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Sedalia, MO 65301

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8 AM — 7 PM

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Boys sprayed car off before the regular wash . I like the changing colors of the soaps and i like this carwash specifically because they wipe the car off at the end of the wash. Thank you.
Janet K.
23:00 04 Dec 22
Best car wash ever!
Cathy P.
23:15 04 Nov 22
Monthly Military cost $20 per vehicle. Unlimited visits.
John H.
00:34 09 Oct 22
Keeps my new truck clean.
Jeanette M.
02:26 07 Oct 22
Awesome drive-through automatic car wash with free vacuums! Always a good experience!
Kelly S.
13:50 06 Oct 22
Best carwash for the money. I do feel like they could spend a little more time at the wipe down but overall a great place to go.
Steven C.
00:48 05 Oct 22
Buy the subscription and never have a dirty car again. They even have Windex and dry rags on the vacuum side.
Crista L.
13:33 30 Sep 22
Does a great job 👏
Rick L.
16:28 27 Sep 22
Probably the best car wash I have been to. I wish you would come to Jefferson City.
Mike S.
06:51 20 Sep 22
Great service every time
Shelly B.
18:35 13 Sep 22
Best car wash service I’ve ever had. For a rookie plan, it did an amazing job! It’s like best of RacJak car wash on 10th and Thompson and one by Walmart put together in one. You get towels, powerful vacuums and 3 people helping or pre-washing your car. About the cleanest my car got and $20/month
Daniel O.
00:28 10 Sep 22
Love this car wash! It’s the only car wash I can go to that will leave my car sparkling. The vacuums also work really nice and it’s overall just an awesome place.
Ana L.
17:11 05 Sep 22
Very clean and professional. Best price in town, easy in and out!
Sherry S.
13:15 05 Sep 22
Best Car Wash in Town!!!
James H.
03:24 05 Sep 22
The crew are wonderful and so helpful. They are even smiling and helpful during the winter when it's freezing cold. My car is always so nice and clean afterwards. Thank you Travis for the wonderful military price. We greatly appreciate it.
Glynis K.
03:23 05 Sep 22
I enjoy my visit each time. The staff is a great group!
Rebecca S.
02:31 05 Sep 22
Great place to clean your car.
Jim M.
01:16 05 Sep 22
The guys have been nice and kind. They take great 👍 care of me. Thanks guys 👦. Amy Zacha
Amy Z.
00:07 05 Sep 22
I am a Club member. It's the best car wash in Sedalia
John B.
23:43 04 Sep 22
Always does a good job of getting suv clean. I'm a member and like the car wash real well. Would recommend it to anyone who cares about their vehicle
Duane P.
23:34 04 Sep 22
Most of the time they do a decent job. Their wipe down lasts approximately 20 seconds. If you don't want water spots you have to pull over to the vacuums and wipe it down yourself.
Beci H.
23:34 04 Sep 22
Best car wash in Sedalia area. Washed my car, wiped it off. I used the vacuum. Just great.
James L.
23:16 04 Sep 22
Great car wash, good service and perfessional employees.
Martin P.
22:27 04 Sep 22
Very pleased at how well your car is cleaned. Staff is great.
David W.
22:26 04 Sep 22
Love love this car wash. Best one in Sedalia. Everyone so nice. They spray your car & wheels to where it looks clean before going thru the car wash. They are very attentive to the vehicle. I recommend Club Car Wash to everyone I know. Never had a bad experience.
Judy D.
22:24 04 Sep 22
Best car wash ever. Huge improvement over Tiger Wash.
Russell H.
22:21 04 Sep 22
The team members are all very polite and helpful. Everyone does their part to keep the line moving as smoothly and quickly as possible. Please don’t forget to tip your washers! They work hard in all types of weather to do what we can’t or don’t want to do ourselves. 😉
Stephanie L.
22:21 04 Sep 22
Good car was
Jimmy H.
22:20 04 Sep 22
Can't beat the price
Vitaly T.
22:19 04 Sep 22
I had a car that had to set in the weather for a long time. Boy they done a Awesome pre wash to make sure it got clean! Done a great job ! Thanks!
Norman L.
23:23 02 Sep 22
Was fast and quick, car looks pretty clean and shiny! Vacuums suck though, literally.
15:34 02 Sep 22
Love Club Car Wash. Just wish there was one where I lived.
Susan K.
03:31 01 Jul 22
Excelente place, but have been several months that no longer have towels for the club members,seems they removed this service for members. So bad.
Retrofoam S.
00:14 15 Jun 22
This its husbands favorite place because it's within his spending range
fran B.
13:32 05 Jun 22
Lots of great service and a wonderful washing systems.
Kathy T.
01:39 13 May 22
The best way to keep your car in tip top shape! 💪🏾
Brandon F.
22:32 26 Apr 22
Great place to get a car wash. The vacuum's are free. Always friendly staff and best wash I've found. Only downside is that it's usually always busy. Be prepared to wait. Also if you do not have a membership be prepared for those who do to be allowed in before you. This can be frustrating when it's really busy.
18:29 07 Apr 22
Love the car vacs
Timothy M.
19:42 02 Apr 22
Good car wash with great personnel to help you.
Ty M.
01:52 25 Mar 22
Great staff, and this car wash is the best!!
18:30 22 Mar 22
It is a nice modern car wash. It does a good job getting your car clean. I had a free car wash card that I got from an oil change at a dealer at their Columbia location. They were able to honor that card. Nice bonus.
Michael H.
15:47 17 Mar 22
I really like this car wash. Can be busy though.
Delbert K.
04:01 27 Feb 22
Always got to stop here once in awhile get the car cleaned up free vacuum and a military discount makes it well worth the stop with a shiny car.
James K.
21:30 26 Feb 22
My boyfriend and I came through here. We loved it!! 👍👍
Jane I.
01:49 24 Feb 22
Good wash
Keith H.
13:09 23 Feb 22
People are kind and fast while still maintaining efficiency. Vacuums are free if you get a car wash. I do recommend.
Liliana B.
22:35 16 Feb 22
Does a Great job. $10.00 wash on Tuesday! Great service also.
Chuck C.
19:10 10 Feb 22
Friendly staff, a clean car, and a decent price.
Bryon F.
18:30 07 Feb 22
I have used this business several times. Bought prepaid washes for my grandparents to use which made a great holiday gift. They offer military discounts, perks for members, free microfiber type dash/upholstery type wipes, spacious individual parking spots with industrial size vacuums, and trash cans/cloth drop offs for each customer attached to those vacuum frames.
Nathan C.
15:56 05 Feb 22
I guess this place is okay. I just drove past it on my way to Menards.
Omigosh N.
15:55 19 Jan 22
Best car wash for your buck!..They workers do a great job!
Denise B.
16:59 09 Dec 21

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