St. Louis, MO – Lusher Road


12150 Lusher Road
St. Louis, MO 63138

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
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My daughter has the car wash membership and I like riding thru with her. Car wash is awesome 😊
Lorraine R.
00:06 27 Jun 22
With the affordable fast pass, I'm in and out. Good vacuums are always a plus.
Natasha S.
13:39 24 Jun 22
Great car washes. Quick service and friendly staff.
1800806332 2.
15:13 23 Jun 22
Why do I always have to have someone come over and key in my number?
Charles H.
23:48 21 Jun 22
Definitely gets you clean
Don't blame M.
15:01 19 Jun 22
The customer service at this car wash is also my love the fact that all the vacuum cleaners work very well in the car wash actually cleans your car all the way
Maria F.
21:38 18 Jun 22
Love it!!! The carwash membership is well worth it!!!💯💯
Corey B.
14:27 04 Jun 22
Absolutely love this car wash it actually washes the car!!!
Chris K.
20:49 23 May 22
Love the car wash,ppl too friendly,hasn't changed
Darnell H.
00:59 09 May 22
Really good place to wash your car
cheryl W.
04:30 04 May 22
This is the best in town.
John G.
19:25 21 Apr 22
Best car wash in the area
Vernon D.
00:51 02 Apr 22
This car wash is by far the very best drive through car wash we have ever used that why my wife and I are members of Club car wash.
Robert S.
11:54 26 Mar 22
4 stars because there is always room for Improvement. But, if its hot outside this place is Jumping ,packed in a good way . I always had me a spot when i arrive , so No i never waited for an opening. This place close at 8p.m . There staff cut it off at 8:06 on me . i thought that was all love . staff out there hustling doing there job", as in cleaning,helping with anything you need. What i like about there system or staff . THEY Never complained !!
Antoine E.
03:05 23 Mar 22
we finally got a nice fast car wash in north county besides wet works. this is to my fellow car wash consumers, they have trash cans at the free vacuum station, stop throwing trash on ground. also, read the signs when entering lanes, if you not monthly member get in your lane just like life. stay in yo lane🤣
I love this car wash my car looks brand new after the wash
Carolyn A.
21:04 18 Mar 22
I got a wash membership and I love it. I go almost everyday. The vacuums are super strong and help make cleaning your car much faster. They provide towels to dry your car. With the membership, you can go as many times as you want in a day which is cool if the car gets dirty again.
Gabrielle A.
11:24 15 Mar 22
Great prices great service free vacuum
Gail M.
18:43 09 Mar 22
I really do love that they put one in my neighborhood and you can pay 25 dollars for three months
Velma C.
22:30 05 Mar 22
I always go there and wash my car I'm in the club
Terry B.
00:20 05 Mar 22
Love the car wash here and the prices are reasonable
Diana H.
01:15 03 Mar 22
Second review of this car wash. I never have any issues, from service to the quality of the wash. Depending on the day and time you will need to be prepared for a wait.
04:01 27 Feb 22
I am a monthly prepaid member with Club Car Wash and me and the grands get together on the weekends to do our running around. I remind them to wash faces and brush teeth while I make their breakfast. We quickly eat, clean the kitchen, and prepare for our adventure. Now, that can be something really simple at their ages. We go out to the garage and inspect the Gannie Mobile, and no matter how clean it is they usually find that we are going to need a CAR WASH. They love this car wash. I mean the one not far from my house near Parker and 367. I want to let you know that what they really get a kick out of is the way we can drive past the long line of cars waiting to pay and just drive right in. ✅ 🥰🤗 I let them put a tip in the tip box. And the show starts! They start spraying the car as we get directed in, and colors are splashed all over the windows and the littlest of my grands like to name them as they change, green, blue, yellow, etc. Who knew that a great car wash could be so entertaining. Tires shining, car sparkling, grands smiling, and we are on our way.🙂
Neva T.
08:18 25 Feb 22
Car wash is Very good, but the only complaint I have is customers are allowed to sign up in the“Fast membership lane”, which is for existing members. Actually 10 cars on my left went by before I could get through the car wash.. So what’s the point of the of the Fast membership lane! Very annoying!
