Springfield, IL – Lincolnshire Boulevard


1001 Lincolnshire Blvd
Springfield, IL 62711

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
drone view of location with logo on tower and cars in parking lot to left surrounded by green grass
Great carwash
Cynthia B.
08:17 19 Jun 22
Free vacuums, friendly staff, relaxing environment.
Chad Adams (.
23:29 08 Jun 22
Love having the membership! Clean car all the time is the way to go. Very friendly employees as well!
Jacque C.
15:50 08 Jun 22
Great wash
Larry H.
13:18 01 Jun 22
Best auto wash I have been through. Even took some tough to clean tree sap off in one pass.
troy V.
18:10 22 May 22
Great Car Wash
Jason R.
21:33 20 May 22
Great military discount
01:34 20 May 22
Great service and they have the best vacuums and automatic lights how during the wash
Tawanda F.
15:36 21 Apr 22
The prices are high but the service is excellent. We went back after a day and the spots that were left and hard to get off removed by hand.
Stefan M.
09:07 05 Mar 22
My driver's side view mirror came off going through the car wash...
Toi S.
23:24 28 Feb 22
Shelly D.
00:44 23 Feb 22
Loved clean car
lester W.
02:54 13 Feb 22
Great wash does the best wash of any wash in Illinois. Great friendly and helpful staff.
Sue H.
01:13 10 Feb 22
The best car wash in Springfield!
Dave R.
15:35 08 Feb 22
Great wash...
Jackie W.
13:06 06 Feb 22
It was nice I like it
paula H.
02:09 27 Jan 22
Got the job done. Many different wash options, but you're doing your own vacuuming.
Greg K.
13:59 25 Jan 22
Great place to get your car washed and the staff is very friendly
Aj B.
17:08 16 Jan 22
Always clean, friendly, and professional no matter the location
Randy H.
19:51 31 Dec 21
Nice jod
Albert M.
10:24 25 Dec 21
Always fast and your car comes out clean. Can't ask for any more than that. 👍
Al J.
17:52 23 Dec 21
By far one of the best car washes in Springfield. Tried the other ones. When you go thru you get what you pay for. Nothing is broken. Ending my current subscription. Signing up with club wash!
Taylor L.
20:11 20 Dec 21
This was my first time using Club car wash. I had parked under a sweet gum tree and had tree sap all over the car. The manager explained the process, said they would pretreat the tree sap so it would come off. IT WORKED!!!! My car looks great! I'll definitely be back-amazing service, good value for my money, and easy to use.
Pat O.
19:04 09 Dec 21
Looks very clean inside and out, vacuums are free and work excellent. There's mat holders and trash cans right by each parking spot. Although the prices of a wash aren't very cheap, but getting a coat of wax is 100% worth it and will benefit your cars paint in the long run. Definitely coming back here again.
Jake B.
16:28 03 Dec 21
Awesome, everyone is great love the car wash.
Christine B.
19:44 28 Nov 21
Awesome carwash. Really good military discount.
Chris B.
03:51 15 Nov 21
I, personally, have yet to utilize this business simply due to a lack of personal transportation. However, I walk past the joint almost daily. CSRs are pleasant. And it's always clean.
McKinsey Rice (.
02:54 09 Nov 21
Gets the car clean
Kathy H.
22:01 25 Oct 21
Henry H.
18:25 13 Oct 21
Good car wash they did a really good job getting the bugs and tar off of my truck well lit at night unlimited Club thinking about becoming a member
Dave D.
16:07 13 Oct 21
Like the monthly fees. Only $15.00.
Kristina G.
16:51 07 Oct 21
The car wash club is a vehicle wash and a club if you choose to join. It is fairly reasonable and the car came out very nice. The club is not that expensive and I will probably take advantage of it during the winter months when they start to put down salt. I do love driving thru the carwash any time I want. There is just something about not having to stop and pay that is exciting I suppose. The staff there is very attentive and if you can grab a dollar or two for them as a tip.I ordered the middle of the road wash and the car looks good. The windshield was clear and clean which to me is the most important thing. If it does not look clean how could the rest of the car be clean.I like this place there are 2 in town and I think you join one club and you mihgt be able to use both but don't hold me to it. They gave me lots of information.
20:49 27 Sep 21
Love this place.
Finally all the bugs gone. Great wash
Molly S.
13:00 27 Aug 21
Fast clean good smellying scents
LeAnn K.
20:01 15 Aug 21
Very good car was and at $10.00 a month for 3 months unlimited wash at either location very good deal
Robert S.
21:58 03 Aug 21
Great clean vehicle
Melissa G.
16:29 11 Jul 21
Need to open a location in champaign where I work! Best car washes I have been too. Big lots for vacuums. Highly recommend a membership. The membership let's you skip the long line of cars in the left lane like you're "The Champion"....
Love this place! Great veteran discount!!!!!
James J.
18:13 22 Jun 21
Great cat wash. Pre-bug treatment was awesome.
Elliott C.
15:36 15 Jun 21
Employees are friendly and they do a great job!
Dawn W.
14:10 04 Jun 21
I have about 12 years experience consulting car wash chains on various matters and feel that I have developed a nose for a well-run company. This is one of them. Excellent prep work while I was in the lane (I killed every bug between Indianapolis and Springfield with my windshield), staff was friendly and thorough, the quality of the wash was very good, and the pricing represented a good value among Midwest operators. There was nothing to complain about and everything to appreciate. The general manager of this location deserves some respect; he or she is doing it right.
Jack E.
15:35 03 Jun 21
Amazing! The best in town
Hannah H.
22:46 13 May 21
Great monthly price, always quick, and they do a great job!
Jeni M.
14:14 10 May 21
Great place for a car wash. little expensive if you ask me. but if you are interested in a monthly plan. This is the one.
B M.
02:42 10 May 21
Great car was clean and shining. Also car smelled good after being washed.
Roberta J.
03:16 02 May 21
I love the way they treated my car so wonderful
James C.
05:20 30 Apr 21
Love this car wash
Xavier w
17:46 28 Apr 21
Awesome car wash think u should open 1 in wisconson
Dennis B.
13:31 26 Apr 21
Good wash
fuzzy J.
17:07 08 Apr 21
Amazing place good service
Nelson T.
03:54 27 Mar 21
Super job!
Thomas G.
20:36 15 Mar 21
All the employees i came into contact with were and nice, pleasent as well, because I'm the chic that brings her own cleans so I can detail my car and I asked the questions concerning my car and they were so polite
Hilda R.
07:42 14 Mar 21
This is a very cool place to go to. Pics to comq
Kyle D.
22:51 13 Mar 21
Best car wash and vacuum ever.....
Brenda K.
04:31 07 Mar 21
Excellent car wash! Got the $14 pkg (2nd lowest price) and definitely got my $ worth! From the wet cloth they give you so you can wipe down the inside to the shiny tires, crystal clear glass, long lasting clean scent and a great dryer. Then a free vacuum with the most powerful vacuum I've ever used. Will return often!
Joyce W.
03:54 07 Mar 21
A1 best car wash in Springfield
Kayode A.
02:01 07 Mar 21
Best car wash around
Brenda M.
20:30 06 Mar 21
Good car wash!
Dave H.
01:59 06 Mar 21
Great car wash
Ronnie S.
01:29 24 Feb 21
Like them vacums are suction strong!!!!!!
N B.
01:31 20 Feb 21

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