O’Fallon, MO – Bryan Road


914 Bryan Road
O'Fallon, MO 63366

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
bird eye view of car wash with green trees on the right
Highly recommend this car wash! The young men that work here are so polite and sweet! I had writing on my windows for a Celebration of Life I attended and based on a similar situation, I had planned to spend a good hour getting it off with windex after the wash. One of the workers, without me even having to ask, said he was going to try and get it off with the power washer and brush if I didn’t mind! He got it all off too! Saved me an hour and got him a super nice tip and a forever customer! Signed up for the monthly washes online that night. It’s crazy what a little good customer service will do! 😊
Deanne S.
06:05 17 May 22
Nice to pay 20 dollars a month but my car still be dirty at the bottom by the back and front tires
LaToya G.
04:28 10 May 22
Great car wash with wonderful friendly staff. Always get great results go there at least twice a week.
Martie Cox R.
14:32 02 May 22
Always cleans my van
Jim L.
01:26 14 Apr 22
The top notch best car wash that they have here does an amazing job. The lights inside of the tunnel look very cool. The people that work here were really friendly and helpful. Two thumbs up and I highly recommend checking this place out.
Jackie W.
23:33 21 Mar 22
My car is so clean!
Daniel S.
12:58 18 Mar 22
Love this carwash, but no washcloths were available this time. Couldn't dry car off, or clean windows.
Edlund L.
00:50 07 Mar 22
I love the fresh towels and free vacuuming. Go there on a Tuesday and scope out the membership
Nidaa J.
20:18 22 Feb 22
Car wash worked good! Busy but fast service!
Linda T.
19:50 20 Feb 22
They do a good job. Tuesdays they have good deals on prices.
Wendy P.
17:10 07 Feb 22
This is the best car wash you will ever use. Everything is first class. It gets your car very clean and the vacuums that are free to use have great suction. I have the unlimited and I would never be without it. Try it for yourself and you will be hooked. No1 in my book
Jeff W.
17:25 30 Dec 21
Love getting my car wash here
Jeff B.
23:19 08 Sep 21
Great self service car wash. Plenty soap either by brush or spray. Great pressure. Accepts credit card. My go-to place
Steve H.
23:14 07 Aug 21
Nice place, I wish they would redo the curb at the exit. If you turn too sharp you can damage your wheel. Staff are always great.
Samuel D.
23:45 30 Jul 21
They have towels again!
Steve J.
21:47 04 Jun 21
Got that fresh wash baby. Car looks great. Love this place.
Russell M.
23:20 07 May 21
Free vacuums, good wash, kids there do a very good job
Doc B.
17:02 06 May 21
Awesome facility, just wish they have a sign for the right lane is for Club members only that pays monthly fees to have that luxury for a speed pass but one of the best car washes ive been in that actually cleans all of it...
Joe T.
16:48 01 May 21
Free vacuum and car floor mats cleaning station
22:11 17 Apr 21
시원스레 깨끗하게 차워시 실내 청소기조차 성능 짱 청소기는 공짜
Hyunsil K.
20:13 10 Apr 21
Always take good care Of me and my vehicles.. The staff is very friendly and professional. Always pleased
Steve H.
16:27 03 Apr 21
Great car wash, my completely filthy car hadn't been clean in weeks, ran it thru and came out all pretty and clean.
Edita 2.
15:58 27 Mar 21
By far the best wash for the cost. Monthly is the best way to go. I wish there were more locations.
Tim K
20:20 06 Feb 21
Would like it more if it was touchless without the rags on the drive-thru part inside not a fan of them catching on everything as you drive through or having debris stuck in them
Scott B.
01:29 03 Jan 21
I gave my youngest stepson a certificate for free car washes and detailing of one of their two vehicles each month for a year as a baby shower gift in the Spring of 2020. Their youngest child is now over 6 month's old, which means that I have washed both cars about three times each. I told this to the area training director and she gave me 3 free $14-value car wash coupons while I waited on her at my full-time job as a Customer Service Associate at Walgreens at Bryan and Mexico Roads in O'Fallon, MO. Apparently, the director liked the fact that I chose Tiger Car Wash to help me fulfill my pledge and promise, so she also got into the act of giving back and paying it forward! My wife Gwen and I always choose Tiger Express Wash for all of our cars in our extended family. We would't think of taking our "babies" anywhere else. Tiger Car Wash is the best place for car washes in our area!!!:)
