanatic but a clean car lifts one's spirits! JHM
Jacqueline M.
07:03 31 Oct 22
No waiting and a very good clean.
Dawn J.
05:50 24 Oct 22
I lost my parking light assembly during wash and complained same day. A person told me someone will call you but from 2 weeks no one called.
Aam F.
04:45 23 Oct 22
Very respectful
Edward T.
19:53 10 Oct 22
Club Car Wash is the best car wash I've ever been to, so I had to be a member. My vehicle is cleaned well even the tires sparkle and the colorful foam as you drive through the wash is delightful. Club Car Wash owns up to their name it literally looks like your at the club with all the color light as your vehicle drive through for a wash. Also complimentary towel for interior much needed. The feeling of going to Club Car Wash towash my vehicle just became a treat instead of a chore. Thank you very much.💖
Lisa W.
17:54 10 Oct 22
Great place to get a carwash
22:41 09 Oct 22
Certain locations don’t commit to the pre-spray, but other than that I really enjoy the car wash
A.D B.
23:55 04 Oct 22
My car is so much cleaner inside and outside now the I have enrolled in this membership they automatically wash then air dryer and offer small microfiber towels to wipe excess water from the car also free vacuum if you want nice one .
Gail M.
01:58 17 Sep 22
Great wash and shine, with very prompt customer service
caden S.
19:04 15 Sep 22
Club Car Wash is an automated car was that cleans my vehicles thoroughly. At the one located on 367 and Parker the employees are always pleasant when I use the car wash.
Michael M.
01:02 10 Sep 22
Ok iam retiring need part time work
Charles MILLER J.
00:09 10 Sep 22
Always good services however they never have a selection of air freshener or towels. And after bad weather people use the free vacuum without a wash.
Michael J.
00:05 10 Sep 22
I love club car wash. I don't have the hassle anybody to wash my car for me. I simply drive up and go right in to get my car washed. I. Can go whenever I need to. The greatest thing of all about it is the PRICE. Can't beat that.😍
Arneda S.
19:47 09 Sep 22
This place awesome. The vacuums work great toe. They are very friendly and respectful. I tip each time im there they deserve it.
Tierra T.
19:44 09 Sep 22
Very nice workers. Clean and well maintained
Nancy J.
18:57 09 Sep 22
Great service. Car get super clean
Gloria C.
17:22 09 Sep 22
Excellent Service
Paul L.
17:08 09 Sep 22
I love that they pre rinse your car and then the soap from the car wash always fresh and smell good everytime I go .
Sheena P.
16:58 09 Sep 22
I had a good experience with them every time I've been
Sandra B.
16:52 09 Sep 22
Juan Hamilton S.
16:36 09 Sep 22
The best car wash with unique service in Saint Louis
Kamar Olatubosun H.
16:36 09 Sep 22
Love it!!!
Stephanie A.
16:30 09 Sep 22
All of their locations provide an excellent wash including pre-treating for bugs and road grime. I can go to any of their wash locations, and I do frequently! Their dryers are pretty good except for back, so I usually hit the side mirrors and back glass with the microfiber cloths that they supply free of charge. I get the MVP that includes a special ceramic spray to help with drying and shine.
Mike M.
16:23 09 Sep 22
They are great! My Babygirl love coming with me to wash Big Red 🛻I wish there was more open in North County.
A-Ron J.
16:22 09 Sep 22
This place does a really good job with my GMC Denali truck. I have not had any issues and their the staff are very courteous. The line moves pretty fast.
Detria H.
16:22 09 Sep 22
Fast and efficient drive through Carwash
Darron M.
16:21 09 Sep 22
Fast and efficient wash
Clyde B.
16:19 09 Sep 22
They do a great washing job
Cheryl R.
16:18 09 Sep 22
I just came back from a road trip. I had bugs every where. I love the fact that they stayed extra on my car grill to make sure all the dead bugs would wash off.
Hiawatha J.
18:04 22 Aug 22
Service is Great !!!
Willie T.
06:03 08 Aug 22
Love it!!! The carwash membership is well worth it!!!💯💯
Corey B.
13:46 05 Aug 22
Free vacuum!!!!
21:21 30 Jul 22
Love this car wash, been a member since they opened and very satisfied.
Debra C.
01:30 27 Jul 22
Very customer friendly plus it's only 5 min from home
Dana R.
01:28 25 Jul 22
Nice car wash. Free vacuums. Kind of a funny location. Can only get back onto 367 going north. Have to go over a mile to make a u-turn to head south to 270
Angelic Bell B.
17:22 11 Jul 22
Dryer could be much better, compared To Mr. Mister Wash in the South..
Robert B.
20:41 03 Jul 22
The car wash is nice. I have noticed the difference in customer service compared to another Club car wash that I have used. Hopefully it will get better here. But the car wash I received was very nice. I will be back.
A H.
14:35 02 Jul 22
My daughter has the car wash membership and I like riding thru with her. Car wash is awesome 😊
Lorraine R.
00:06 27 Jun 22
With the affordable fast pass, I'm in and out. Good vacuums are always a plus.
Natasha S.
13:39 24 Jun 22
Great car washes. Quick service and friendly staff.
1800806332 2.
15:13 23 Jun 22
Why do I always have to have someone come over and key in my number?
Charles H.
23:48 21 Jun 22
Definitely gets you clean
Uniquely D.
15:01 19 Jun 22
The customer service at this car wash is also my love the fact that all the vacuum cleaners work very well in the car wash actually cleans your car all the way
Maria F.
21:38 18 Jun 22
Absolutely love this car wash it actually washes the car!!!
Chris K.
20:49 23 May 22
Love the car wash,ppl too friendly,hasn't changed
Darnell H.
00:59 09 May 22
Really good place to wash your car
cheryl W.
04:30 04 May 22
This is the best in town.
John G.
19:25 21 Apr 22
Best car wash in the area
Vernon D.
00:51 02 Apr 22
This car wash is by far the very best drive through car wash we have ever used that why my wife and I are members of Club car wash.
Robert S.
11:54 26 Mar 22
4 stars because there is always room for Improvement. But, if its hot outside this place is Jumping ,packed in a good way . I always had me a spot when i arrive , so No i never waited for an opening. This place close at 8p.m . There staff cut it off at 8:06 on me . i thought that was all love . staff out there hustling doing there job", as in cleaning,helping with anything you need. What i like about there system or staff . THEY Never complained !!
Antoine E.
03:05 23 Mar 22
we finally got a nice fast car wash in north county besides wet works. this is to my fellow car wash consumers, they have trash cans at the free vacuum station, stop throwing trash on ground. also, read the signs when entering lanes, if you not monthly member get in your lane just like life. stay in yo lane🤣

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