Shawnee, KS – Silverheel Street


5540 Silverheel Street
Shawnee, KS 66226

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 7 PM
8 AM — 7 PM
architecture pencil drawing of club car wash location from front

Holiday Hours


Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Years Eve

New Years Day


7 AM – 5 PM


7 AM – 5 PM

9 AM – 7 PM

It’s a fast drive thru and a good deal for membership. I wish they offered interior cleaning.
Ashley S.
20:02 01 Nov 22
This is a great car wash!
Ronni J.
02:43 10 Oct 22
Free vacuums!
16:11 03 Oct 22
Good place great service
Gilberto De H.
03:39 30 Sep 22
I drive in, grab a free-to-use towel, go thru the wash bay, drive to the free vacuum area, vacuum my truck, towel off any remaining water drops and drive away. Truck looks great and I can repeat at any time. Couldn’t be easier.
Lon M.
18:58 22 Sep 22
Clean area to wipe down vehicle & vacuum. All supplies were plentiful & great working condition. Friendly staff.
Angela B.
02:01 16 Sep 22
Best car wash I've ever patronized
gene G.
21:36 15 Sep 22
I always get compliments on how good my car looks. Tha wash seems to last longer than any of the other car washes I've used before.
John M.
19:48 15 Sep 22
On monthly fee for top tier wash, a couple of times got a lower value wash than I pay for monthly, but their eqpt does do an excellent job of washing & drying
Roger S.
19:47 15 Sep 22
Quality car wash with a quick drive-thru design. My favorite part is the extra attention attendants give rocker panels and wheel wells, which are missed by most drive-thru automatics.
David L.
18:50 15 Sep 22
Drive thru carwash
john k
16:56 15 Sep 22
Tarzan says"Car Clean"
16:02 15 Sep 22
They get it clean
John G.
15:48 15 Sep 22
Always a fantastic experience!
Cherie K.
15:46 15 Sep 22
Excellent car wash, love having window cleaner station located by the vacuum area and staff are always friendly
Lindy V.
15:25 15 Sep 22
Best car wash that I have ever used, fast,very thorough, and the scented soap is an unexpected and nice surprise.. I highly recommend your service to anyone looking for the best both value and thoroughly complete job.
William L.
15:25 15 Sep 22
I enjoy stopping in to get my car washed anytime I feel it needs it. Probably about once per week. Nice to have ready access to vacuums with great suction.
Jeff J.
15:21 15 Sep 22
It’s been hassle free.
Larry W.
15:20 15 Sep 22
Great car wash and very friendly, helpful employees.
George S.
15:18 15 Sep 22
The car wash along with the attendants are great and vacuuming equipment is amazing!
Kerwin H.
15:17 15 Sep 22
Great group of motivated employees, always willing to help when asked. My Expedition and my Shelby have never been cleaner! Thanks!
Kevin W.
15:17 15 Sep 22
The service was great and fast
15:16 15 Sep 22
Very happy with the look of my car
Barb P.
15:16 15 Sep 22
These guy and girls do a great job! Customer service is awesome.
Robert F.
15:16 15 Sep 22
The young people on yhe front end are always friendly and do a great drop prepping my car.
Ken M.
15:16 15 Sep 22
Wash only
James S.
15:16 15 Sep 22
Great new car wash in Shawnee. Friendly staff who do a good job pre rinsing all the bugs off.
scott S.
15:15 15 Sep 22
Love the 10 dollar Tuesday washes. Does a pretty good job for Drive thru wash.
Samantha Vogl (.
16:50 09 Sep 22
Friendly staff, Good Services , definitely will visit again .
Samir E.
11:25 18 Aug 22
Great place for a wash
Norman W.
19:49 08 Aug 22
So far, so good. The staff are friendly and they get my car clean. I signed up for the monthly pass, and I love it. Free vacuums, air fresheners, and they have towels to wipe down your dash as you're riding through the wash. Overall, I'm satisfied and recommend them.
jeremy C.
19:16 07 Aug 22
Love the car wash! I love the damp towels that are provided to keep the inside of my car clean. The car wash itself is good and the vacuums work great! Would highly recommend!
Jackie J.
20:24 29 Jul 22
Great carwash. Have a full size truck. Got the tire treatment. Didnt do the greatest. I had to clean tire spray off my wheels.. Maybe because my wheels are 22" it is not set up for it. Not sure. Did a great job washing my truck though. Like the free towels and window cleaner. Vacuum very powerful.
Ron W.
16:53 19 Jul 22
Love this car wash! The “ceramic” polish seems to really be helping the paint shine!
