Ottawa, KS – South Princeton Street


2230 S Princeton
Ottawa, KS 66067

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
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They work really hard at getting the dirt off your car before they send it through!
Julie R.
20:22 28 Jun 22
Great value. Takes no time at all
Tom D.
18:51 27 Jun 22
Hands down the best car wash ever!!! Go on Tuesday for $10!!!!
Heidie K.
13:54 21 Jun 22
We always have a great car wash.
Heather F.
19:22 14 Jun 22
Our favorite place to go.
Lesa C.
23:20 03 May 22
They have gotten better over the last few months. Quality has come up.
Mike M.
20:59 29 Apr 22
Wonderful staff!
Beth A.
02:35 19 Apr 22
Really gets my car clean this is a great deal .
Randy F.
23:11 03 Apr 22
My truck gets extremely dirty between salt, mud, brake dust and working in it seven days a week. Club Car Wash is hands down one of the best automatic washes I’ve ever taken my truck to. I paid for the most expensive one (always do no matter where I take my truck) and it came out shining like the day I bought it.
23:55 04 Mar 22
We have a club membership and we love it 👍
Mary E.
12:44 03 Mar 22
Great Carwash
Ryan Z.
21:30 14 Feb 22
Definitely cleans my car well with the VIP wash. Although my boyfriend does not like the wax used for the tires.
Sandra W.
09:02 01 Feb 22
Best wash I've had in a long time.
Bill B.
05:56 27 Jan 22
Good car wash. They sure hustle and get cars through.
Greg M.
23:04 26 Jan 22
My car looked great, they always do a nice job. They were really busy today but still did not take long.
Sharalyn C.
00:16 11 Jan 22
I love this car wash. The added deal of getting to vacuum with a high powered vacuum makes it so nice. I love to take photos of my experience so enjoy!
Lori D.
00:51 06 Jan 22
Nice friendly people
robert M.
09:57 05 Jan 22
Every time we are in Ottawa we use this car wash. They do an excellent job and never fail to get every spot. They have free vacuums and a carpet mat cleaner. I 100% recommend. Mullet boy is hot
Oremus H.
21:46 03 Jan 22
Nicest car wash around ..
alan B.
23:13 19 Dec 21
Always good don't have to wait much. My car looks great. See ya soon.
Donald T.
21:33 03 Nov 21
Great service very polite they did a wonderful job
suzanne S.
19:36 22 Oct 21
Too expensive for me.
Keith D.
20:35 24 Sep 21
This is the greatest car was ever..
Bernice H.
21:33 04 Sep 21
What an awesome car wash! The people working there are good and knowledgeable. Good hiring!
Lori D.
23:21 29 Aug 21
Best vaccums around.
Reba K.
15:51 05 Aug 21
Car gets very clean. Staff is friendly and hard working. Good value especially when buying value books. Free wipe cloth. Free strong vacuums.
Terry W.
19:44 24 Jun 21
Very nice carwash. Boys were working good spraying the tires and inner fender wells, windshield and grill, tailgate too.👍👍👍👍👍
John F.
05:18 02 Jun 21
This place is amazing. Our SUV was covered in mud from gravel roads during all this rain. The first gentlemen sprayed the entire car down so we'll! It was clean after only one wash!
Liz L.
22:01 24 May 21
Surprised & pleased by the before wash wand spray down.
Teresa T
15:27 15 May 21
Love this place!
Ashley D
14:32 15 May 21
I love it. U don't have to get out of you r. Car and they do a great job'!
Ethel B.
04:01 23 Apr 21
Love it! Great addition to Ottawa!
Mrs. Nancy B.
22:31 29 Mar 21
So, our car was a disaster after a little mud incident.. They cleaned the outside perfectly, and were very friendly.
Brandon F.
04:55 16 Mar 21
Nice they gave a $1 day of car wash.
Dawn B.
19:14 02 Mar 21
People were fantastic. Vaccuum was awesome
Will N.
22:23 27 Feb 21
The best car wash around
Bob W.
23:34 22 Feb 21
Keeps my car stupid clean
Deezy D O.
15:56 23 Jan 21
Very nice people. Wash was ok
Vicki G.
18:41 22 Jan 21
Best wash in town!
Melanie A.
00:11 01 Dec 20
Great job each and every time we go. Love this car wash!!!!
Sheila F.
01:05 01 Nov 20
Great car wash
jay O.
23:42 29 Oct 20
Love it and it smells amazing when you go through it and love the colors.the tire shine is amazing as well.
Kayla S.
23:45 09 Oct 20
Went in right before close and had great service
Jeremy M.
01:14 15 Sep 20
So nice.
Diane C.
21:20 26 Aug 20
Great experience
a D
03:04 17 Jul 20
Do great job
John T.
19:39 03 Jul 20
Good price!
Mitchell B.
23:40 30 Jun 20
As a real estate agent I spend lots of time on unpaved roads. I love the convenience.
Cal L.
18:36 24 Jun 20
Great Job, even on the wheels and tires
Thomas R.
18:14 17 Jun 20
Very courteous staff. Great vacuums! The scanner didn't work so my sticker was manually scanned.
Robin F.
01:35 07 Jun 20
Love the convenience of keeping my car spotless for such an affordable price.
Jessica L.
00:45 07 Jun 20

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