Fenton, MO – Majestic Drive


1029 Majestic Drive
Fenton, MO 63026

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
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I do like driving a clean car. And that’s what they do here. The crew is extremely polite and thankful for any tips they receive. BUT on Sunday evening the 26th the crew was servicing the blower fans and I received lubricant sprayed all thru out my windshield. PLEASE can u wait until after close or before open to service all equipment. Thank you. I will be back
Patrick R.
02:10 28 Jun 22
Staff is very friendly. They get the job done very well. This one is the one in Fenton.
Patrice H.
03:45 25 Jun 22
Good car wash, good prices. 👍
Scott P.
21:18 23 Jun 22
As always, it truly depends on who you get on the initial spray off. It doesn't matter which one you go to. Some do a great job, sometimes you have to run it through again. Makes the higher end membership well worth it. Vacuums are always free. Some locations have public restrooms and a lounge with free coffee.
Brian B.
18:22 18 Jun 22
Always great.
Brian W.
19:35 12 Jun 22
The wash and dry is excellent. The vacuums are super..$10 Tuesdays for the VIP wash is super!!!
John E.
21:24 28 May 22
Très EXCELLENTE!!! 5/5 stars. Really outdid themselves with the service, not to mention FREE vacuums!! Very recommended! 👍👍
Shannon G.
20:34 22 May 22
Great place and fast service
Thomas C.
21:29 12 May 22
Not sure why the have a members express lane since while people are paying for their wash the member line is still stopped for a every other turn instead of just letting the members go through while customers are paying. It's not an express lane at all.
christine L.
19:36 10 May 22
Prices are a steal compared to paying 8$ every day you go to reg car wash. Only thing aggravating is EVERYONE likes this wash also.. Lol
Anthony G.
16:15 14 Apr 22
Love Love Love! I got the 40 dollar membership! I absolutely love how I can go and wash my car as many times as I need to. With having 3 young kids the backseats get a messy and stopping by the car wash is painless and simple to clean it out. The rags they let you use is great for not only wiping down the inside of the vehicle but works amazing on cleaning the windows as well! Just remember to return the rag when you are finished😁
Krystal C.
13:29 02 Apr 22
Always cleans my car great
Marty L.
02:35 17 Mar 22
usman N.
17:43 16 Mar 22
Always fast and friendly. Amazing service
Nicki V.
00:42 06 Mar 22
The vacuums are definitely not as useful as they were when they were brand new as there's hardly any suction on many of them
15:29 01 Mar 22
Great services at the check in. Young lady was nice and polite. Even asking if I needed a dry towel for my truck. 5stars for her. Young men taking the lead at the entrance. To prep wash and soak all areas of my truck for the was went beyond my expectations as to prep my truck for washing. Thanks guys. Great job. And the wash bay was nice. Super sudsy. Love it. Great since, and the dryer definitely works well. No spots missed like other car washes. FREE Vacuums. Love it. And they work awesomely. All around great car wash. 5 stars. Keep it up. We will have to get a 10 star rating for you all. Great work to all of you. Teamwork is the key to a great company. Great choices on your team. Thank you all. Will be a repeat customer for sure . Just keep them filters clean. And great working equipment. As well as a great staff. Thank you to everyone working there. And making it work like clockwork. *****.
Tracy R.
14:37 24 Feb 22
Very reasonable priced car wash. The monthly plan is great! Highly recommend this place. They also have free vacuums for your convenience
Richard B.
14:39 15 Feb 22
Best car wash in Fenton. Go early because they get busy in the afternoon.
Suzanne C.
18:25 11 Feb 22
Great car wash and vacuum cleaners
Douglas W.
01:20 10 Feb 22
Nice clean and well maintained establishment.
Mark K.
04:17 28 Jan 22
Great service best car wash I have found in the country
Gary G.
23:45 15 Jan 22
Thorough wash.
Edwin P.
21:43 11 Jan 22
The monthly membership is nice, car always comes out clean!
01:02 02 Jan 22
Great service, powerful vacuums, convenient hours.
Ilona B.
17:14 20 Nov 21
Very clean. The staff are very friendly and efficient.
Gary M.
16:42 17 Nov 21
Great wash at a good price. Employees were very friendly and helpful
William R.
06:26 13 Nov 21
This place has free vacuum's and while your there they will offer to spray you floor mats at no cost. Remember they do take tips.