Barbara H.
23:31 17 Jul 22
Thank you for offering unlimited washes. I am keeping the birds busy. The quickest time for me from washes to bird bombed: Less than a minute.
Jimmy S.
19:26 05 Jul 22
Had free vacuum service towels to wipe car down and Windex great powerful vacuums you will love it
Edna S.
02:16 28 Jun 22
I love you this carwash. Smells good and gets my car so clean.
Evelyn D.
12:00 20 Jun 22
Great service
T J.
01:54 20 Jun 22
Welcome to Western Shawnee.
Tina T.
01:53 19 Jun 22
Great car wash for cars, suvs, and regular trucks
C C.
23:56 18 Jun 22
These guys are working hard to provide great customer service.
joshua H.
16:39 07 Jun 22
Club Carwash is AWESOME! So glad they are in the neighborhood. We took our brand new Denali through this amazing Carwash last week. They were having a donate $5 get the MVP $25 wash. At that timeI noticed they were offering a special 3 months for $30!! You read me right...just $30 for 3 months! It gets better bc that includes the $25 mvp wash every time you go through!The best thing of all was I was greeted by the SWEETEST attendant by the name of Tessa!! She was so helpful and explained everything to me. She was so helpful and I appreciated her so much!! Bc of her and the great Club Carwash, I spent the next 2 hours getting my 4 (yes 4) kids and their cars and we went back to club Carwash! We purchased the special and now my kids can keep their cars clean! Loved Tessa!! Thank you for all of your knowledge! LOVE CLUB CARWASH AND ITS STATE OF THE ART WASH AND VACUUM AREAS! The vacuum has a tiny wand that fits between the seats and gets the tiny crumbs. No other has this!The special is AMAZING! What a great opportunity for students who can't really afford to do a membership on a regular basis. At this price..that is a DEAL!So I am moving to Scottsdale! My kids are staying here.Club Carwash....will you join me?? You would be HUGE in AZ!! I googled all of your history and how you came about. I think Arizona is waiting to be your next stop! PLEASE COME!!!
Jill S.
06:38 07 Jun 22
Great wash with real good vacuums! Slightly limited on vehicle dimensions but it should cover most stuff you wanna drive through a tracked wash. I opted to sign up for a promo deal and got a great discount on the 1st 90days. Its a brand new wash and I hope they keep up with the facility maintenance so it keeps being a great spot to go for a long time to come.
Jake V.
02:08 01 Jun 22
Perfect wash. Towels to dry off and polish a nice touch. Super strong vacuums, be careful!
Michele M.
02:31 28 May 22
Great car wash! Staff was friendly, vacuums were great and great location. I joined their monthly car wash and love the fact that I can go as often as I want.
Felicia M.
11:57 25 May 22
Been through 3 times. Friendly folks and the car looks great when I get through. The attendants really stack cars closely and I have worried about getting rear ended. That is my only concern. Otherwise my actual experience has been great and I did get the intro pass deal.
rob M.
02:43 22 May 22
Great car wash, great attendants, fair price, my truck loves the place, colors puts the wife in a good mood, can't wait to be dirty again!
Ron S.
23:18 20 May 22
Car looked sharp
5 W.
00:00 14 May 22
Used the deluxe wash. Came out spotless and dry. Signed up for unlimited monthly car washes. Undecided on whether it's worth the $40/month regular price. I'm on an introductory $10/month plan for 90 days. Love that.
William H.
13:38 09 May 22
Great carwash!!! Always friendly!!!
Mark H.
23:30 08 May 22
The car wash that I got on my car is actually the best one around here also i like that at the beginning of the car wash they use power washers on your wheels
Jeff V.
21:40 03 May 22
Best $1 Grand Opening Car Wash I've ever had! Hope it stays this way!
Steven F.
16:20 30 Apr 22
Friendly service. Great quality car wash.
Juan R.
19:08 29 Apr 22
Very friendly staff, clean car, strong vacuums, and quick moving line. What else could you ask for. Currently running a $10 a month promo for the grand opening.
Zachary P.
23:46 28 Apr 22
The staff are very friendly, and this car wash works better than any other business I have been to in years!
Tyler S.
22:36 28 Apr 22
Very friendly staff. Answered all my questions.
Tom H.
20:48 28 Apr 22

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