Salina, KS – Market Place


2675 Market Place
Salina, KS 67401

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
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Everyone is friendly. They do a great job and if you pay monthly it is a great value.
Tammy H.
15:43 11 Jun 22
I love that carwash, my car looks like it has been detailed when I come out
Janet B.
18:30 27 May 22
Try it you"ll like it.
Billy B.
02:31 21 May 22
Got my car clean.
Gregory T.
12:03 19 May 22
Got a great deal for car wash. $30 for a month and with a white car in spring it's definitely needed.
Jody T.
12:48 03 May 22
Free vacuum!
Salida S.
21:29 23 Apr 22
Never had any issues and love the convenience and free vacuums. It's a great wash and best dryers I've seen.
Amber F.
19:01 23 Apr 22
Super clean and good people on duty
Deniz M.
13:13 17 Apr 22
I was skeptical with the car wash especially since my car was covered in mud at the time lol, but damn! It came out brand new! And they even wash your rubber mats, tried giving a tip but guy walked away too quick lolGreat place
Steven A.
13:56 09 Apr 22
We got stuck. They got it fixed within a few minutes. Just keep the line moving🤣🤣🤣
peggy T.
21:52 15 Mar 22
Got the 10 dollar weekday special! Did not know it existed!? MVP service. Good machine did not loose a wiper blade or a mirror. Good rinse. Great blow dry. For a special it was superb. I don't know if they do under carriage? But the top side and tires shine like a new penny! Free vacuum worked really good. Highly recommend.
Byron B.
13:53 15 Mar 22
Great wash, easy to use vacuum included.
00:14 26 Feb 22
Great staff and great service!
16:16 14 Feb 22
Quick and easy to use service. Drive in, put your vehicle in neutral and the car wash does the rest. Free vaccum.
Tim Z.
23:45 11 Feb 22
Great place to do the care love the towel they give you and the vacuums are wonderful!!
Linda H.
21:38 10 Feb 22
Really pleased with car wash. Removed way more bugs then Tommy's car wash. Wish there was one in Junction City KS!
Della M.
20:22 07 Feb 22
I love this place. My friend and I both have a membership.
Janelle H.
00:46 24 Jan 22
Good service and great kids there.
Jacqueline C.
22:48 22 Jan 22
Still the best wash in Salina by far!
James C. D.
22:24 17 Jan 22
I go to this car wash religiously. I love the wash and the power of the vacuums. The staff is so friendly and helpful. The manager even jumped my car today when it died. 🤦‍♀️ I am always so impressed with Club Carwash!
Clare S.
19:41 16 Jan 22
This would have been a five star review if it had been a brushless car wash, but they do have brushes, it's just a personal preference. Other than that it was awesome.
Paul M.
18:04 01 Jan 22
Great car wash. My car was filthy after a long road trip. The guys here did an excellent job.
15:55 27 Dec 21
Reasonable pricing. I love always having a clean car.
william H.
06:16 14 Dec 21
Much better facility and wash than store on Broadway.
Katherine B.
23:46 08 Dec 21
It is nice to have a clean car. I like 💕 the 24 hr guarantee... If a bird messes on the car you can re-run through for Free.
ConR R.
08:37 28 Nov 21
Timmy outstanding, professional, caring worker. Takes pride in a job well done. Thanks so much
Cory M.
20:33 20 Nov 21
This place is amazing. They give you a towel to clean the inside of your car. They got every bug off of the front of my car. 10 out of 10 recommend.
Joseph T.
21:03 10 Nov 21
Have good deals on washes and free vacumns
jennifer R.
18:17 29 Oct 21
Great car wash
Kurt B.
21:45 08 Oct 21
The staff here is always super friendly, and I can tell the prep attendants work super hard to make sure every car is sprayed well before going through the wash bay. You can even customize your wash and ask for certain things to be turned off like the tire shine... I pay for the monthly membership - and honestly it really is nice to just be able to swing through the car wash whenever I want. I really appreciate that Club Car Wash has come to Salina.
Katy R.
16:30 10 Aug 21
We go almost daily! Absolutely love this service! Membership rocks!
Kara R.
19:23 01 Aug 21
Great service and friendly staff
Kim L.
17:36 21 Jul 21
Best place to watch a car 🚗 hope all people in Salina ks. Get to know this place. Clean, best service.
Luis P.
03:33 08 Jul 21
Great carwash!
Lynette H.
22:48 20 Jun 21
Ruben P.
01:38 28 Apr 21
Love this place ♥️
Great money....convenient...vacuum for free
Kevin S.
18:06 22 Apr 21
Car was still soapy when I got out to wipe down windows and chrome.
craig H.
18:57 15 Apr 21
I visited the one on 9th street in Salina KS. Great job as always. The dryers seem to work a lot better than the other location on broadway and crawford.
Scott M.
20:47 10 Apr 21
Excellent services.
Christinelynn M.
04:32 28 Mar 21
Good place to washcar
Songie M.
22:08 19 Mar 21
Always a great wash. Love all the freebies like window cleaner, floor mat machines, strong vacuums and interior rabers and towels included. Im a member.
Brandi S.
20:42 17 Mar 21
Love this place have the elite membership and only two things I wish were different would be a place where I could wash my floor mats and clean them up while I'm there and the bumper stop where the tire and wheel polisher is doesn't seem to like my 31×10.5×15 tires have to help it through that spot other but other than that its great
Justin B.
19:35 11 Mar 21
We stood at the front waiting to be seated for 10 minutes. We ran out ov drinks and it took about 10 minutes to get get refills but the waitress was friendly.
Cyndy M.
01:13 08 Mar 21
Friendly employee in booth with my issue.and explained what had happened.....
Vicki F.
22:43 07 Mar 21
Pretty busy but they stuck to their system. They did a great job.
Gerald H.
20:23 06 Mar 21
Excellent job at this car wash, I simply wouldn't pay $30 a month forever for it. Five star on the quality of the work and three star for the price.
Ron R.
17:07 23 Feb 21
Great deal. Free vacuums they give you a microfiber towel to wipe down your interior and they use a good quality wax you can tell it has been waxed puts a deep color back in your paint.
Steven L.
23:24 17 Feb 21
Friendly and love the wash and wipe for inside.
Connie C.
14:38 06 Feb 21
You have your choice of three wash types that are not expensive. Or you can choose a club membership, pay a specific price and wash your vehicle as often as you want during the membership time (ours is 3 months for a little more than $30).
Sonja C.
19:12 30 Jan 21
Not a bad car wash overall, had great experiences except for today when they didn't raise the garage door on my exit and I almost ran through the door.
Tony E.
19:35 24 Jan 21
Always kind, and does a good job. Pleased with my experience.
nicholas H.
19:01 21 Jan 21
Great carwash with lots of extras.
Fred F.
22:49 20 Jan 21

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