Salina, KS – S Broadway


655 S Broadway
Salina, KS 67401

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
front view of location with a blue truck to the left and free vacuums to the right
Very polite employee and nice clean place!
Maryann W.
20:18 18 Jun 22
Good people great service
Dustin L.
04:57 15 Jun 22
Best carwash in town. They are always friendly and look happy to work. My son loves to say hello to the workers and they are happy to have a quick conversation with him. Only thing is sometimes we get a dry rag or the rag dries way too fast most times.
Haylie N.
15:41 06 Jun 22
My granddaughter love this car wash.
Angila B.
19:59 30 May 22
Probably the best place to wash your car. A bit pricy, but I guess they do have good promotions for washing your vehicle.
Kj B.
02:07 19 May 22
Excellent car wash!! Wish one was closer to Geary County.
Della M.
01:36 23 Apr 22
Great place
julie R.
13:34 19 Apr 22
They are awesome! Great customer service. I was in a rental SUV Armada and they allowed a car wash for it since my car was in the body shop.
Debra O.
12:04 17 Apr 22
I love it
Denise B.
20:45 28 Feb 22
Great prices on a verity of washes with free vacuums
James K.
23:08 21 Feb 22
Great service!!
Jenni J.
22:30 19 Feb 22
I liked the towels and vacuum cleaners too.
David F.
20:02 16 Feb 22
Love having a clean car all the time but recently not someone always at the booth to get an air freshener hoping the orange ones come back
Barbara C.
22:08 05 Feb 22
Friendly cashier, smiling attendants and clean vacuum area. Your car deserves a car wash here!
Barb F.
13:16 23 Nov 21
Got my car completely clean and gives you a towel to wipe down residual water spots and free vacuums! Will be my go to place when I swing into town to clean my car!
Lorry L.
23:47 15 Nov 21
The one on the south side of town is better. They dont spare the pink and blue soap. North side, you can tell the difference, it looks thinner.
Blue F.
17:53 09 Nov 21
Nice car was
Songie M.
22:43 31 Oct 21
I stop in every time I am in salina and get my car washed...great deal on a great wash...will keep using your service A++++
Kevin C.
19:50 30 Oct 21
Terry D.
12:16 06 Oct 21
Great place that got the bugs off the front grill. Nice job done with waxing. They all had great customer service. Thank you!!
Jeremy C.
01:42 26 Sep 21
Love this car wash! Wish we had one where we live!
Tonya T.
01:14 22 Sep 21
Fast and friendly staffs
Dan N.
12:36 19 Sep 21
Love my monthly membership... My car always looks amazing. So easy to use the auto drive thru.
Katy R.
23:14 30 Aug 21
Always friendly and good at there jobs.I recommend them all the time. Good job all.
Christinelynn M.
18:42 13 Aug 21
Very good service and they're caring.
Bill H.
21:31 27 Jul 21
Good vacuums
Tonya M.
23:04 25 Jul 21
Good service quality wash
Garret B.
20:18 23 Jul 21
They usually do a decent job on the wash. I appreciate the fact that they have vacuums available and give you a damp and a towel to wipe off the interior.
Michael F.
17:27 22 Jun 21
Excellent customer service! Driving through from Texas and was amazed at the great service! Both of the attendees were polite and did a great job preparing the SUV before the wash began.
Joy R.
04:28 16 Jun 21
Super busy today, but the line went quickly! Worth my membership because I can drive my dirty car through anytime. Love it!
Liz S
18:10 02 Jun 21
Great car wash, sometimes the help needs to spend a little more time on dirty trucks.
Marine S.
17:37 13 May 21
$10 car wash. Or $10.88 for a wet microfiber towel so you can wipe the inside at the same time
Lisa “Bunny” D.
05:39 08 May 21
Nice operation. Needs better entrance and exit signage.
Steven G.
19:41 05 May 21
Most of the time my car is clean, but twice this month my car had soap on it still.
Lynn L.
21:26 20 Apr 21
I don't like that I cant put my rubber mats in the mat cleaner. Everything else is great!
Shasta L.
08:24 12 Apr 21
Memberships for any budget. Impeccable customer service, high quality equipment & outstanding outcomes! Your vehicle will ride with that shine & brilliance it deserves.
Cherie D S.
14:37 08 Apr 21
Clean car
roger K.
15:32 30 Mar 21
Best car wash around! Staff is friendly and helpful and the cars always look spotless afterwards. I love the microfiber wash cloths they provide to thoroughly dry and clean the inside door areas.
Heidi C
12:51 16 Mar 21
Most generally I love this car wash the people are very friendly and nice this morning when I came through around 850 there was a guy and a girl standing in the little office waiting to greet cars and they both just looked at me didn’t offer me a towel didn’t say good morning and I just thought it was kind of rude. I’m not used to not being greeted when I get here but other than that everything else is perfect. It’s always a better experience when the staff is friendly
Shonda S.
14:56 08 Mar 21
I've never been a person that keeps a very clean car. But, recently I purchased a black Mercedes and it wants to be washed on a regular basis. The monthly club price is the only way to go. Always tip the attendants. They are very appreciative.
Matt F.
04:42 02 Feb 21
Good car wash to use.
Frank Z.
22:35 03 Dec 20
Very good wash job.
Jason F.
17:26 20 Nov 20
David T.
18:17 03 Nov 20
Staff very professional and clean
Charles V.
22:50 15 Oct 20
Fantastic group of people at both club carwash in Salina Kansas
Jo P.
00:13 12 Oct 20
Convenient, easy to use. Love the free vacuum...
George D.
00:56 29 Sep 20
It's just a good place to go clean your car when you get off work ... I detail cars for a living so there's nothing like having a clean car and the CLUB is the place to do just that.
Anthony D.
23:17 10 Sep 20
Gets the vehicle very clean and vacumm work very well
Jimmy F.
20:02 25 Aug 20
They got the bugs off this time.
Jerry H.
22:56 11 Aug 20
Always great service. Love the speed and professionalism of bay staff
Amanda R.
17:24 19 Jul 20
Did the trick!
Will M.
17:45 06 Jul 20
Love this place. Always comes out looking great. Free coffee, nice people, great vacuums, and love the towels. The monthly pass is so worth it too!
Joe B.
18:37 04 Jul 20
It is great.
jon F.
00:56 28 Jun 20
Great experience! Laser light show while you're car washes and a towel to dry off your car if it needs it when you're done. Also has vacuum available. The air dryer is awesome!
Sandy G
04:41 21 Jun 20
One day perfect. Next day didnt dry or rinse very well.
Tiffany P.
03:56 08 Jun 20
It is a nice place to get your car washed. And after the car is washed, you can clean and vacuum the inside of the car yourself at no extra cost.
Sonja C.
14:29 05 Jun 20
Does a good job people are friendly
daniel E.
20:08 01 Jun 20
Friendly and good service. Excellent value.
Daniel K.
21:54 07 May 20

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