Rolla, MO – Fairgrounds Road


101 Fairgrounds Road
Rolla, MO 65401

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 7 PM
8 AM — 7 PM

Holiday Hours


Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Years Eve

New Years Day


7 AM – 5 PM


7 AM – 5 PM

9 AM – 7 PM

Super friendly staff!
Sherman W.
04:48 05 Dec 22
Good prices
Damon B.
20:26 04 Dec 22
I used the auto car wash the workers are very friendly and very detailed
Denise N.
18:40 14 Nov 22
Free vacumn is available
Ganesh S.
02:21 04 Nov 22
Love the Rolla Mo location. Friendly staff, vacuums work great, carwash does a fantastic job. Makes it easy to take good care of my vehicle
Tammy S.
17:21 22 Oct 22
Man oh man do you people ROCK!!!! BEST CAR WASH BY FAR
Angie B.
21:39 17 Oct 22
The staff is always so kind and personable. Great price for great service.
Haylee B.
16:17 15 Oct 22
My first time using this car wash and everything went quick and smooth. Plus I now have a very clean truck!
Marty M.
15:14 15 Oct 22
Elite car wash including under car wash, and wax. I feel it does NOT give a very good prewash to remove bug goo from front of car. Also it does NOT do very good on the lower part of car along the sides.
Gen B.
17:58 14 Oct 22
I have had the pleasure to speak to the customer service at Club CarWash several times now. I must say they are absolutely the kindest most helpful people!! Thank you Club CarWash customer service y’all are amazing!! 😊
It's a good place to get car washed, vacuumed & wiped down for a decent price.
Laura H.
01:30 13 Oct 22
Great service, and fast
Vincent A.
19:12 12 Oct 22
The wash was nice but the employees act as though they hate their job.
Sarah J B.
17:20 04 Oct 22
Please put one in Salem, Missouri
Heather M.
14:17 25 Sep 22
Great service everytime
Peggy W.
20:10 21 Sep 22
I think club car wash is the best around me. I just wish canceling my subscription to monthly car washes was easier. I'm not canceling because I don't like it I'm canceling because it's not close and I don't use it as often as I thought I would because of the distance.
Laurie C.
03:14 19 Sep 22
Nice and clean.Shiny as new!
Dan K.
23:19 16 Sep 22
Great service! Very friendly great car wash. I appreciate their service.
Alan H.
15:08 07 Sep 22
My truck is always nice and clean when i leave there.
Brad L.
17:07 06 Sep 22
Excellent car wash, free vacuum, plus towels for dash etc. I liked it so much I purchased unlimited washes for both of my vehicles. I also have used my unlimited washes at other Club Car Washes in other cities.
15:28 06 Sep 22
Very helpful. They pressure washed my rubber floor mats in the bay for me. Good people!
Charles P.
13:00 06 Sep 22
Great place and deal
Roy R.
11:58 06 Sep 22
One of the best car washes that I have ever used with excellent vacuuming service!
sharron L.
02:10 06 Sep 22
Delbert M.
23:47 05 Sep 22
Bought the monthly wash—always do a great job—courteous and helpful
David N.
22:00 05 Sep 22
I love being able to drive through the car wash at any time. Also I can use the vacuum to clean the inside of my car anytime at no charge. That's awesome. My car is clean all the time. I love it
Della B.
21:10 05 Sep 22
Great place to get car wash. With wax - then wipe the interior with a damp cloth - then vacuum with their vacuum that is so strong I am careful around small dogs and babies.
20:32 05 Sep 22
Great car wash and the membership serves me well. They are very polite and the wash is great. Love having a membership.
Patricia L.
19:27 05 Sep 22
Great car wash!
Tina S.
19:11 05 Sep 22
The service is great.
Terry B.
19:07 05 Sep 22
Overall a really nice wash. Since I was in the Car Wash Industry for over 50 years. I was really surprised with the quality of a Chain Wash. I did tell someone to check the drying agent, my truck was really wet, other than that, I wash there about once a week.
18:36 05 Sep 22
Best deal in town. It's already paid for itself in two visits. The young men in the wash are very nice and friendly.
Francoise D.
18:07 05 Sep 22
Good wash
Todd N.
17:48 05 Sep 22
Awesome car wash.
Carol G.
17:32 05 Sep 22
Hard working young men and women, the place is always spotless! Good job Rolla team!
Jeff F.
17:23 05 Sep 22
They do a fair job of getting my car clean. The wheel rims need more attention and are often still dirty after being washed. The drying system needs some attention as it leaves small water drops on all my glass.
Clint S.
17:20 05 Sep 22
Great carwash.
Matthew L.
17:16 05 Sep 22
Completely satisfied
Richard T.
17:16 05 Sep 22
Always friendly. Best rollover I have ever used.
17:16 05 Sep 22
Great place to get your car washed and vacuumed. Vacuums are the best! Friendly staff
Nick A.
17:16 05 Sep 22
Outstanding service, fast, excellent car washes, and bug removal with spray detail service excellent a really good buy
Don J.
17:16 05 Sep 22
They do a great job. Very friendly employees!
Sean F.
17:15 05 Sep 22
Really good service got what I needed and more
Brandon P.
17:14 05 Sep 22
My favorite car wash, the only place in town I’ll go.
Paige J.
17:14 05 Sep 22
Vacuums suck. In a very good way. Car wash had my car sparkling. Got to clean my windows and mats. This is the spot for your car cleaning needs. My dude was diffently my dude.
20:43 07 Aug 22
Love this car wash! Super good quality for a hands free car wash & unbeatable value.
Clayton H.
18:25 09 Jul 22
Great place and price for car washes for a month is outstanding. Friendly staff
Elaine C.
21:01 08 Jul 22
The best car wash in town.
12:17 27 Jun 22
Way better than I expected my car came out extremely! clean pretty much all the dead bugs gone had a ton from a previous trip I'm super impressed with the outcome ! and the vacuums are amazing I purchased the elite membership well worth 30 bucks a month!
karona C.
04:24 25 Jun 22
This is an awesome car need of another car wash like this one.
Ron D.
23:20 08 Jun 22
A decent car wash. A bit pricey if you don't use the monthly membership. Since the this was my first time there I would have found it helpful for the signage to be bit more noticeable as to which lane is for what and what the towel they hand you is for since it's slightly damp. Overall I was pleased and will be signing up for the monthly membership.
Danisha G
12:12 03 Jun 22
Friendly and fun staff and clean every time
Cade L.
17:41 17 May 22
Great service and everything you need to get your car or truck looking new again.
Kevin C.
01:23 09 May 22
Don't mind paying the high price for a quick amd effective car wash.
Golden R.
11:14 01 May 22
Always a great wash and accommodating staff.
Leslie B.
19:46 26 Apr 22
Best place to wash your car it's like the Trump Tower od car washes
D. H.
03:47 15 Apr 22
Excellent. Tuesdays you get MVP wash $25 value for $10. Very impressed compared to other car wash services. Also very busy on Tuesdays.
Raymond M.
21:39 12 Apr 22

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