Eureka, MO – Legends Parkway


75 The Legends Pkwy
Eureka, MO 63025

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 7 PM
8 AM — 7 PM
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Holiday Hours


Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Years Eve

New Years Day


7 AM – 5 PM


7 AM – 5 PM

9 AM – 7 PM

They do a nice job washing the car. Clean facility, friendly staff
Dale W.
00:46 28 Oct 22
Great car wash. Would like to see one closer to me.
Bryan C.
13:47 26 Oct 22
$10 Tuesdays! It's a wonderful wash any day of the week. Strong vacuums, floormat wash available, and the friendliest faces! The other car washes in town should take a page from club car Wash, 7 stars deserved to this business! Did I mention they are friendly?
Karrie S
15:52 12 Sep 22
I like that I can drive through, cloths are available and the vacuums are strong.
Monica D.
22:57 06 Sep 22
they are awesome …. i am extremely picky about my truck …as i inherited it from my dadwith almost no miles at all soooooi can see anything that happens while washingzero issues and they do an awesome jobI also receive a substantial discount for being a veteran ….. win win all the way around !
John D.
00:32 06 Sep 22
Its close to home and very convenient. I get a great wash everyone I go! They are very friendly and helpful.
gwyne B.
20:52 05 Sep 22
Quick and easy. With a membership, I can go as much as I want. Have never had unexpected damage. I vacuum myself there whenever I want or just get a car wash. If you want a clean car and don’t mind doing some of the work, this is for you.
Marianne P.
19:44 05 Sep 22
Excellent service. Always willing to allow multiple passes through given condition of exterior cleanliness. Plenty of towels.
Brian D.
19:28 05 Sep 22
Very good car wash! Yeah Club Car Wash
Elite S.
18:06 05 Sep 22
Sich a Great car wash !
Dan G.
17:46 05 Sep 22
Great car wash!
Larry D.
17:27 05 Sep 22
Washing of exterior of car & car looks awesome!
Cathy W.
17:27 05 Sep 22
The car wash is very thorough without damaging the vehicle. Also, the vacuums are the strongest I’ve ever seen. Pulls all of the pet and girl hair and hidden French fries right up. For gods sake don’t get your Chihuahua too close to that thing! It’s amazing!
jarren b
17:22 05 Sep 22
Love the quick service. My cars are clean every time. They provide towels to club members and anyone going through can use the high powered vacuums. We had 2 vehicles that benefit from club pricing. They even offer a military discount. Best wash in town. We love that it is a chain and can use our membership at other clubs across the country due to my husband's military service.
Jill B.
17:17 05 Sep 22
Car wash is very good!!!
david B.
17:17 05 Sep 22
Great place to wash my car and if it’s still t buggy for my liking I run it through again All the help is very friendlyWish the bathroom door lock would work haha. It was a bit embarrassing 🙈 one time
Pamela S.
17:17 05 Sep 22
They are very friendly and appreciative when given a tip. They take care of bugs really well.
Debbie K.
17:15 05 Sep 22
It's great!Well worth it for car folks
James K.
17:14 05 Sep 22
Great service
Dave M.
17:14 05 Sep 22
Does a excellent job I always wash my car here
John C.
13:29 21 Jul 22
Great place! Pretty quick in and out with a few exceptions, (like $10 Tuesday’s). Other than that, I’m happy with the results. I have a black car, which shows everything, and it does an excellent job cleaning off the dirt and bugs. Even shines my tires which is cool. The drying stage gets my car about 95% dry so I have to dry the rest which is fine because they even supply a clean towel for that!! Start to finish, (which includes me drying the last 5%), I’m out in less than 15 minutes with a very clean ride!
Ron V.
21:28 30 Jun 22
Always a great experience!
Kimber R.
20:16 28 May 22
Wish it was a touch-less wash but it's still a good place to go if you don't feel like detailing on your own. The 10 dollar Tuesday's are a good deal.
Nathan B.
18:58 17 May 22
Amazing car wash.
Anna H.
08:26 02 May 22
Great car wash i always get a great car wash hear remember to tip them great people great car wash
Jack W.
02:59 25 Apr 22
Always exceptional service, this location has free coffee and a public restroom. In addition to the free vacuums
Brian B.
21:29 13 Mar 22
Cheap, and they do a great job. I have the unlimited pass, it's a great value if you like to have your vehicle looking good. Free vacuums even if you don't get a wash.Free vacuums are good.
