St. Charles, MO – 1st Capitol Drive


2300 1st Capitol Drive
St. Charles, MO 63301

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
birds eye view of location with bright green grass on right side and parking lot with vacuums and cars on left
Nice place, although I have brought to the attention of management a couple of times the the tire shine is being thrown down the side of my vehicle. From the blowers to the vacuums it's quite alot to the point I have to wipe just about the entire side of my truck. Not to complain, but this needs to be addressed
Richard B.
21:13 22 Jun 22
Excellent Facility
Curtis S.
18:12 13 Jun 22
Great car wash. Really like the idea of having towels available and free vacuum
James E.
13:12 13 Jun 22
Great serviceGreat place for a car washGreat employees
Julio V.
18:17 11 Jun 22
Great car wash, clean and friendly service
Keith M.
18:17 28 May 22
First time love it..$10 Tuesday
Deborah Y.
20:20 27 May 22
This place is nice a little crowded. But they need someone on the lot watching the people. They clearly have a bucket marked for the towels they give you to wipe down you vehicles but people are so rude and throw them on the ground. Truly a great place to clean you vehicles
Lori M.
12:52 24 May 22
On Tuesdays you can get a $25 wash for $10 👍
Amy C
20:28 15 May 22
The staff is always professional, courtesy, and eager to assist.
Mark G.
10:44 14 May 22
I went to get my car washed this morning and had a bit of panic going through. The young man said he would drive it thru for me. Few minutes later manager came and told me he could not let them in my car. Made sense considering liabilities. So he walked on the side as I went through I guess to make sure I was ok. It was an incredible act of kindness, never made me feel stupid and I only got the cheapest wash. Great service, I have a very old car but I will be there weekly.
Judith L.
22:14 08 May 22
I absolutely love this place! Every worker there always has a smile & they keep the line moving. I'm so glad I have a monthly membership, well worth it! A few mins of zen to end my long day 🙂
Jessica H.
00:54 22 Apr 22
I like club car wash because when I get done I don't have to clean my rims like I do when I visit other car washes,def will be coming back more often
Dywanne H.
13:27 21 Apr 22
My favorite car wash!
Dan F.
22:55 16 Apr 22
User friendly, short wait, inexpensive and thorough. Unlimited vacuum use is a major bonus!
Alyssa M.
19:25 27 Mar 22
Guys washed truck and hand dryer. Good job
Dwayne T.
23:58 26 Mar 22
Got it clean, price is higher than it was before. Staff wasn't paying as much attention as the old crew, no guiding you into the track, just hurry up and get over here attitude.
Vicki G.
18:20 15 Mar 22
Club carwash is now my new home. I used Gorilla Wash in Bethalto, IL for years but moved to MO and have had a real struggle finding a monthly membership car wash that I actually liked and could compare. The only reason club didn't get 5 stars is because the towels are a distance from the vacuums. Have to walk up to a towel cart instead of just having towels at the vacuum stations.
Chris D.
23:42 05 Mar 22
Kind of a tight drive thru. Good overall experience.
Demetrius S.
19:25 21 Feb 22
Best wash and Best customer service I love these guys, l go at least twice a week ,just try it for yourself
Mr. B
21:48 16 Feb 22
Excellent wash excellent service!
Paul Davidson (.
14:03 15 Feb 22
Affordable, fast, leaves a clean shiny car!
Angela F.
12:49 15 Feb 22
I have a monthly membership and love being able to keep my car sharp. The people are always friendly. I just wish the towel supply was always full. My car always looks amazing, and my tires as shiny as a bald head.
Cindy L.
04:37 13 Feb 22
Love the free vacuum and towels
Simon H.
21:02 12 Feb 22
Good wash and fair prices
Clean my car and truck everyday. Good car wash.
James C.
22:03 11 Feb 22
Club Car Wash is a great wash for a reasonable price, and they give you a towel to dry the car with. It is conveniently located and easy to get in and out of. The vacuums are high-powered and there is one on each side of the car, making it very convenient.The monthly pass is a great bargain. I work right down the street and usually get 2 washes a week. That works out to less than $4 for a very high quality clean. Now I can get washes when I normally wouldn't. For instance, when it snows I can get the salt off almost immediately even though I know the car will be dirty again in a day or two. I was hesitant to pull the trigger on the pass because sometimes it feels like I am accumulating too many of these monthly fees, but I am glad I did it. Worth every penny.
James W.
22:29 09 Feb 22
Boo! They took a good car wash and replaced it with one that leaves your car wet AF. They do offer microfiber towels and widow cleaner at the vacuum station, which is nice if you want to stop and dry your car. Most of the time I don't...that's why I go through an automatic car wash. Employees were friendly enough. Will go there in a pinch, and when I feel like drying my F150.UPDATE: They got more dryers and that problem is fixed. Changed from 3 to 5 stars.
Nick L.
13:56 09 Feb 22
Very reasonable and good customer service.
Ian B.
