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1059 IA-1
Iowa City, IA 52246

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
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Wish we had one of these near me. Great car wash. They provide towels so you can dry off your car. Plenty of bays to park and vacuum out the vehicle. Young attendants do a wonderful job of cleaning the vehicle before you enter the actual machine.Come to Illinois!
Donna T.
20:58 14 Jun 22
$10 Dollar Tuesdays!! Nuff said.
Kim G.
12:26 08 Jun 22
Love this carwash, always fast and always clean.
Jess B.
02:06 19 May 22
Jeanmarie Ngoy M.
09:03 07 May 22
Not a bad car wash, but the cost is far more than what you get. For $18, which is their "best" package, I could get my truck washed inside and out at the carwash I used to go to in Chicago. The employees at Club also stack cars in right on top of each other, and I have experienced 2x people braking (which they're not supposed to do on a conveyor) and getting rearended by people behind me.Overall, not a bad wash, my truck's exterior always looks great after going through, but would be nice for the price to also have them clean my mats and wipe down my interior. I would also recommend not stacking cars right on top of each other.Updating 4/29/22 as it's long over due:A woman reversed her car in to my pickup as she was getting off the conveyer belt in February of 2021. She was obviously at fault, but since the damage was done to her rear and my front end, it looked like I was to blame. I went to Club Car Wash and they were SO helpful with getting the footage pulled and sent to me to prove my innocence. Thank you so much!
Sam M
19:45 29 Apr 22
They get the car very clean!
Keith G.
01:32 22 Mar 22
Love how clean the car and tires get!
Big D.
19:04 20 Feb 22
I've never been in the wash but I like the building so .....I'll rate based on the appearance of the site ....and building .
Jhoney S.
06:54 10 Feb 22
This place is ok. What I don't care for is when they have to cars back to back and someone else gets my MVP and I have a Rookie car wash. Slow it down. We all want a good wash so don't rush us.
Beonka G.
18:29 07 Feb 22
Quick and easy! Cheap also! Wish we had one closer to home..
kevHD 2.
00:23 04 Feb 22
21:08 15 Jan 22
I have been going to Club Car wash since they opened and I don’t plan to stop! It’s so nice to get the monthly package and then you can just pull up and go through without waiting in line. The employees are always so nice! They have a location in Coralville too so you can use both places without paying any extra. I always get compliments on my car being so clean. It’s totally worth it! Best car wash in Iowa city!
Lily S.
18:00 11 Jan 22
Does an OK job
Heather R.
13:52 29 Dec 21
I always have an amazing experience here
amber B.
16:28 13 Dec 21
Friendly, fast, and clean! I definitely recommend going here for your next car wash!
Ashley H.
18:39 03 Nov 21
Free vacuum and towels. Just get the basic wash. The other washes leave a gross film on the windshield.
proteus S.
23:17 23 Oct 21
Great car wash and the interior vacuums have super suction! Be careful! :)
TR 1
18:37 23 Oct 21
This car wash is absolutely the best hands down. Their membership prices are unbeatable and the fact they prep your vehicle before it actually hits the wash is amazing. If you are in the area and want to have a clean vehicle I would suggest stopping by and seeing for yourself.
Ashley J.
15:34 23 Oct 21
Lovm this place...
Rick W.
19:30 19 Oct 21
The car wash does a great job with cleaning the car. However, if you are not a member, it can take a very long time to get through the line because the process of explaining every single option to people is tedious. There needs to be a more streamlined process for explaining options for people who want to purchase their passes. Otherwise, it's a great place.
Katie S.
21:49 27 Sep 21
Great experience today washing my van. I went through and was given a free towel to use to clean the inside and/or dry the outside after washing. Vacuums are free to use with washing. The guy told me to save my receipt and if my vehicle got dirty or wet in the next two days I could come back and wash for free. I actually ended up coming back through a couple hours later because the first was didn’t get all the dirt off and they were happy to let me go through again.I live an hour away, but am going to make a point to stop and clean my car whenever I’m in town. Wish there was a place close to me….:)
Krystal P.