22:28 20 Feb 22
Always good services however they never have a selection of air freshener or towels. And after bad weather people use the free vacuum without a wash.
Michael J.
21:14 20 Feb 22
The cleaning of the vehicle
aubrey Y.
05:21 20 Feb 22
Love how they wash cars, Suv's & trucks!
Tiffany B.
20:17 19 Feb 22
This place get your car clean!
rick C.
16:11 16 Feb 22
Very good wash. Pleasant staff. Thanks for the towel use. I just wish you had multi-car memberships.
Khalilah M.
20:16 15 Feb 22
Great car washes. Quick service and friendly staff. Low price on club membership. Car is always clean on the first wash thanks to the precast spray down. I love this place.
STL For R.
23:57 11 Feb 22
Great service.
Albert F Harris J.
22:12 07 Feb 22
This place is awesome. Even when crowded, they get you in and out!
Cliffe O.
19:38 07 Feb 22
Great Service
Leonard H.
11:45 07 Feb 22
I had a good experience with them
Sandra B.
15:25 29 Jan 22
Very nice and efficient car wash. I like the fact that they give you a drying towel at the beginning of the line and have a place to put them in the FREE vacuuming stations when you're done. I joined the promo club wash any time as often as you want for $10/month for 3 months and then it goes to the regular price. It's definitely worth it.
12:57 27 Jan 22
In and out very fast
michael T.
00:41 25 Jan 22
Bre W
22:45 09 Jan 22
Keeps my car clean
Wendytmoc W.
13:35 31 Dec 21
Nice haven't tried vaccum part yet
Kevin S.
21:48 28 Dec 21
Can't beat the club price and the affordable monthly price
Robyn S.
16:19 23 Dec 21
Karma at Club Carwash provided excellent customer service today. She was thorough with explaining the various plans they offer and making sure we understood exactly how to best treat our vehicles post wash. Additionally, she was professional, friendly and accommodating. Kudos to the manager who hired such a stellar employee!
Danielle B.
23:12 21 Dec 21
Good experience with customer service. Love the pre pass
Kathy M.
14:55 02 Dec 21
Would be a 5 if they had stronger vacuums (fairly strong already) and a place to wash floor mats instead of taking them around to the wash floor where the cars are coming in.SUPER friendly staff and $10 Tuesday for their best wash was great. Inexpensive car air fresheners and the “show” from the wash was amazing to me. My Jeep is clean top to bottom which is rare for these types of car washes.
Joe K.
19:30 30 Nov 21
My favorite place!!!!!! I got too many times a week according to my fiance 😂. I pay monthly and it's reasonable with free vacuum.
Ashley F
05:57 23 Nov 21
Great place
Ronald Williams (.
15:03 20 Nov 21
Very nice car wash good price They even give you a wet towel to wipe down the inside of your car while you're going through the car wash. I like!
Misty O.
21:48 19 Nov 21
Good place to get car wash
Eddie C.
23:32 11 Nov 21
Good, consistent customer service. Also efficient. 👍
Anthony B.
18:04 08 Nov 21
I used the free vacuum it was very convient
Joseph D.
18:44 07 Nov 21
They went above and beyond to make sure my truck was clean.
Jeromy B.
13:11 03 Nov 21
Nice place for a car wash
Jenae O.
02:00 24 Oct 21
My car stay shining 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Business S.
16:06 17 Oct 21
Clean Place friendly people did a good job on my car getting the bugs and tar off of it thinking about becoming a member of their unlimited wash
Dave D.
16:17 13 Oct 21
Good place to get your car wash but keep your head on a swivel we do have jackers in the vicinity.
Dwight P.
14:20 13 Oct 21
Love the free towels to dry the car
Amy T.
21:30 25 Sep 21
Convenient, close to home, on monthly plan, go at least once a week
Kel B
02:25 19 Sep 21
Excellent wash!
Margaret D.
02:46 11 Sep 21
Sign up for membership you won’t regret it!
kei L.
23:37 03 Sep 21
One of the best of these types of Car Washes I've been too, and strong vacuums, which is rare from my experiences..
Ricky C.
17:47 21 Aug 21
Join us @ the car wash
Tommie S.
17:07 10 Aug 21
We got a monthly package yesterday and we are so happy!! We left another car wash to come here and glad we did!! They give you a towel so you can wipe the interior while getting a wash😀 and a towel return by the vacuums
Laura C.
15:20 08 Aug 21
Great carwash -
Kimberly B.
19:41 07 Aug 21
Good & good pricing.
Tammy D.
18:36 05 Aug 21
Great car wash!!!!!!!!!
Alyssa B.
23:09 03 Aug 21
Great Experience i love this car wash
Edward N.
22:38 13 Jul 21

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