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720 N Main Street
720 N Main St, Grain Valley, MO 64029

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Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 7 PM
8 AM — 7 PM

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7 AM – 5 PM


7 AM – 5 PM

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Always fast, thorough and friendly
Heather J.
02:06 01 Dec 22
The car wash was nice and fast and I didn't even have to wait in line. I loved being able to pull up to the vacuums and get my car thoroughly cleaned before leaving. I will definitely be back!
Tinka P.
22:41 13 Nov 22
Always are good and friendly!
Pamela K.
20:42 04 Nov 22
I pay once a month and get my car washed as often as I want. Great vacuums and cloths to wipe off the car.
Lori S.
03:25 21 Oct 22
Great managers and staff. Took the time to ask my name and even found a way to save me half off my first month! Awesome change from Go Carwash.
John M.
15:24 14 Oct 22
The wash I get is the best I've had from an automatic car wash. The previous place I used always left soap running down both doors, dripping from the mirrors. And that's with one major product application. At the Club Car Wash, there's multiple applications of product, but the rinse and dry is sufficient to not leave a dripping residue. And the shine on the black pearlescent paint of my truck is glistening. Love this car wash!
Jack G.
17:18 12 Oct 22
Amazing service. Went the extra mile to get our truck extra clean because we live on gravel roads. Highly recommend 😊
M B.
15:43 04 Oct 22
Tall enough for a 3/4 ton GMC AT4!
Michelle E.
03:22 02 Oct 22
What happen to the Chiefs emblem that use to shine on your dash the grandkids liked seeing it
Marcia E.
20:06 25 Sep 22
They always do a great job pre washing! I’ve had them come ask if I need anything while I’m wiping down my car!
Kali E.
01:33 14 Sep 22
Great employees and the facility is fantastic. I had a Pepsi explode in my Jeep and they were very helpful about letting me take my partial top off and then rinsed them for me. Super appreciated it!!
Kim H.
23:08 13 Sep 22
Love it its easy off an easy on to Interstate 70Just sit an ur pulled thru. The sweepers are very powerful like pick up everything that they also have moist towels to clean inside of car an a place to put dirty towels they have mail boxes so if u need 3 to clean Inside clean away an put in bucket an ur done. Great job love the power on sweepers tho.
Nancy L.
11:30 13 Sep 22
The pro is that it's close to home and they have free damp towels to wipe your interior and free vacuums and lots of trash cans near every vacuum The cons are; usually long line, doesn't get all the curves and dimples of our truck and we need to hand dry after otherwise we get water spots.
Bridget A.
10:47 13 Sep 22
They make sure your car is done right. I am always stopped and asked if I keep my car in the garage and I tell them no I just take it to the club. I will never go anywhere else.
Randy Y.
16:51 12 Sep 22
The Best experience every time the staff the product always drive away no streaksWorth every penny!!
Jody M.
16:08 12 Sep 22
Staff is very polite and helpful
Donna T.
15:49 12 Sep 22
Great location, super clean, affordable wash package prices.
Erik C.
15:39 12 Sep 22
A great place to get a good wash and personally detail interior. Granddaughter requests A return of the Chiefs emblem on the windshield.
Carey R.
15:34 12 Sep 22
The people there are so nice and helpful.
Sherry M.
15:34 12 Sep 22
Brand new Car Wash with a great location right off I.70 with a great staff that makes sure your car is carefully cleaned with removing bugs from the front grill and lined up to proceed safely into the latest and update car wash technology out on the market. Would highly recommend this car wash for monthly program especially with a harsh winter approaching.
Scott I.
15:22 12 Sep 22
Love this car wash. Strongest vacuums around. My car is CLEAN!!
Suzi S.
15:21 12 Sep 22
This is the best car wash I have been to and love it. I would recommend it to anyone!
Tara B.
15:20 12 Sep 22
Courteous staff, Quick lane makes it so easy to get in and out! Always clean rags to use to wipe down. I recommend!
Lee S.
15:19 12 Sep 22
Love having this car wash in Grain Valley. Wish there was one in Odessa.
Kate G.
15:18 12 Sep 22
Love the carwash and the staff!
Kevin S.
15:15 12 Sep 22
Pleasant employees, car wash did a really good job getting the bugs off the front of my vehicle from 2 trips to MN and back. The vacuums are great and microfiber towels at the end were nice too. Will end up getting a membership.
Al M.
20:43 10 Sep 22
Great car wash with a nice bay of free vacuums too. Staff was friendly and helpful. We'll be back again!
20:57 05 Sep 22
Best vacuums EVER
Marty H.
17:13 04 Sep 22
The wheel and tire cleaner does not work very good
Alan A.
01:06 04 Sep 22
Best vacuums!!!! My favorite carwash!
Melonie M.
23:45 28 Aug 22
I live in the country, my vehicle sees a lot of gravel road time not much Highway so it was extremely dusty and dirty. The workers took their time making sure all of the bugs and things that were stuck on the front of my car were removed before moving forward in the car wash. The result was amazing! I was kind of shocked because normally drive-through car washes do not clean my Jeep as well as this one did! The Extra Care and attention to the vehicle resulted in an amazing wash. I will return!
Amy M.
16:19 13 Aug 22
Fast to get washed!!
al P.
21:22 04 Aug 22
July 2022: I ended up canceling my membership. I was not pleased enough about the quality of wash. I do miss the convenience though. May 2022: Things have settled down. Lines aren’t so crazy now. I enjoy having unlimited access but the quality of wash is so so. It never gets it clean around the running boards or the back hatch license plate area.
Flower G.
00:12 31 Jul 22
Unfortunately I can't afford this anymore but I love this place and Tuesday is 10 dollar day so I plan on going then.
Janet G.
15:28 23 Jul 22
I have a monthly membership and I love going to the car wash! The staff is always friendly and my car stays clean :)
Skyler W.
15:30 22 Jul 22
The staff is really nice and attractive.Like that they always have towels and windex available not like (any other) carwashs in any place.
Bader E.
20:26 17 Jul 22
Great wash every time!!
Terry B.
14:17 09 Jul 22
I like these car washes in general. Not saying they always get my truck clean but my truck is usually very dirty . Friendly staff and etc
Jeremy M.
21:30 08 Jul 22
This car wash is the best! Fun environment and all the employees are so hard working! The preps there really get the job done nicely especially the blonde haired boy one!
Moriah A.
03:01 04 Jul 22
Best carwash I've ever had and they have the best vacuums out of any car wash I've ever been to. I've been to at least 30 or more in the 25 yrs since I've got my license. Won't get a car wash anywhere from now on only club car wash that's it! 😊
James U.
03:02 26 Jun 22
Great deal for a carwash and vacuum use. People were nice.
Kristina M.
23:15 19 Jun 22
The three kids that worked the morning June 9th got my car cleaner than a shiny bald head I went thru because I just got done going thru some realy thick mud they stop my car for a while but I came out skeaky clean not a spec of dirt mud or dust
Lost D.
04:59 10 Jun 22

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