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Oklahoma City, OK 73159

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Absolutely love this place. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I only have 1 issue and that's, ok, 2 issues. Lol. Damnit, make that 3.1- Not enough Tire shine.2-The dryers, at times, feels like it's going to rip the car apart, lol.3-The pretreatment, the staff isn't very attentive to detail when pretreating the vehicle. Too lackadaisical.I've actually had to clean bird droppings off of the car after going thru the wash. That IMO is the responsibility of pretreatment staff not paying attention to detail.I love the vacuum wand that's used, much easier to get the tight areas under seats and between seat and console.Overall though, I would recommend Club Car Wash on SW 89th & May to friends and family!
James B.
17:48 01 Feb 23
Fast friendly service
Tammy L.
23:38 28 Dec 22
Gets my car squeaky clean every-time
Nicole M.
17:34 25 Dec 22
Always great customer service, all the employees are very professional and polite.
Teresa R.
23:11 20 Nov 22
I had window chalk on my van windows. Went through the car wash. They were waiting at the end and noticed that all the chalk did not come off. They told me to go back through at no charge. Very nice gentlemen. 👍 will go back again.
Tammy S.
22:12 09 Nov 22
The monthly subscription is great
richard B.
15:06 23 Oct 22
First time to this car wash. We were impressed. The staff is friendly so don’t forget to tip in the jar provide before you enter the wash.There is different prices per wash, basic $7, VIP $12, etc and also have memberships (also provide military discount on membership pricing)The attendant at where you pay ask if you want towels to wipe down your interior while moving through the wash at no extra cost. The towels are microfiber slightly damped with cleaning solution, worked great.This carwash did a fantastic job getting the dirt off usually I have dirt spots that don’t get cleaned. The vacuums are strong. Really like this carwash.
Koda D.
22:48 21 Oct 22
Really good company and even better wash!!!
Josh J.
00:59 09 Oct 22
I am so happy to get in SW Okc an available service of carwash any time that I need it for a monthly fix payment. The guys are so friendly and professional. Finally my car is cleaned and shiny every day!
Belinda Z R.
18:07 22 Sep 22
Good friendly place to wash your ride.
Nathan N.
11:43 17 Sep 22
They provide windex and will wash rubber mats...always get a good clean wash and it is unlimited with monthly plan..friendly staff Good service and they will rewash if car is not clean.
Barry G.
15:42 12 Sep 22
Their great and give a towel for your windows and for your interior
Robert A.
14:37 12 Sep 22
We use Club Wash frequently with our two vehicles. We also recently both my wife and I signed up for monthly Plan and love it !The service at Club Wash is great and every employee that I have met have been very friendly and want to help. That in itself is worth a lot!I like the towels I’m given ( when I ask for them, otherwise use my scanner sticker and drive right through without exchanging money) .Happy Customers,Tim and BonnieSW Oklahoma City
Tim G.
01:21 12 Sep 22
Good for the price
Bruce C.
22:02 11 Sep 22
I love the car wash and all but I think y'all need bigger ends instead of just the crevice tool for your vacuum you need a wider flat in thank you
Doris B.
17:54 11 Sep 22
Went through the automatic wash and vacuum my truck myself
Russell M.
17:44 11 Sep 22
I ❤️ Club Car wash convienence and self serve express line!! They provide cloth towels to use to clean off my car and clean my interior as well. Their vacuuming system is provided for easy access on both sides of my car. I ❤️ this process so much, I drive thru about 3 times a week. One price. Limitless use. Winning!!!
Rhonda B.
17:24 11 Sep 22
Always courteous and efficient
c F.
17:22 11 Sep 22
Not today
Natasha C.
15:56 11 Sep 22
I absolutely love love this place! EVERY staff member is kind, friendly and knowledgeable. They do an amazing job each and every time I am there. Although I only know a couple names, Keaton & Manuel the entire team is fabulous! I highly recommend this car wash!
Lora L
15:32 11 Sep 22
Love this place. Member for life. 😀
Kristina L.
15:26 11 Sep 22
Love this place
Kevin L.
15:22 11 Sep 22
Great service
Jerry M.
15:21 11 Sep 22
Exelent serviceIstalations are very cleanLove the the towels that give youThe windex etc etc
Fernando E.