Jake W.
21:40 20 Feb 22
Made my entire car shine like new! Definitely would recommended to a friend.
Steve S.
17:35 19 Feb 22
They do a good job. Everything is well stocked, I have never had issues with vacs or run out of rags. The guys and gals that work there actually make an effort to make sure your vehicle gets clean. I just wish they had some way to tip other than cash. Thanks guys.
Matthew W.
20:55 08 Feb 22
Always a through job and quick service
Laura R.
04:12 30 Jan 22
I really like Eureka location.. they people are nice and they always have towels and it's not totally crazy packed.. other locations around here are too busy and never have towels.I have the MVP.. it's great. I was very hesitant about getting a membership for my new truck afraid I wasn't going to use it but I have been there every week and sometimes twice a week since I got the membership 3 months ago.. well worth if you live kinda close to a's still with it if your not.
Brandy K.
16:21 14 Jan 22
Awesome place to vacuum car for free
Brandi Marie B.
21:30 01 Jan 22
I love tiger. Car wash.
Richard S.
03:16 28 Dec 21
My truck loves you. It has even snuck out of my driveway without me know to visit you! Staff is very nice and the vehicle comes out sparkling clean. What more can you ask for from a car wash.
Donald G.
02:43 17 Dec 21
This car was does a pretty good job, every once in a while I will being it back thru if I still see dirt on it when I am wiping it down.
Vicky W.
23:19 15 Nov 21
Love this car wash! I bought a membership and with being in real estate, on and off of new construction sites, downtown, and all around, it’s the best value. Not to mention, the wash itself is stellar, the vacuum is free, and they give you a towel to wipe down excess water. The staff is helpful, responsive, and always smiling! A++
Just started my monthly subscription here so far so good... Can jump in the fast lane and can have my truck vacuumed out in no time.. they also have damp towels for cleaning of the interior and drying of the exterior... They work good on windows too.
Brandy K.
18:29 28 Oct 21
The employees working this wash are great. They are always polite, professional and do a great job. Equipment is new and works extremely well. Highly recommend Club Car Wash!
Josh S.
10:36 26 Oct 21
Great value for the monthly plan
Dewayne W.
14:58 21 Oct 21
Excellent car wash.
Dennis W.
22:02 11 Aug 21
I love getting my car washed here. For the summer I got the monthly subscription, and I never have to wait in line and my car looks great every day.
Brittany S.
17:37 08 Aug 21
Bought the membership. Love it.
Margaret H.
18:38 29 Jul 21
My jeep comes back from our farm to Eureka every Sunday evening absolutely filthy inside and out (just ask the staff). In 15 minutes, it’s spotless and ready for the work week! They seem to employ a hardworking and dedicated staff of young people. Something that’s hard to find these days!
Eric H.
21:29 18 Jul 21
Extremely well maintained and it allows for use of a debit card so you don't have to worry about toting around $20 worth of quarters! All of the settings in the self-service bays work as well where you can actually see the spot free rinse, wax, tire cleaner, pre-wash, etc. working! Hallelujah! Highly recommend for those who enjoy detailing their own vehicles. 😁
Michael B.
20:37 25 Jun 21
Works well, for a drive through.
Chad D.
15:31 18 Jun 21
Always great service!
Brian W.
21:09 17 Jun 21
Overall a pretty decent wash. I have two vehicles with memberships. It has been very helpful to keep both of them looking good. My only complaint about the wash is that there are some suds leftover in a few places on my vehicles. But, given that every vehicle is different, I'm sure this can't be helped. A wipe down with the provided microfiber towels remedy's the problem if you have the time to do so. Also, if you are thinking about signing up for a membership, do it in person and not online. I did mine online and it didn't go through right away so I ended up having a double membership on the same vehicle. Once I figured this out, the manager fixed the issues and credited my card back for the extra charge.
David N.
13:28 07 Jun 21
I could not believe how this 5 minute car wash got my entire card exterior so clean!
jessica C.
16:32 27 May 21
Love this place, workers are fast and vacuum spots are always available!
Tara B.
12:54 24 May 21

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