Springfield, IL – N Dirksen Parkway


2605 N Dirksen Parkway
Springfield, IL 62702

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
renovated car dealership with black windows in the front and green grass surrounding with a billboard on right side
Great car wash! Even the employees are great. They always take excellent care of the customers!!!
ross E.
17:24 24 Jun 22
I will have to say that even is this car wash was sub part (which it is not) the employees would make it worth it. They are always fantastic and friendly. Today employees were cleaning the lot and as I passed each on of them they stopped and waved. They are also always smiling even if they don't know you are looking. My only wish is that it was touchless, I cannot take my new car through it but my wife's older car goes through all the time. Keep up the great work.
Keith L.
19:18 18 Jun 22
Love them!!!!!
Bev R.
00:44 18 Jun 22
Best car wash in Springfield! Very powerful vacuums that get all the dog hair out of my car and the best part is, they’re FREE! The car wash itself is great too. They offer specials on certain days and an affordable membership. Definitely check this place out!
Amy F.
20:59 16 Jun 22
Employees are nice deal was excellent for club membership and wash really gets vehicle clean as I am handicapped its a great deal
Nick Z.
18:42 02 Jun 22
STILL! The best in far!
R D.
15:04 30 May 22
Liked the pre scrub pressure wash to get the gunk, like the free vaccums and free towels to dry off (more places should have free towels to use since the air dry at any place never really gets it all dry.)
00:28 20 May 22
The best! Busy as always. Go to the north location if you can, it does a better job.
Thomas G.
16:17 08 May 22
Pretty great concept!
Mandy L.
23:43 04 May 22
Very good system with excellent prewash, plenty of towels to use and hi powered vacuums
Ben M
19:59 02 May 22
Love the Club so does my car
Rick O
23:03 19 Mar 22
Great car Wash get your clean car spotless
Malissa B.
20:46 09 Mar 22
Best car wash in town
I love how clean my vehicle gets every time. My favorite part is the way my tires sparkle after every wash.
Mary C.
18:37 01 Mar 22
Great car wash, cleans great. Powerful vacuum. Friendly staff
Kevin M.
23:27 26 Feb 22
I pay 10 $ a month and it does a great job. The employees are very nice
karen B.
15:20 26 Feb 22
I don’t know if Justin is owner or manager but definitely should. Guy spent 20 minutes spray washing chunks of ice off my truck before even entering the wash. Nice to see work ethic like this at any type of job. Much appreciated.
Darren G.
16:27 05 Feb 22
Great car wash and friendly service. The vacuums are great!
Kyle M.
20:25 20 Jan 22
Great car wash club for the price of you use it regularly.
Blake K.
09:56 16 Jan 22
Best car wash in town! Actually we use all the Club Car Wash locations but the north side is closest for us. The staff is wonderful and friendly. All of our cars are very clean after a wash. Well worth the monthly membership and thankful for the veterans family discount.We've had other memberships in town and Club is the best!
Candi S.
23:41 11 Jan 22
Love it! They do great job cleaning your car! It's quick to get in and out, when you want to wash your car!
Mike M.
23:58 18 Dec 21
Very nice employees I was about 10 minutes early and they opened up so I wouldn't have to wait
Robert S.
15:50 13 Dec 21
The place is awesome
Mark D.
20:55 28 Nov 21
Clean car is a happy car. Got get you a membership!!
Christine S.
20:41 24 Nov 21
I belong to the monthly club, it is great to just zip through every time I am in town. The staff are amazing and the car always comes out sparkling clean.
m j
17:37 22 Nov 21
Great car wash made the car sparkle
Cindy L.
19:34 20 Nov 21
Very good wash service. Can be crowded but early day works. Special on Tuesdays.
Richard I. O.
20:00 23 Oct 21
Excellent car wash, best drive through car wash I’ve ever had. The membership is well worth it.
20:09 21 Oct 21
Love this place I wash my truck at least once a week it gets dirty at work
Joshua O.
03:23 16 Oct 21
Great service!
Jeanette W
19:09 15 Oct 21
Great car wash great staff
Christine Z.
04:17 23 Sep 21
Best car wash in Springfield.
Chuck F.
15:59 19 Sep 21
Friendly employees professional atmosphere very clean lot equipment all works car look shiny free vacuums and towels are A+
Zac Z.
20:02 18 Sep 21
The best car wash! My car looks amazing every time!
Danielle H.
08:42 17 Sep 21
The staff did a great job with the pre-wash, the vacuums were super powerful. Glad I have the membership to visit whenever I need a good cleaning.
Denise J.
02:14 03 Sep 21
Friendly staff, and a drive thru wash that ACTUALLY cleans as advertised
Zac D.
22:48 31 Jul 21
Love this place
Brenda M.
21:08 23 Jul 21
The best car wash experience in town and I go as often a I can! We get the MVP wash and it's amazing. No water spots on the windows or mirrors, all the chrome sparkles, the tires look great, and everything actually comes clean! Every employee is completely professional and gives great service at both locations in Springfield. My favorite part is getting a fresh towel every time to wipe down the dash while the car is being washed. And all for $10/month for the first 3 months??? I highly recommend!!
Lindsay T.
18:09 23 Jul 21
Awesome car wash with great people taking care of their customers!
Collin P.
20:39 19 Jul 21
Still some kinks to work out, but overall 👌
Jen H.
13:10 14 Jul 21
Nice and easy 10 bucks unlimited car wash
thomas K.
04:22 09 Jul 21
Love tha wash. My Son (Kenny) wrk there @ Springfield illinois and I'm from Jonesboro Arkansas and I was really satisfied.
Clint J.
23:48 08 Jul 21
Cleans awesome
Kevin M.
17:44 02 Jul 21
Best car wash in town!!! The vacuums are amazing...and free. The towels get the inside of your car really clean...the monthly packages are worth every penny!!!
Jason F.
19:16 27 Jun 21
Club car washIs good
Joanne H.
13:20 14 Jun 21
Really great clean! Signed up for monthly membership at great price and love the fast pass! Vacuums are great.
Kaitlin D.
23:29 08 Jun 21
Not a touch free wash but it doesn't use an aggressive roller on the roof so it's fairly safe for soft tops / convertibles. Overall it's a good wash facility that offers good service and a friendly staff. They also offer complimentary microfiber towels to finish drying as well as free vacuums to do a quick detail if you like.Tip the attendants. They're out in the sun all day presoaking vehicles and pressure washing the hard spots.Pro tip for visitors. This car wash offers tire shine as a part of some of their packages. Their intro $1 wash is actually one of their deluxe packages so if you don't want tire shine remember to mention that to the attendants.
Anthony F
01:21 05 Jun 21
Awesome car wash. Nice people working there. They have great deals today
Kyle D.
14:58 03 Jun 21

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