Michael P.
20:48 01 Nov 20
Those kids work great keeping my man-van Super sweet.. Don't forget they are eager to earn tip$
Anthony W.
13:04 19 Sep 20
Well worth it
Nichole G.
02:08 14 Aug 20
Didn't see any tigers getting washed, which was disappointing. But they did wash my car well so......
Sam G.
15:32 02 Aug 20
I love this place. Their vacuums are the best.
Mary M.
20:52 24 Jul 20
They always do a great job and very reasonable
Johnny M.
13:41 08 Jul 20
Have been using tiger's for a few years, do not waste my money anywhere else
Russ C.
17:59 07 Jul 20
The young kids work hard to get the bad grime off before you actually go into the wash. The car comes out looking good. Price is reasonable if you can get a special, like a bundle of 4 or 6 washes. Free vacuums work very well.
Gerard D.
21:58 15 Jun 20
Best wash and vacuums in town!
Brian B.
15:46 12 Jun 20
Love Tiger Wash
Daniel L.
23:58 09 Mar 20
I like this place
Scott S.
18:00 09 Mar 20
Works well, tire shine is like motor oil, will get all over your vehicle once you drive, especially white, skip the tire shine.
Carton S.
15:40 07 Mar 20
It's pretty good at cleaning but I did have to go through it a second d time because when I was vacuuming my car outi saw bird poop on the front. I dont know if it didnt get cleaned off or if I just got targeted after I came out. I have an unlimited month. Some vaccines are better than others on the power. So far I have better luck with the 3 by the wash.
Marion D.
04:03 07 Mar 20
Excellent customer service and great pricing. Free vacuums are a plus! Highly recommended.
Anthony A.
18:14 03 Mar 20
Vacuums are very powerful
Krystal E.
09:55 24 Feb 20
K B.
22:53 08 Feb 20
Good service for the price. Vacuums and towels are great
Jason B.
18:03 29 Dec 19
Great car wash with friendly people.
Jackey R.
13:53 12 Dec 19
Best car wash I’ve ever been to. They go above and beyond no matter what service you choose. Best price anywhere.
Jeremy W.
04:44 12 Nov 19
Talks are all Bible based! The Witnesses are all so friendly!
Jacque H.
18:57 10 Nov 19
Love the vacuum
beverly B.
18:25 18 Oct 19
This is probably my favorite car wash, you definently get in and out quickly with a superior job with free vacuums and if something is wromg with the quality of your wash they are very good at making it right no questions asked
Aaron C.
01:00 17 Oct 19
Great place for a great summer day out & about and a casual road trip and car wash with the hubby!
Lisa Ann H.
03:11 15 Oct 19
In, out done. Only problem is that is that it's next to a Micky D's
Larry W.
09:57 23 Sep 19
I love these vacuums! Thay actually clean the hair out if the caroet in my car! I will try the car wash too next time.
Melissa N.
01:32 03 Sep 19
I love this place
Jeremy R.
23:38 17 Aug 19
Favorite Car Wash!
Summer S.
18:47 12 Aug 19
Good value.
Jim K.
23:30 07 Aug 19
Love this place I have a monthly membership
Carole R.
15:29 01 Aug 19
Great plase
Marvin W.
19:40 20 Jul 19
Great car wash with a friendly staff, free vacuuming that is really powerful and very convenient overall
Chris P.
21:15 01 Jul 19
Good vacuums
Jon F.
02:03 21 Jun 19
Nice and clean car and has self serve vacuums
Rick S
12:34 14 Apr 19
We go there to have our Rogue, look it's best. People are very attentive.
Mary S.
13:51 25 Mar 19
Great place with great service and located in a very convenient location to keep your vehicle looking its best inside and out. Im not an employee just a satisfied patron recomending this establishment to all...
Jimmy C.
12:46 13 Mar 19
My car always comes out sparkling clean. Love it
Sylvia M.
15:44 03 Mar 19
In and out quick
Joe M.
17:27 28 Feb 19
Good wash for the money
Kirk B.
14:52 08 Feb 19

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