Rolla, MO – Fairgrounds Road

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General Manager
101 Fairgrounds Road
Rolla, MO 65401

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 7 PM
8 AM — 7 PM
Best car wash around! Staff is very friendly and your vehicle is power washed by two individuals on each side! My vehicle was full of bird bombs. Not a speck left and my chrome is shining! Definitely worth the money and please leave staff a tip, they deserve it.
Jill W.
22:54 22 Jan 22
Love this place especially their Tuesday lower price rate, they do a fabulous job!
stephanie Z.
16:08 15 Jan 22
I asked for the unlimited vip package since it was quoted as being reduced price, but when I checked my receipt, I was charged for the $10 Tuesday (it was, in fact, a Tuesday). Oh well - it was a good wash nonetheless and I'm sure the mischarge was an honest mistake. Maybe I'll get charged properly the next time I go...🤞🏽
Mark F.
17:16 14 Jan 22
I went there and was super amazed at this place. I went on a Tuesday and it's $10 Tuesday, most expensive wash is $25, you get it for $10. They give you a towel to wipe down car. Vacuums and carpet mat cleaners available. The wash did a great job on my truck. I would highly recommend this place. If I didn't live in Chicago I would.
Lance N.
04:34 14 Jan 22
Love the free vacuums and friendly service
Shawnda R.
16:48 03 Jan 22
Great service!
Kenneth H.
11:19 27 Dec 21
I got the most expensive wash, and when I parked to vac my truck, there was still a lot of dirt on the bottom of the truck. But it seemed to me to really put me through faster than normal.
Mona H.
20:51 07 Nov 21
Those boys work hard. And people can't leave a tip. Shame on those who don't help them out for washing your car
Share C.
08:13 05 Nov 21
The service is great.
Terry B.
22:02 04 Nov 21
Literally love this Car Wash! Such a nice place, great prices and I love the easy and accessible vaccums. This is always where I go when I need a quick wash!
Jocelyn H.
23:35 15 Oct 21
Friendly staff, vacumes are awesome! We only use club car wash now. Always happy with how our cars results.
Jessica C.
10:38 12 Oct 21
Everything was great i don't like auto wash but this one will get my business
John W.
11:10 09 Oct 21
Wish I could drop by more often
Ron H.
21:14 30 Sep 21
Good wash, but a single wash is a little pricey. Subscription deal seems like a good value though.
Benjamin Z.
02:17 29 Sep 21
Cool new wave vacumes neon lights , This techno car wash is the coolest I've been to in a while , The car came out absolutely beautiful I absolutely love this place Keep up the great work guys
John R.
20:04 23 Sep 21
Best car wash in Rolla. The vacuum is free I think.
Md Yasin K.
03:10 01 Sep 21
One of the best automatic car wash in St Louis, but I noticed that they charge $12 for a $10 car wash on credit card. They need to fix that overcharge. I thought the dryer kicked off early upon exit, but car wash dryer always leave something to be desired no matter where I wash my automobiles.
03:54 22 Aug 21
EVERTHING you need. LOVE it
Darlene Terrell (.
13:07 14 Aug 21
This place is great... as long as they keep the $10 wash! 😁😁
Zaine R.
23:49 03 Aug 21
They got a really good deal on the monthly wash plan it's the way to go if you wash the car a lot
Freddy H.
17:15 02 Aug 21
This carwash is the best one I've been to ever. My vehicle hadn't been washed in months and I live 2 miles down a gravel road so it was awful. I purchased the VIP membership and took it through the wash and was astounded at how clean it was. Buuut there was a little dirt remaining (less than if I'd hand washed it) so I imediatly went through again and it came out spotless. Since I get unlimited washes I go through one time twice a week which makes it only $3.50 a wash and the vacuums are always free! They're great too, with a hose on each side of your vehicle and a trash receptacle for each vacuum bay. Even though it's clean inside now, I don't care if the kids eat because cleaning it up is free and simple.Customer service is terrific. The attendant can provide you with a towel to clean the interior of your car as you go through the wash. Also a crew of 2-3 people do a prewash before you enter the automatic wash. They pay special attention to your grill, windshield, wheels, running boards and the rear of the vehicle.My membership package includes scented soap and color effects that the kids love. I like the underbody blast to keep mud from building up under my vehicle.What I had intended to be a one time trip has become an enjoyable routine that has helped me be a better steward of my vehicle.
14:21 30 Jul 21
Best place,friendly employees service is guick and friendly 👌recommend to anybody
Robert T.
17:43 19 Jul 21
Best car wash in town
Syed Bahauddin A.
20:58 16 Jul 21
Really good car wash and very nice staff.
Nicholas S.
20:19 06 Jul 21
Great kids
13:57 05 Jul 21
Love this place the free vacuum's are worth the price of the car wash
Glenda B.
01:28 25 Jun 21
Does a good job comes out nice and clean
David A.
19:41 12 Jun 21
Wow! Very thorough, nice folks too.
Catherine W.
15:55 06 Jun 21
Best car wash around and nice customer service!
Kaylah D.
00:15 06 Jun 21
I love this place. Best carwash in town. $30 a month for unlimited Elite level washing. The FREE vacuums actually have suction power! The location is decent too - not being exactly in the center of town but not really far out (like Lava Jato). Lot is always clean and the people who work the booth are always friendly.My only complain is the suds smell like wintergreen and I cannot stand wintergreen. First world problems, right?I need to cancel membership while under-employed during summer which i /hate/ because going to the carwash is one of my favorite things. Will definitely be back once fully employed again.
Mallory's O.
14:33 04 Jun 21
Had a local fuel truck spray our vehicle with fuel while we were on a 7000 mile road trip. We were able to get out of the car to tell the guys at the start of the wash what the issue was. They did a phenomenal pre wash and we pulled out of the wash sparkling! Wish we lived locally. We would use this place all the time. Thanks for the extra effort.
Genevieve F.
21:22 26 May 21
Very clean and well maintained car wash, reasonably priced, very friendly staff,
Earl B.
20:09 23 May 21
Absolutely great!!!
Kent M.
18:41 16 May 21
This is an awesome car wash.
Ron D.
13:51 12 May 21
Wonderful place to wash your vehicle. My family and I use it daily.
James W.
11:12 28 Apr 21
Good FOR a Base,
Nikola Rusty Tesla jr. I.
19:38 26 Apr 21
Best car wash in Rolla♡ the boys always gets a tip from me as they do a great job!!!!!!
Marilyn S.
13:54 20 Apr 21
One of the better car washes in town. I think its it a little expensive. Does get your car clean. I went and got the second most expensive one and got upgraded for the same price to the most expensive. They give you a towel to dry off your windows off. Vacuums and trash cans.
bill D.
18:58 12 Apr 21
Dude they are good
thatone G.
03:09 12 Apr 21
Great car wash and awesome vacuums
Tessa D.
02:04 22 Mar 21
Great place! Did a wonderful job washing our car.
00:08 21 Mar 21
Automatic carwash was great, got the car clean. Love that the vacuum was included in price of wash.
01:06 14 Mar 21
Love the car wash, don't understand the tipping jar for employees who get paid full hourly and not waiters pay?
15:37 12 Mar 21
Fair price, car was clean.
Michael S.
04:11 12 Mar 21
Great car wash, well worth the monthly fee
Jeff C.
17:23 11 Mar 21
Great deal care club works great for our family. You pay monthly, and wash the car as often as needed.
Jenny De V.
13:40 06 Mar 21
David S.
21:12 05 Mar 21
Great kids, free vacuum!
Sherry K.
20:05 26 Feb 21

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