St. Charles, MO – 1st Capitol Drive


2300 1st Capitol Drive
St. Charles, MO 63301

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 7 PM
8 AM — 7 PM
birds eye view of location with bright green grass on right side and parking lot with vacuums and cars on left

Holiday Hours


Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Years Eve

New Years Day


7 AM – 5 PM


7 AM – 5 PM

9 AM – 7 PM

Took my daughter's car in for a wash. No problems
Gregory D
23:40 27 Nov 22
Best car wash in town. Great introductory pricing!! Like the moistened towel to use after the wash.
Rudy and S.
22:24 14 Nov 22
Love this place
17:30 08 Nov 22
It was a good wash but they didn't have any clean towels to dry the car.
Craig S.
00:13 06 Nov 22
Good car wash.
Michael B.
17:44 05 Nov 22
nice service
Elsie W.
12:27 26 Oct 22
This one ranks up there at the top of the club car wash that I have been at.
John E.
17:18 18 Oct 22
Signed up at the right time and got unlimited elite washes for 25 a month. Worth every penny
Mike D.
21:58 07 Oct 22
Great place. Awesome wash. Free vacuums
Linda H.
19:28 29 Sep 22
They do good work, the boys there work hard, I usually almost always leave a tip, they earn it.
22:21 26 Sep 22
Almost always a good experience 🙂
01:57 25 Sep 22
Love this car wash. They provide free towels and their prices aren’t bad if you regularly wash your car. I have the membership and it’s worth every penny. Also, everyone here is nice and has a smile on their faces.
Jihan R.
22:54 15 Sep 22
I love Club Car Wash. The service is great and they get you in and out.
They do a great job here. They spray off your car before you enter the car wash. It’s covenant and has towels to clean or dry off your car with completely complimentary along with the vacuuming of your car. Reasonable pricing! I will continue going here! Enjoy!
Stephanie K.
00:30 11 Sep 22
Really needs a floor mat washing station though
Stan D.
23:56 10 Sep 22
Love having access to a good car wash
Texas Homegrown (.
18:04 10 Sep 22
Absolutely the most professional car wash in Missouri. My entire family and friends agree with me also
17:53 10 Sep 22
I use their car wash and free vacuuming. And the employees are very helpful and respectful. My car always looks nice!!
connie G.
17:51 10 Sep 22
It was great service
Anthony D.
17:51 10 Sep 22
All good and a military discount, always a plus
Beto B.
17:33 10 Sep 22
Great car wash ! Definitely get a membership it’s well worth it especially if you wash your vehicle more than 2 times a month.This is one of the best car wash places around. Much better than Zips or Blue Iguana.The only downside is , sometimes the vacuum stations are crowded and you can’t find a spot when you come out of the wash.The car wash itself seems to always do a pretty good job and never misses and spots except places that are only reachable by a hand wash ( in and around emblems, etc).The staff are always helpful and friendly as well.
M M.
17:31 10 Sep 22
Keeps my car nice & clean and the people there are friendly & courteous. They offer free use of micro fiber towels to hand dry your car, toss it in the bucket when your done and they are clean & dry when you return. It's nice touches like this that keep people coming back.update glad to see you got rid of the employees at check in with the poor attitudes, keep up the good work.
Tony I.
17:29 10 Sep 22
They do a very fine job washing your vehicle. You wipe it down but they do a better job of cleaning your car or truck then the big dollar places!
Robert O.
17:28 10 Sep 22
The car wash does a great job! I really like the drying towels. Vacuums always work great. I highly recommend this carwash!
Travis S.
17:26 10 Sep 22
Good wash fast!!! If only there was a provision to wash floor mats!!
Stein H.
17:23 10 Sep 22
I have fantastic service every time I use them
James Lawing J.
17:22 10 Sep 22
Great car wash
john B.
17:19 10 Sep 22
The guys are very attentive when you pull up does does a very nice job
Ji K.
17:14 10 Sep 22
Found this by accident! Great carwash!!!
Barb M.
04:28 02 Sep 22
Gets it clean every time.
Danny W.
17:03 26 Aug 22
Great car wash, clean and friendly service also quick
Keith M.
22:34 11 Aug 22
Nice place, although I have brought to the attention of management a couple of times the the tire shine is being thrown down the side of my vehicle. From the blowers to the vacuums it's quite alot to the point I have to wipe just about the entire side of my truck. Not to complain, but this needs to be addressed
Richard B.
11:57 01 Aug 22
It does a great job!
Angie R.
22:44 23 Jul 22
$10 Tuesdays are the best deal for a vehicle that you don't wash that frequently. You get their "MVP" wash for a reasonable discount and it does a pretty good job of cleaning it up. Free vacuums and cloths to wipe down the dash/ any remaining soapy water from the door jambs is a great value too. The membership option is great for cars you like to keep looking their best. I think it actually applies too much tire shine sometimes and there are a few places the brushes just can't/don't get. Behind my roof antenna and inside the door handle cups for example. Overall Club runs a great business and I will continue to support them.
Jonathan B.
15:06 21 Jul 22
Well run,organized, fast and efficient, strong vacuum cleaners. I'm a member.
Milena C.
13:58 18 Jul 22
Best car wash ever!! The towels to dry your car after make them different from anyone else.
Malissa D.
21:53 15 Jul 22
Fair price, friendly staff. Car was clean when I left
Jeff W.
22:55 11 Jul 22
Love it. Friendly staff m.. Tuesdays you get a $25 wash for $10.00. The only thing I wish they had was the air gun at the vacuums to blow debree out of those hard to get places.
00:56 11 Jul 22
The car wash wS perfect for the outside of the car. I wish they had options for cleaning the inside of my car. Free vacuums are nice, but to thoroughly clean my car I need something to clean the dash board and windows. I simply wish it was a full service car wash.
Laura J.
16:24 07 Jul 22
Always the best
Nidaa J.
01:34 04 Jul 22
Excellent Facility
Curtis S.
18:12 13 Jun 22
Great car wash. Really like the idea of having towels available and free vacuum
James E.
13:12 13 Jun 22
Great serviceGreat place for a car washGreat employees
Julio V.
18:17 11 Jun 22
First time love it..$10 Tuesday
Deborah Y.
20:20 27 May 22
This place is nice a little crowded. But they need someone on the lot watching the people. They clearly have a bucket marked for the towels they give you to wipe down you vehicles but people are so rude and throw them on the ground. Truly a great place to clean you vehicles
Lori M.
12:52 24 May 22
On Tuesdays you can get a $25 wash for $10 👍
Amy C
20:28 15 May 22
The staff is always professional, courtesy, and eager to assist.
Mark G.
10:44 14 May 22
I went to get my car washed this morning and had a bit of panic going through. The young man said he would drive it thru for me. Few minutes later manager came and told me he could not let them in my car. Made sense considering liabilities. So he walked on the side as I went through I guess to make sure I was ok. It was an incredible act of kindness, never made me feel stupid and I only got the cheapest wash. Great service, I have a very old car but I will be there weekly.
Judith L.
22:14 08 May 22
I absolutely love this place! Every worker there always has a smile & they keep the line moving. I'm so glad I have a monthly membership, well worth it! A few mins of zen to end my long day 🙂
Jessica H.
00:54 22 Apr 22
I like club car wash because when I get done I don't have to clean my rims like I do when I visit other car washes,def will be coming back more often
Dywanne H.
13:27 21 Apr 22

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