Festus, MO – N Creek Drive


638 N Creek Drive
Festus, MO 63028

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 7 PM
8 AM — 7 PM
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Holiday Hours


Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Years Eve

New Years Day


7 AM – 5 PM


7 AM – 5 PM

9 AM – 7 PM

Employees pre-washed nicely and were very friendly
Wayne A.
23:45 07 Nov 22
This place is fast and efficient!
Madison B.
15:14 17 Oct 22
Very Good! And quick
Michael W.
19:42 12 Oct 22
Just a routine ride thru the car wash
Carol S.
00:31 12 Oct 22
Great and fantastic. Love the unlimited washes for one solid price. Perfect! Sometimes have to go twice in one day if it's really muddy out.
Lucious R.
21:55 24 Sep 22
Always a Great wash
Joann G.
11:47 22 Sep 22
Staff is friendly! I have had issues with getting all the soap off. The last few months, I have left there with a ton of soap ALL over my car! Windshield is covered forcing me to use my windshield wipers and fluid. Frustrating.
Jill A.
10:24 08 Sep 22
I go through this car was at least once a week. The staff is friendly and professional
Sis C.
15:38 07 Sep 22
My truck never looked better always look great when we came out of that car wash. I highly recommend it at least try it it's worth your while I bet you go back.
dan C.
13:03 07 Sep 22
Workers are always very pleasant
Cindy D.
04:11 06 Sep 22
Great car wash with friendly and attentive employees. Best of all it's at an affordable price.
Kenneth D.
23:49 05 Sep 22
The car wash was clean, efficient and speedy. A good experience in another city.
Melvin F.
23:22 05 Sep 22
We really like the convenience of this car wash. Only slight complaint is that our windows have water spots
Joette N.
22:06 05 Sep 22
I love being a member. I can have my vehicle washed for one low cost as many times a month as I want. That is especially good during the winter to keep the salt off.
Sarah K.
20:05 05 Sep 22
Love the carwash, the free vacuum, and the drying towels, great service love it
Debbie V.
20:00 05 Sep 22
Great employees!
Sandra O.
19:53 05 Sep 22
Great service, fair pricing.
Ray M.
19:01 05 Sep 22
Good stuff
Gene S.
18:41 05 Sep 22
Love this car wash. It's so convenient and does a nice job too ☺️
Susan B.
18:38 05 Sep 22
Always friendly, equipment & personnel do a good job of cleaning my car. Easy to use vacuum stalls.
Stacey T.
18:21 05 Sep 22
Patricia M.
18:20 05 Sep 22
It's just a nice place to
William H.
18:11 05 Sep 22
We r very happy with club car wash, I will give club a 5 star, Very good wash job, dont no what clay bar treatment is
Thomas C.
17:59 05 Sep 22
Great choice.
Jeff S.
17:56 05 Sep 22
Friendly people fast service
Belinda S.
17:56 05 Sep 22
Great place to get a car washed. Quick and great semi self serve car wash
Jay Beffa O.
17:56 05 Sep 22
The best workers around!!!Best car wash around!!!
Thomas P.
17:52 05 Sep 22
The best car wash hands down.Super fast and very clean!
Jen D.
17:44 05 Sep 22
Car Wash. A great service! Thank you!
Carol S.
17:41 05 Sep 22
Overall...the carwash is fine. The only issues I have are they only do a quick pass with the prewash for bugs from about 10 feet away. Needs to be closer...then the spacing between cars going through needs to be bigger. Not 1 foot apart.Lastly...the tire shine needs to be turned up a bit. Were paying for it but hardly get anything at all. As for the priceing...I was tild that I woumd get the VIP package for 20.00 per month due to a military discount but instead...They gave me the ELITE package.To be honest Im feeling a bit ripped off at this point and am considering canceling my membership.Ive spoken with the girl at the booth and she said there was nothing she could do that the packages were handled at the corporate level and Id need to call them.
17:29 05 Sep 22
I love the car wash & the car is almost completely dry when you drive out. The high powered vacuums are great. I also love the towels they provide.
Mary Jo R.
17:27 05 Sep 22
I have frequented this location from the time it opened. It is convenient for me so i probably use it 4-5 times/month.Depending on the vehicle, I have bought occasional washes, coupon books, and now a member for my '17 Ram 1500. I always get a great wash and wax. The vacuuming is powerful and convenient to use. The damp towel for interior wiping is a nice touch and the mat cleaning machine works good. They also offer a veterans discount which I really appreciate. Count me as a very satisfied customer.
bill R.
17:24 05 Sep 22
Overall experience is great, other than drying. Drying leaves water spots, supposed to dry completely
Denise H.
17:19 05 Sep 22
I have been a member from almost day one. I have the 32.00 plan and love it. Great car wash.
Donald P.
17:17 05 Sep 22
Excellent service!!
Mark T.
17:16 05 Sep 22
Nice car wash! People friendly! Wish price per month was more reasonable!
Ed P.
17:16 05 Sep 22
I use this for both my cars works well staff is always willing to help spray off my mats after work. Nice people it does scratch up the polish but the convenience is worth it
Nolen J.
17:15 05 Sep 22
I'm a member of the club so I can go in and get a car wash anytime I want. This is become very convenient and easy for me to keep my truck looking good and my wife's truck looking good and the free vacuums make it all the better. Also the employees are always friendly and if you have any questions or willing to answer without any grief all in all it's a pleasant experience and highly recommended.
Capt. Gray B.
17:15 05 Sep 22
Thankful for the veteran discount
Nana J.
17:14 05 Sep 22
High priced
Renay T
15:26 16 Aug 22
Great job done every time. Be careful of the vacuums they work great you might lose something 😉
Shelly C
14:22 12 Jul 22
nice car wash, always gives towels to wipe inside of car, and vacuums are powerful and nice
23:46 07 Jul 22
Truck looks good every time, still have occasional bug guts that are baked on from sun, but they offer you a towel and with a little elbow grease you can wipe them away.
Motor H.
01:47 27 Jun 22
Great drive through car wash.
alex B.
02:11 14 Jun 22
Friendly folks
Darlene S.
13:15 06 Jun 22
Have a monthly subscription but they really don't maintain the vaccums or other equipment, and don't offer any discounts for the lack of maintenance.
Ann R.
01:40 20 May 22

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