Lebanon, MO – Jefferson Avenue


315 S Jefferson Ave
Lebanon, MO 65536

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
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Nice, clean car wash with Great Deals to get your business! I Always Appreciate the Military Deals because I think the Military deserves discounts for serving our country! Always get a great wash and love the vacuuming area which is clean and I can take my time cleaning up the inside of my car. Nice employees who all seem to be keeping everything operable and try to assist you if you need towels, cleaning mats, etc.! I love being able to go to a car wash that is in Great Working Order from the wash to the vacuum area and Safely keep my car clean! My husband and several of our children consistently use this car wash, too. We All Love It!Definitely Recommend!
Trisha M.
05:05 22 Jun 22
Quick, friendly and professionalBest car wash in Southwest Missouri!
Don B
22:50 09 Jun 22
Very nice 👍 it's really worth the money. And very good vacuum cleaner's.
Jimmie R.
22:24 08 Jun 22
So quick and really worth the money!!
Cheri C.
20:23 05 Jun 22
Always a great wash. Even when the line is long they get you through in a reasonable amount of time.
Scorpio W.
22:19 04 Jun 22
Fantastic place to get your car washed. It is very convenient & is well worth the money.
A. J.
14:55 31 May 22
Great car wash, and the staff does a really good job
Kimberly B.
16:51 24 May 22
Love this place. Always busy,but line moves fast. Prices are fair.
John W. S.
15:18 15 May 22
I have been here and a member for a couple tears now. My only thing I have to say is that in "rush hour" the lane gate goes back and forth between those paying a one time deal and us with a pass. I wish that pass people got priority during high volume time since the line goes out to the street. Doing like a 2/3 pass to 1 cash person. Other wise it is a good place to get my car cleaned
Laura L.
15:52 14 May 22
Best place to get your car washed n vacuumed. I live where it's muddy so I've always got a dirty car n the people working there make sure my car is nice n clean before I leave.
Kathy B.
13:01 11 May 22
The best in town. They even pre-sprayed in the wheel wells.
Glenn L.
02:05 27 Apr 22
My land whale loves this place! It's a little pricey but worth it.
Nancy G.
22:28 22 Apr 22
Great wash and vacuums, and great customer service! Highly recommend!
Sarah S.
22:23 21 Apr 22
Still love this car wash, great vacuums and the girl at the window is super nice. The guys in the wash are also friendly.
D D.
16:47 14 Apr 22
Club Car Wash is the best do a great job in washing and the vacuum are the best
Johnna V.
20:03 30 Mar 22
I like the fact I can just drive thru anytime I'm in town and have a clean car in minutes without getting myself wet. Don't forget to get a towel to wipe down the inside of your vehicle and the vacuum to make it like new.
Tina T.
19:18 21 Mar 22
Staff is always friendly, the wash was good. Would reccomend the membership pass. Has been extremely busy the last few months with long lines leading into the street and on average of 30 minutes wait.
23:48 11 Mar 22
Great place. Always do a great job!!
Ellen J.
14:07 20 Feb 22
Quick and the best automated wash around.
Susan E.
12:59 15 Feb 22
Love this car wash! One time my car was really dirty. I went through and it didn't quite get it all cleaned. So I went back through the line and they sent me through again! How awesome is that! They want you to be happy with it!
Diana H.
19:28 13 Feb 22
Employees did great job with prewash. My car is sooo clean now.
April L.
16:33 31 Jan 22
Great wash
Brett B.
18:26 30 Jan 22
I really like the towels they give you to dry off excess water 💧 after wash. FREE vacuum
C W.
18:29 27 Jan 22
The people are really good.they do a good job on the cars and the free vacuum you can use.
Patrick G.
01:16 01 Jan 22
I generally get the basic $6 wash. Even though they don't guarantee a clean vehicle with that wash, it always does a fine job. Vacuums work great and the property is kept clean.
