Omaha, NE – S 72nd Street

John R


General Manager
S 72nd Street
Omaha, NE 68122

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 7 PM
8 AM — 7 PM
It got my vehicle mostly clean, I noticed in some of the corners or edges and on the back there were some spots missed. They get vehicles thru fast and their monthly memberships are reasonably priced
Kile S.
22:26 20 Jan 22
It's a fine car wash!
Marsullous J.
22:16 17 Jan 22
Love this place and for $10 the first three months can't beat it. We have memberships on both our cars.
Kendra B.
22:32 16 Jan 22
Great service! Love it
Katherine C.
18:27 16 Jan 22
Cleaned my old car nice and clean
Terry S.
21:22 13 Jan 22
love this wash!
Julie K.
16:56 13 Jan 22
1/10/2022Tried this car wash at the recommendation of the guy that detailed our van. The place has only been open under 4 months but they seem to have things well in hand. The van got clean. The cashier was friendly and efficient. There is a military discount for club members. I'll be back. Was going to VIP, but they closed. Russell Speeders is too pushy about trying to get me started on their monthly plan. I avoid them most of the time.
Ray W.
22:06 10 Jan 22
Thought this place was great! Guys are friendly and helpful. Very efficient, love they give you a treated towel to wipe the inside of your car while going through the car wash. Only thing I didn't like was the additional charges for using the vacuum stations. When you are paying up to $40+ for membership, could at least through in 20-30 minutes of vacuum time.
00:25 10 Jan 22
Great wash best wash in Omaha
Starla K.
16:17 14 Dec 21
Awesome place awesome people
Mark O.
20:23 07 Dec 21
This wash does not put swirl marks in your clear coat. Their vacuums are amazing; the only one strong enough to pick up my dog’s shedding fur and they say it’s for wet or dry pick up so you can wash your carpet before coming and pick up any water/cleaner out of the carpet. And best of all All their unlimited washes for 3 months is only $10, even their Top $40 wash and you can switch to a lower priced wash before the end of your 3 months. Oh, and they give Military discount, just not on the Grand Opening Special as it is up to $30 Off already.
Frank B.
18:36 06 Dec 21
Good car wash. Towel to wipe down car. Good deal!
Frederick A Collins J.
16:38 05 Dec 21
Nice car wash. The tire shine they use in the wash is garbage, it slings all over the side of my truck. Otherwise it's nice, vacuums are very strong be careful.
Trenton D.
21:09 27 Nov 21
Great place to get your cars cleaned up, always greeted with a smile
Ryan C.
18:44 27 Nov 21
High quality car wash and painless experience.
Ernesto M.
01:25 23 Nov 21
The best dang value, service, actual car wash in Omaha today. Located at Menards in Ralston on 72nd and L. Next 3 months $10 if your fast. Takes u thru winter salt and grime. 10 bucks for best wash available. Regular, 40+ dollars.
Armando R.
19:37 11 Nov 21
Best carwash ever! And because a large portion of ever wash goes to local groups makes it even better🤩
Sherry D.
02:39 09 Nov 21
Mark K.
15:14 31 Oct 21
Got the 40$ unlimited wash for $10 for the first 3 months.
Jerry N.
18:20 15 Oct 21
Club Carwash's grand opening special is both a great value with $1 any wash, but the fact that proceeds from this special go towards Big Brothers Big Sister shows their commitment to the community. I previously had a carwash membership with a local competitor, but will move my business to Club Carwash as it is more convenient and because it is nice to see a familiar and friendly face who used to work at said competitor, Kyle. All your staff are very friendly and welcoming to it's newest customers.
Michael S.
16:50 15 Oct 21

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