19:58 13 Sep 21
Crew was very through.
theortrice Y.
01:43 13 Sep 21
Best car wash ever, blows all other car washes away 👍👍
Shannon B.
18:49 08 Sep 21
Better than average. Need drop down brush to better remove dead bugs from windshield.
23:50 31 Aug 21
Good service
John M.
16:10 24 Aug 21
I love this place ❤ 💕
Kimana P.
16:40 17 Aug 21
Great car wash
18:08 18 Jul 21
Great wash great guys 👍🙂🙂
Ramonda S.
18:48 06 Jul 21
They do a great job of cleaning the outside of the car.
Jerry L.
18:14 01 Jul 21
Great new car wash in the area
Mike C.
21:21 28 Jun 21
Easy and convenient
Jake W.
19:12 19 Jun 21
Great job this location
Public Enemy 1
12:44 11 Jun 21
I love it you just do a membership and you can have many car wash
Sydall D.
02:01 31 May 21
Best wash by a long shot. This one is on my way to work and the other is on my way home.
Rachel V.
00:14 30 May 21
Professional employees and cleans your car spotlessly especially the tires. Towels and vacuum's included!
Jeremy M.
16:22 23 May 21
Wow! Awesome car wash...
Joanne E.
05:34 21 May 21
Waterspots on car after washing.
Renegade D.
23:45 14 May 21
Great service. Car looks great. Reasonable prices
George R.
17:40 11 May 21
Good wash
Johm I.
15:56 02 May 21
No doubt this is the best carwash I've ever used
Bryce H.
21:21 25 Apr 21
Fast and friendly staffIf you want a great car wash, this is the best place I've been to
Marquice H.
17:02 25 Apr 21
Ridiculous bargain! I have never had a cleaner car. Fun automated car wash.
Aaron E.
13:18 20 Apr 21
Best car wash ever!
hannah B.
20:49 19 Apr 21
Always a quality wash!
Dave N.
03:56 18 Apr 21
Convenient and quick! I love this wash!
Taylor N.
16:15 16 Apr 21
Does a great job on the jeep but has a little trouble clean around the spare tire.
Roger S.
02:15 10 Apr 21
I was skeptical about getting a monthly plan to wash the car. With free vacuuming and some kind of treated rag to wipe down the interior ( members only) I visit 3-5 times a week. They treat the tires so they shine and use rainx. The Coralville location opens very soon.
Tom F.
06:46 28 Mar 21
Very much enjoy it! If you're not a member of the club, then be in the left lane. Love the vacuum cleaners. Would like access to towels before the vacuums.
Rebecca W.
23:16 17 Mar 21
I feel it's a bit pricey...but they are so convenient and quick! I also feel this car wash is better than the others in town. They have lots of PERKS!
mary L.
20:06 13 Mar 21
Sometimes when they get busy, they rush you through the wash and I do not like that
James B.
21:25 08 Mar 21
Fabulous come and see for yourself
Michele R.
22:10 02 Mar 21
We had a great time going through the car wash today. Your staff are very polite and personal. Grandchildren love your car wash!!.
Michelle C.
20:06 20 Feb 21
It's always so busy... I paid $45 a month for a car wash but they're either closed when I get there or there is a line around the building.
The Truth E.
23:53 17 Feb 21
Usually a line, but my truck always comes out clean, also the monthly membership with unlimited washes is a great feature not to mention the free vacuum system
Billy S.
22:02 12 Feb 21
This carwash is so cool with different lights and such. The workers give your car a quick spray down before you go into the automatic part. The prices range from $10-25. A lot of people were there today so we waited about a half an hour but they get the cats thru pretty fast.
Leah A.
05:52 12 Feb 21
I love it! Unfortunately the wait time for me the last few times I've gone there has been around 45 minutes or more so that's why only 4 stars. I have a monthly membership but can rarely get in
Brandy Wilder I.
01:24 12 Feb 21

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