Chad A.
16:11 29 Dec 21
Fast service. Complete outside clean up. Great job at a fair price.
Bob Baugher, S.
03:48 28 Nov 21
Clean car the easy way.
Bradley J.
14:53 27 Nov 21
My favorite car wash they actually get your car clean because they take the time to make sure all the grime and dirt is off dog will come here again and again and again and again
doug C.
15:40 22 Nov 21
Fast and I love the idea of giving young adults a chance to earn money. Best education about earning your way into a better life.
Amy L.
22:12 22 Oct 21
It was a beautiful day so it was kind of busy but the line moved along quickly did a great job and I'll be back
02:01 27 Sep 21
This carwash is great gets your car cleaned and leaves no scum on it I recommend it
Vernon S.
22:52 26 Sep 21
Great wash,s & vacuum is great they love our car,s Treet you so want to back.
Brian L.
01:33 25 Sep 21
Great car wash! Tuesdays are specials day... $10 for a $25 car wash! Even includes spraying your tires.... and unlimited excellent vacuums!Try it! Cheers
Greg M.
11:45 22 Sep 21
It was good
Rick S.
23:32 12 Sep 21
Excellent car wash
Brian S.
01:06 06 Sep 21
I love Club Carwash! My car always comes out clean, no matter how dirty it is. The staff does a good job with the prewash. The vacumes are amazing! The always have great suction to get the job done fast! Be careful if you hang your face mask on the blinkers arms! I wasn't even close and it sucked it right off before I could stop it! It never lost any suction and I continued to finish my floors. Lol
kelly C.
23:29 30 Aug 21
Get the Fast Pass save money so worth it!
Jennifer Marie J.
17:56 12 Aug 21
30 bucks a month and free vacuums, I can't complain!
Duane G.
20:43 30 Jul 21
Visit almost every time I'm in Lebanon. Keeps my truck nice and clean.
Brad & Cassie W.
17:50 30 Jul 21
Really fast. Love this place
Mike M.
00:12 23 Jul 21
I use this car wash. Monthly subscription is defined way to go. I can use it daily if I need to.
Shelly W.
14:44 11 Jul 21
Great job
Melvin R.
01:20 06 Jul 21
Great job on a very buggy car.
Stephen L.
02:42 22 Jun 21
Great car wash. Great vacuums.
Steve H.
03:41 16 Jun 21
Love this place.
Tamara P.
01:14 16 Jun 21
Easy in and out, clean rags with plenty of area for vacuuming
Jerry D.
17:30 14 Jun 21
Gets my ride clean for a very fair price
Kennster 1.
23:37 24 May 21
Great place
Terry J.
23:11 23 May 21
Great value, courteous employees, no harmful and scratch brushes. Convenient location and very satisfied.
00:36 23 May 21
Love this car wash
Brooke M.
03:18 12 May 21
Love this place as a taxi company owner this is the best bang for the buck. Great place. Had membership inbtwo different states. Highly recommended!
Fast Ridz T.
17:07 18 Apr 21
I'm so glad this car wash place showed up to town!! Nothing like it for years! Friendly, fast, and efficient! Love it!
Anna Cooley H.
21:14 13 Apr 21
Extremely friendly and fast. Shout out to the Assistant Manager Mark who always has a smile on his face and is always attentive to customers. Great place to get your car washed with AMAZING service.
Rhonda L.
17:09 13 Apr 21
This place has the most awesome vacuum system very powerful and weather you get a car wash or not it's free but the car wash is very good also with a personal touch.
Dana V.
20:09 04 Apr 21
Overall call gets pretty clean, if my car is dusty there will still be dust spots on my number from dirty water running down is the only downside.
Phillip H.
03:31 04 Apr 21
Best car wash in town and I love that it has free vacuums.
Jillian M.
19:45 03 Apr 21
After a day playing in the dirt, it's always nice to get her shined up for the next adventure.
Ozarks Outdoor M.
01:13 03 Apr 21
Slow car wash but they don't always get all the so far Soap off the vacuums are great they work amazing great people friendly
11:57 07 Mar 21
Great wash even if you go basic. If you buy a package, go when you need and bypass the cashier.
Teresa M.
21:40 06 Mar 21
Wait a long time
BANDIT Kuhn (Bub W.
14:45 01 Mar 21

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