Brian F.
13:40 14 Oct 21
Great car wash. Highly recommended. We are members with 2 vehicles. A midsize suv and a hardtop convertible. Safe for both and keeps the cars clean. Plus very friendly staff!
Nathan D.
07:14 10 Oct 21
Best car wash in Columbia and House Springs hands down. $15 a month unlimited rookie wash and my car looks amazing and brand new every wash.
Kathleen M.
19:47 20 Sep 21
Love this place and their free vacuums suck super good
Nicole B.
08:44 11 Sep 21
Love club car wash
Great place to get your car wash.Great customer service.
Jignesh P.
03:04 15 Aug 21
Love my car washes! Keeps my truck as blue and shiny as the day I bought it.
Chris H.
04:06 19 Jun 21
Enjoy the drive in and out. Seem to have fixed the vacuum suction problem. To me its worth the price. Im do not know if there is an option, but now a suggestion. Senior or disability day or hours that someone could assist with vacuuming or taking trash to trash cans due to the high curb. The vacuum wands can be difficult to remove.
D S.
19:46 23 May 21
Great place to get your car cleaned
David C.
14:31 13 Apr 21
Free vacuum that actually works.
08:44 30 Mar 21
Great job on the outside and the vaccums are accessible for both sides of car! Great place!
Tim M.
01:28 29 Mar 21
Fast and friendly
Sean C.
12:42 23 Mar 21
For a drive through, it’s awesome... and tip them works out there spraying off your whip... trust me. That goes a long way. You take care of them they will take care of you... they 18s but I keep em clean doe.
Kept the line moving at a good pace.
Tammy H.
22:39 16 Mar 21
They have 4 levels of membership prices. You can pick a monthly plan, pay with a credit card, automatic and this is for unlimited car washes, cancel anytime. Or you can pay the one time cost of a car wash for $10.
Stephanie Rae D.
15:12 16 Mar 21
Excellent car wash, nice people.
Mason P.
00:27 03 Mar 21
Vacuums weren't working properly. Car was washed well
Dianna D.
17:02 25 Feb 21
Got the pleasure of meeting the manager Mike last year and have been a member since then. Team is awesome and accurate and monthly price is great deal for this time of year- or any time of year. Club car wash off Manchester exit is also a great one to go to.
Ashley F.
22:54 24 Feb 21
Line, due to sloppy roads, and cold to be expected.
Greg G.
00:47 22 Feb 21
Very high quality wash. Got my car looking great. Love the vacuums and the customer service is phenomenal
Scott Y.
17:07 05 Jan 21
We are Club members and like the convenience near home. However, we are growing concerned about upkeep of brushes that appear well worn. Nice that they have free vacuums but the 1 side I parked at the hose came off upon removal. Relatively new wash that appears to need maintenance.
James M.
20:59 20 Dec 20
Listen to some music and take the kids! Make it fun!
Lindsey L.
20:45 21 Nov 20
No difference since the name change.
Ran through Tiger Express for a quick car wash on the way home! I was nervous it was going to take forever when I saw the line, but they are very efficent! There is a line for members and a line for non members, which keeps things moving quickly! All guests join the same line as the approach the car wash. Employees rinse down the exterior before pulling into the car wash. They offer several different washes starting at $6 (I think). After leaving the wash, you can pull into the vacuum area. I did not use this service, so can't comment on it.Wash looked great. Great price. Quick and easy. Will go again!
Leslie C.
13:47 03 Nov 20
Spits tire shine on truck.great besides that!
Steven M.
23:05 06 Oct 20
I honestly can’t believe I’ve driven by here countless times and never came! They do a prewash/rinse, then you go through the automatic wash THEN they have huge vacuums that never stop running, no coins, no waiting. You just get out and start vacuuming. I highly encourage you to try it.
Gina K.
23:45 27 Sep 20
I really enjoy how clean my car gets using this service. But my car isn't even 2 yrs old and every time I hand dry it I notice new marks and I don't park by others. So I've cancelled my service!
christina B.
14:04 26 Sep 20
Awesome customer service 😀
debbie D.
20:03 16 Sep 20
For thirty dollars a month unlimited car washes for the best one and free vacuums
Mark S.
18:00 13 Sep 20
Free vacuum
Ryan T.
17:36 13 Sep 20
Good Place to clean your vehicle does a Great Job
Bill W.
21:28 31 Aug 20
Great wash
Jill H.
01:32 08 Aug 20

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