Farmington, MO – Maple Street


1200 Maple Street
Farmington, MO 63640

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
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Coty Wolf was a wonderful washer!
Lilly G.
15:08 12 Apr 22
Coty came up to me and ensured my wash was great!
18:53 11 Apr 22
Very quick service and a nice atmosphere.
Dustin L.
00:11 11 Apr 22
The staff is great, the auto wash is quick and very efficient! Those vacuums SUCK, in the best way possible. No wash in town has vacuums that suck this good!
Cord B.
01:55 30 Mar 22
Good prices on car wash, friendly people,
Vince I.
22:33 22 Mar 22
I like their sales options. Gr8 wash job!!
Jonathan S.
04:14 05 Mar 22
That get your car clean
Eric S.
19:14 21 Jan 22
Doesn't always clean the car that good,Zand the vacuum only half work
Nancy P.
03:09 05 Jan 22
Always a great place with awesome service!
Paul A.
13:29 20 Nov 21
Always a great wash
casey G.
21:10 15 Nov 21
I love this place. The prices on the packages are decent and you can wash and vacuum your vehicle as much as you want. The staff is always help and respectful.
Quality service, good facilities, not the easiest access but not bad, if you have a dark colored car it may leave some swirls in the paint
Randall H.
23:17 11 Nov 21
First time to visit. My car was very clean afterward.
Rebecca H.
20:48 17 Oct 21
Im not Bias here my opinion the carwash great and i got mvp membership i hope in the future there gonna upgrade there carwash so that no one will complaine👍
14:52 11 Sep 21
It’s a win win for my kids and my car. The kids love the “lava” car wash and I love how powerful the vacuums are!
23:29 09 Sep 21
Does a very good job, I had a subscription but canceled it because they don’t get the bugs off the front, so I decided since I have to wash the bugs off after I’ll just wash it myself. They do a very good job though!!!! I also wish it dried the car better as well, so there wouldn’t be water spots.
Abigail F.
12:26 07 Sep 21
Clean car is always good. Dryers did not last long enough. Had a lot of left over water.
11:23 05 Sep 21
A tad pricey... however, it is a great place to get a great wash.
Thomas L.
00:44 30 Aug 21
Go on Tuesday!
Mitch S.
22:09 24 Aug 21
Great friendly people
Terry P.
19:13 18 Aug 21
Pretty good food and service, but watch your peak hours because it gets a little too crowded for my taste.
Penelope C.
17:41 11 Aug 21
Nice car wash. Does a great job cleaning my car.
Timothy C.
13:49 10 Aug 21
Great staff!
Jim M
16:38 02 Aug 21
Had a inconvenience today where the car in front of me decided to hit their brake and the back rollers pushed underneath their car and a accident occurred but Tina was the best person you could ask for In a situation like that handled it so well and helped me out so much she is an amazing employee and she’s the reason I’m staying a member!
Shaq And K.
22:56 30 Jul 21
Love this place great job
Brenda M.
22:26 29 Jul 21
I'm a member so they're for the most part free and these guys do it right my car always looks great when I go through there...
23:15 23 Jul 21
Need to wet the towels. They dry out in this heat
Deborah H.
21:05 17 Jul 21
Made my car look almost like new.
Sarah E.
17:49 17 Jul 21
Fast, friendly and fulfilling. Little pricey but it’s worth it for the free towels, free vac, and little extras that you get.
Daniel M.
13:57 17 Jul 21
Absolutely best car wash in town. I pay for the monthly membership and get more than my money's worth!
Derek N.
03:14 16 Jul 21
Love going to this facility, quick ,easy and the employee are so nice and quick to help if you need them. I tell everyone I know to get a membership here, you won't be disappointed!!
Lisa H.
02:45 07 Jul 21
I travel for work and they always take the extra time to help get my car nice and clean!! I appreciate everyone's hard work here!! And they do it with a smile on their face, whether it's 100° or 40°
Kaye Leigh L.
21:55 04 Jul 21
Top notch washes
Capt. Gray B.
00:23 02 Jul 21
Great deal running. 10 bucks a month for unlimited car washed for 3 months.
Sony S.
16:46 16 Jun 21
Quick and clean.
Al N.
10:14 14 Jun 21
Car looks brand new after every wash.
Jeremy R.
00:42 07 May 21
Great place to do business 👌
Breanna D.
05:01 06 May 21
Love love love this car wash! We are here every other day because our toddler loves to trash the back seat, we will forever be customers. Thank you!
Tayler T.
18:57 26 Mar 21
Great wash for the price
Richard H.
03:09 02 Mar 21
Love this car wash. They do a great job and are really quick. Only thing they need is a mat washing machine for rubber mats.
Greg T.
12:37 01 Mar 21
Very busy, respectable employees
Brian L.
01:02 01 Mar 21
Just joined the club. My car has never looked better. Great wash with friendly service.
Michael B.
05:09 24 Feb 21
The carwash is great and the staff are very friendly (even in the freezing cold). My only complaint is as a Club member sitting in line and non club members get to get in the wash before the club members do. For example most recently u was 4th in the members line and 6 non members got in before I did
John V.
18:10 15 Feb 21
Such a great car wash!
Jessica F.
16:28 08 Feb 21
Great car wash and you can't beat the membership deal
Thomas M.
18:14 02 Dec 20
My car was never cleaner 😁
Gabriel Michael T.
22:57 26 Sep 20
I love the Club/Tiger Wash. They are all professional and attentive to my car, no matter the length of line. Also the 2 Black Men are Awesome they take pride in the job and sometimes even dance a little, ALWAYS smiling. Love it!!!😍
Jennifer R.
13:12 22 Jun 20
Great deals for anytime car washes.
BS-hero N.
20:45 18 Mar 20
Remember tips. These boys an girls are doing great jobs. The car wash is great to keep ur car in better quality shape. Last longer. Bug goo it only after long trips or when only needed. Will destroy paint other wise. Lol
Daniel H.
16:38 01 Feb 20
Quick and friendly staff makes for a wonderful visit.
Justin P.
05:29 10 Jan 20
I bought the best wash and I still had to get it ran through again. The wash was ok then but the attendant was very helpful and friendly. So I gave it four stars because of him being so nice.
Fred C.
03:36 17 Nov 19
Becky H.
08:28 27 Oct 19
Great deals
William N.
01:52 18 Oct 19
They are awesome my truck looks great
melleta K.
17:06 17 Sep 19
Great car wash. Buy the membership and never have a dirty vehicle again.
David R.
00:48 09 Sep 19
Purchasing the membership is the best way to go. I have been a loyal customer and this is the only place I go.
Dan S
03:07 02 Sep 19
Another great place to get your car washed
03:09 08 Aug 19
Cleans great! Car never looked better.
Linda M.
05:32 30 Jul 19
Makes my car shiny
adam H.
17:43 27 Jul 19
Great service
r H.
13:37 16 Jul 19
Awesome place for car wash and vacuum
Omega182 C.
01:49 09 Jul 19
My favorite car wash. Not only does my car get clean the vacuums are fantastic.
Clarence Woods J.
12:59 14 Jun 19

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