Jacksonville, IL – W Morton Avenue


1723 W Morton Avenue
Jacksonville, IL 62650

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
drone view of location with parking lot and vacuums in the bottom of the screen and green trees above
Excellent place to go an it does a wonderful job,we need onegin Pike County Illinois!!
Robert D.
19:14 22 Jun 22
Will always come back! Might have some days where the wash is down but even on the same day the wash will be back up. I've never had bad service when it comes to getting the bugs sprayed off the cars and always welcomed with a smiling face when pulling into the tunnel! Always look forward to seeing friendly faces when I pull in for a wash and always look forward to coming back with a dirty car for them to wash just to see how clean it looks after. Will highly recommend the more expensive washes for the windshield coating so I can easily see when the roads are bad and it's pouring down rain. Plus air fresheners for the members?? And $10 for any wash on Tuesdays?? Yes please! Thank you for everything you guys do! Looking forward to coming again soon!
MewTwo C.
19:59 15 Jun 22
This is the best car wash.
NeoChanel T.
18:17 06 Jun 22
Fast and friendly crew
J.T. C.
01:47 20 May 22
Good car wash for a reasonable price. Free vacuums are always a plus. Just don't forget your floor mat in the cleaning area like I did..
Mike C.
14:48 18 May 22
This was a celebration for my last born child River she turned 13yrs old! Leos was the perfect place to celebrate her first night as a young women,beautiful,& pleasant waitresses,the chicken Alfredo pizza is our all time favorite,and or baked ravioli and French fries appetizers got to us fast and warm,calming down our rumbling bellies, until our 🍕got to us, it was so hott, so yummy looking,drowning in puddles of cheeze,w chunky chicken,&bacon,o & that delicious white sauce,and the crispiest thin cut crust!! Cooked to deliciousness! Thank u leos! JDC
Jami C.
04:47 04 Apr 22
Simply the best. Always consistent
Randy H.
13:12 25 Mar 22
Gotta love a free vacuum!
Kim E.
11:22 15 Mar 22
Best car wash around
Brian C.
15:41 10 Mar 22
Very friendly employees… the aqua air freshener is the best one I have used so far.. the car washes are in very convenient locations…
Lynette H
19:40 26 Feb 22
Vary best
Henry H.
01:10 22 Feb 22
Great wash employees in the cold getting your car ready for the wash. Good prices and deals.
Sue H.
02:28 22 Jan 22
Been a member since Day1 best Car Wash around by far. Best wash, dryers, and by far best vacuums.Owner even responds respectful and thankful for everyones business.Club get a 10.
Brian C.
17:08 18 Jan 22
Polite & wash does a good job even in the cold.
Merriane S.
07:24 18 Jan 22
Always great for me
Robert P.
21:37 29 Nov 21
The deals going on now are amazing!
Allison S.
22:11 19 Nov 21
Great car wash place I have a membership and they even washed my floor mats for me with there power washer!
Samantha E.
17:14 02 Nov 21
Very nice carwash!!! Nice, young men and ladies doing a great job!! Thank ya'll for being open early. I like to get my new car nice and clean after my night shift.
Glenda S.
19:31 29 Aug 21
They do a good job Love that place
Shirley A.
15:14 11 Aug 21
Everything you need, plus attendants to assist. I didn't give 5 stars because I feel they let the cars in to close.
Susan C.
12:28 25 Jul 21
Cleaned my car well
Tw1sted T.
17:36 03 Jul 21
Nice clean car
William P.
01:21 01 Jul 21
Cleanest car wash in town. Staff is very friendly to customers. I am very satisfied with the job they do to my vehicle with getting the outside clean. I 100% recommend this car wash to anyone and everyone.
Chris B.
19:52 19 Jun 21
Very good
Vickie C.
20:56 08 Jun 21
Best car wash ever. Veterans get 50% off on monthly fee. $10 Tuesdays for your 2nd car. Enthusiastic help and unlimited washes. What’s not to like. Cars are really clean in this town.
John W.
04:33 15 May 21
Excellent deal, and wash
Mark N.
02:57 15 May 21
Full service car wash.
David C.
17:05 23 Apr 21
Very good carwash very professional staff
James K.
19:20 21 Apr 21
Marie S.
23:48 23 Mar 21
Love this car wash!!!
Sue R.
19:04 12 Mar 21
Great wash and value.
Mike R.
20:32 27 Feb 21
Great deal for unlimited car washes!!! Easy, self-serve car wash.workers very friendly and they remove dirt with high pressure water, The machine will do all the washing for you! After the machine washes and dries the car, you can use their complimentary air blower and vacuum located in the stalls outside I highly recommend this car wash place
15:11 05 Feb 21
This is probably the cleanest car wash in town. The automatic machines inside the wash are all relatively new and I never really had any issues there. As far as the vacuum stations, they are always clean with solid electric motors powering each side.Sometimes, they will keep moist towels out, or hand them to you before you go through the wash.The staff is always friendly, accommodating and happy to help answer any questions I have.A bit pricey, compared with other carwashes; however, they need to recoup the cost of construction and installing all of the technology present on location.
Paul J P.
00:45 22 Jan 21
It was perfect
Moria F.
20:35 21 Jan 21
I like very good service
Jorge G.
01:37 10 Jan 21
I love this car wash. Very nice. The towels are. Nice touch. The vacuums have good suction. I joined the Car Wash Club when it first opened up. It was $10 a month for the first 3 mos. Now, I'll be paying for the Elite Unlimited Wash package. It is well worth it.
Michelle D.
22:57 16 Nov 20
they did a god job
Christian H.
20:18 15 Oct 20
Awsome place. I have 12.5 wide tires with a big offset and small lift. Fit in fine. Staff was very helpful.
Corey G
15:36 06 Oct 20
Club carwash is awesome.....the vacuums are the best in jacksonville....the car was gets the car clean. It costs a bit more but worth it but if you have the unlimited washes you can go as many times as you want.
dave A.
00:01 19 Sep 20

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