04:29 06 Feb 22
Always fast and convenient
Keysia W.
02:19 05 Feb 22
Always satisfied here
00:57 27 Jan 22
My only regret was not going there sooner!!!Great service.
Sandra H.
20:21 22 Jan 22
We had inches of snow on our car and were headed back to Illinois. We stopped to get the snow off, these 2 men got every single inch of snow off before the wash even started. Amazing service.
Sydney F.
17:13 16 Jan 22
Super nice and convenient for me to swing by before work. Vacuums work really well. If I had to pick one con its that its a pain to get out of if you need to go west on 70...but again that's just if I HAVE to pick one
Ashley H.
03:28 06 Jan 22
Always great service
paul M.
21:00 03 Jan 22
Easy fast and cheap for veterans
01:05 31 Dec 21
Great place, always gets my car clean.
Molly S.
20:54 20 Dec 21
Good quality
Mr. Paul D.
09:12 19 Dec 21
Great wash for $6
Tom J.
21:46 23 Nov 21
They have Holiday packages available buy 4 get 2 free nice deal.They offer a club option you get car washes when ever for a monthly fee..Great idea for many
Dick P.
17:25 23 Nov 21
Nice people working there. The car wash is good.
Michael C.
03:14 21 Nov 21
Great way to clean the car and get in and out.
Deandre J.
19:53 03 Nov 21
Great car wash...You can get a real good wash for 10 bucks.The staff is friendly and efficient.Free vac as well.They have a deal for 4 get 2 free. They also have memberships available.
Richard P.
18:51 03 Nov 21
Professional, fast and a high quality product. We are members of the “club” and absolutely love it. We went on a weekend trip to St. Louis, the car got dirty, I thought I was gonna have to wait till I got home, but lo and behold there are club car washes all throughout Missouri. So my baby stayed clean and I stayed happy! Absolutely love being a member.
Stephen M.
14:07 02 Nov 21
The staff is amazing and always friendly
Bill R.
23:03 18 Oct 21
Good car wash does a great job free vacuums good specials
Thomas A.
13:49 30 Sep 21
I love this car wash
Teresa R.
13:03 24 Sep 21
Loved this place
20:49 13 Sep 21
My truck said she liked the bath. She would have liked some human brushing on her grill. The bugs were thick and the spray didn't get her completely clean. free vacs and towels to self dry.
Walter “Skip” W.
19:56 12 Sep 21
Definitely a go to Berkeley
TeakayKhanari G.
17:05 09 Sep 21
Left with a much cleaner car aside from the front cap not getting fully cleared but will go back! St Charles just off of I-70.
Tommy T.
23:02 08 Sep 21
Great place to clean your cars
Steve G.
23:45 30 Aug 21
Gotta them their 5 Stars after this last visit. Sad to say my ride hadn't been washed in three weeks and it included bugs from a road trip to Detroit and back. Brake dust all over one wheel. As the attendant so correctly stated " looks like you need a car wash"!!! He hit the nail on the head with his diagnosis!Glad to say the big residue and brake dust was taken care of. Not bad for a "tunnel car wash"!!!!
Bernard M.
17:01 30 Aug 21
Amazing work from the people working
Miranda M.
16:47 25 Aug 21
Friendly staff, clean facility
Dorrie C.
21:06 21 Aug 21
Excellent wash and customer service. I especially like how all location work together on the purchase of a wash instead of being independent only at one location. This makes it better to want to purchase a monthly plan.Thank you ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐👌👌
18:53 19 Aug 21
Cleaned all the Bugs and dirt off the car.
mark S.
18:07 18 Aug 21
Very fast and efficient
Michael G.
00:12 18 Aug 21
Keeps my car nice & clean and the people there are friendly & courteous. They offer free use of micro fiber towels to hand dry your car, toss it in the bucket when your done and they are clean & dry when you return. It's nice touches like this that keep people coming back.
Tony I.
14:26 10 Aug 21
Nice, friendly and fast!
Taria H.
09:54 10 Aug 21
A little pricey truck wasn't as clean as it should have been for the price.
John D.
23:37 06 Aug 21
Love the car wash but they never get all the dead bugs off.
Jocelynn H.
19:31 30 Jul 21
Car shines afterwards!!!
Stephen C.
21:45 25 Jul 21
Staff is professional and friendly. VeryHelpful to have staff that cares about their customers.
beth J.
19:53 20 Jul 21
Phenomenal car wash. Free vacuums and fast service. You can get in and out super fast even on the most busy days.
Timothy K.
19:12 17 Jul 21
I love this new car wash. They made some very good improvements. Staff is friendly. Great car wash!
Brenda L.
16:04 16 Jul 21
Pleasant surroundings to wash and vacuum car
Janet S.
22:31 13 Jul 21
Wish it had the automatic mat cleaners to run my mats through. Everything else is great, though.
Eric S.
21:38 08 Jul 21
Great car wash in all respects. Value, quality, efficiency. Outstanding overall experience.
Thomas S.
11:00 23 Jun 21
This place does a great job
Tristan T.
13:34 20 Jun 21
This place is awesome 10 a month unlimited car wash as a member you just drive right up no waiting
Lisa B.
02:09 17 Jun 21
Awesome car wash and great deal for $10 a month for unlimited washes for 3 months! Leaves tires looking great too!
01:09 17 Jun 21
Great car wash, bought unlimited package.
Ce-Ce M.
02:39 16 Jun 21

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