15:10 11 Sep 22
Darnell H.
02:49 08 Aug 22
What a deal! Love the service and prices!
Shirley G.
20:19 23 Jul 22
I just took a long trip and I needed to get the bug and grime off my vehicle. I did the mid-range package which was $12. You can get a bare bones job for $7, there are two medium jobs, and the whole shebang for $25.I talked with one person at the entrance and saw two other people who hand-sprayed my car. Everyone was friendly.I like the various colored lights and all the activity. It makes a routine experience more fun. Your kids and dogs might think it's neat. I did too.They have me a wet towel to wipe down my dash, and that was really nice.My car is so much cleaner now. Good experience all around. I'm thinking about doing the monthly service (you get as many car washes as you want for a monthly fee).
Dirk H.
20:21 22 Jul 22
The staff is very friendly and the automatic car wash does a great job!
Amber S.
19:50 22 Jul 22
David K.
18:03 16 Jul 22
We will NEVER go to another car wash! This place is THE BEST!
Bruce C.
15:49 10 Jul 22
Edited:Nice little place, kinda wish they would ‘try’ to not pressure was so close to paint to get a micro bug stain off. Put the bug juice on and roll it through the wash. Also, don’t forget! The cheap wash isn’t a guaranteed clean! Also! They probably will deny a rewash if still dirty from the other packages. Tbh, depends on employees.The monthly subscription is worth it if you live close by and drive enough to get dirty frequently.**Edit: Truly the company does things right. This is still the best wash in the okc area in my opinion. I hope future training can help new employees learn about paint protection from high pressure washes, and to continue to employee people with great attitudes. 5/5.
Emmanuel C.
15:08 05 Jul 22
excellent car wash, i recommend this to everyone and we're joining the club
Bobby Ware S.
02:14 11 Jun 22
From the moment the kind young lady introduced the pricing and options to the regular services met with smiles and appreciation, I have and will continue to be a regular customer who brags about this company to others. Thank you all.
Vegeta M.
12:34 12 May 22
Great Customer Service and car wash.
Renee S.
22:30 30 Apr 22
Safe nice place to wash your car.
Lashon G.
21:09 25 Apr 22
Update: The problem was resolved and things are back to running as expected. The membership lane is open and I'm no longer stuck in a long line. They still provide clean micro fiber towels and there is always an available vacuuming station. My membership will be renewed. Don't forget to tip the attendants.Unfortunately there is no easy way to exit the line once you are able to see that the members only entrance is closed. The longer than necessary wait time completely eliminates any advantage to having a membership.
19:17 21 Apr 22
Employees are friendly. The wash and vacuums are great!
K L A.
20:06 01 Apr 22
Does a good job and they have a great special running right now.
James J.
00:31 31 Mar 22
Recommend 👍
Rene C.
20:25 27 Mar 22
Great car wash friendly staff
Tom W.
21:08 19 Mar 22
Love this place!
Lexie L.
02:54 16 Mar 22
This car wash is the best one I’ve ever used! I care about the quality of a car wash and how my car gets treated. You get a towel at the front to wipe down the inside and a 48 hour guarantee!!!! Who does that?!?! The vacuum area is also clean and supplied with towels and cleaner. The $10 tuesdays are prime!!! But any day you go is so worth it!!!
Devi N.
17:31 15 Mar 22
Good service
Jerry B.
22:26 09 Mar 22
Awesome place with awesome people
Jose S.
22:33 02 Mar 22
Best cat wash I can get is here
Richard E.
13:57 28 Feb 22
Great place to wash your car.
Katrina M.
04:32 28 Feb 22
Hands down this is the best car wash in the metro, shot out to the management for creating an environment for these employees to love thier jobs. I tip every time because of the level of service. The monthly club is worth it and highly recommend. The only complaint I'd have is on busy days people coming in don't realize that there is a fast pass lane so it gets congested for us fast pass members.
Anthony A.
00:36 28 Feb 22
Awesome Job
Tim F.
02:37 27 Feb 22
So far so good...Keep it up fellas!!
Stephen A.
23:39 26 Feb 22
Good membership
darnell H.
06:25 20 Feb 22
Absolutely love this car wash.
Kim N.
08:28 16 Feb 22

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