Edmond, OK – NW 178th Street


2245 NW 178th Street
Edmond, OK 73012

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 7 PM
8 AM — 7 PM
Drone view of Club Car Wash in Edmond, Oklahoma

Holiday Hours


Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Years Eve

New Years Day


7 AM – 5 PM


7 AM – 5 PM

9 AM – 7 PM

Best car wash in OKC area! Just across the street from my house, really convenient. Everyone that works here is SUPER friendly, fast and hard working. Get compliments on my car a lot. Never changing.
Kelly W.
17:16 04 Oct 22
We love Club Car Wash! Always satisfied with the wash every time. The monthly subscription is the way to go!
19:38 02 Oct 22
Excellent car wash. Took all the bugs off and shine was great. Best vacuums around.
22:15 21 Sep 22
I did have mud left on one of my tires
Lou Ann R.
17:37 21 Sep 22
Very Friendly, & helpful. Excellent Service!
David C.
01:17 20 Sep 22
Good people, good wash
Scott W.
15:11 17 Sep 22
I get a great car wash and the best part is the micro towels that are provided. The vacuums are strong, so make sure you don't need it if you get it by the vacuum, just saying.
Robert M.
00:05 17 Sep 22
Great Carwash! Great friendly service! Gets your car/truck showroom clean
James O.
18:13 14 Sep 22
This is hands down the best tunnel wash that I have found. Vacuum is a free service once u have used the tunnel and it is powerful enough to suck a wig off a man-in-drag standing 10feet away. Due to most tunnel washes sucking, I had always washed by hand but now I have a membership and a Caddy that always looks new and smells tasty. Their service people are top notch.
02:11 14 Sep 22
Great car wash.
Jim H.
11:00 13 Sep 22
Very good carwash always maintained and great service.... tnx
David M.
21:43 12 Sep 22
Great service, car always looks great after the wash!
18:54 12 Sep 22
I live very close to this car wash and I pay the monthly subscription to keep my car clean. It’s worth every penny! Also, customer service here is top notch!
Katie C.
22:00 11 Sep 22
Great car wash, convenient location but they always leave “a few” spots that look like soap on the front windows and external mirrors. This is in a RAM 1500 so maybe it’s not getting rinsed enough? Or too much? Anyway, these folds are great - I need to stop and ask them next time - just always too busy!!
Kevin W.
21:23 11 Sep 22
Quick and thorough clean. A real bargain! Very pleased with service!
C. Lamar F.
17:44 11 Sep 22
Need to work more on the tires, not cleaning as good as when I joined.
Joy C.
17:42 11 Sep 22
Great Place!
Debbie B.
17:36 11 Sep 22
It is a friendly place to wash my car. The vacuum works well, and the employees are great. I feel safe because their are employees around.
Karen J.
15:44 11 Sep 22
Best automatic car wash I've ever used. Great service very clean and always smells fresh.
Richard J.
15:15 11 Sep 22
Great place to get car nice and clean!!
Natalie N.
15:14 11 Sep 22
Love this car wash. It’s always clean. The equipment is great. The staff is phenomenal!
Emma A.
15:12 11 Sep 22
This is the best carwash in town. They do a great pre-rinse and its the only automated wash that truly cleans my vehicle. They provide cleaning cloths and are always attentive. 5-star!
Jeremy O.
15:10 11 Sep 22
Was is fast and efficient. My car sparkles. Damp towels are provided to clean interior of your car. Ample vacuum stalls with hoses on both sides made vacuuming a breeze.
Mark G.
15:10 11 Sep 22
Great people
Bob A.
15:09 11 Sep 22
Amazing car wash!
Angie P.
15:08 11 Sep 22
Great wash! Could have used a bit more rinse. Towels smelled clean, left no residue. Vacuum was great. Shade in the afternoon too.
Daniel B.
00:09 25 Aug 22
Great quality of the actual carwash, the vacuums are free to use and VERY powerful, and the staff is very friendly, helpful, and efficient. Best carwash I've seen so far
Caelan R.
19:37 04 Aug 22
Great car wash, damp towels to clean inside!
Laura M.
19:17 29 May 22
It's great place because we get free towel rental and free vacuum but I wish there is a public restroom
Shinwoo K.
18:16 29 May 22
Nice car wash
Ramondo W.
19:49 22 May 22
This Car Wash is fantastic and the customer service is outstanding… specifically Star who works in the entry area is always so kind, helpful and is a great customer service provider!
Wes S.
17:00 13 May 22
Pat and washed my truck and probably 6 months or more, this drive through car wash did a wonderful job. I like the fact that they supply you actual towels, terry cloth, to use after the wash is over to help clean your truck up with. The vacuum system works really well it's kind of noisy when you pull the hose out of a holder but otherwise you can't hear it like you can at other stations and the actual vacuuming was really good. Had a lot of sambers stuck everywhere on my carpet and my mat and it got it all out.If I was not personally against spending the money on a monthly subscription based thing, I would recommend getting one of the levels of monthly unlimited car washes.
Joel C.
17:05 26 Apr 22
Great car wash, with friendly service. Skip the tire shine if you have a white or light colored car.
Shannon F.
14:57 12 Apr 22
The young lady attendant is always very sweet thus was my second going so this will be my 2 go wash 😊 place.
Khaleelah Z.
16:29 10 Mar 22
I absolutely enjoy getting my car washed and actually seeing the long lasting results. The workers are helpful and friendly. Even saw them help a lady with a new car because she didn't know how to put it in neutral.
Darwin F.
02:11 10 Mar 22
Great car wash! They do pre rinse when pulling into wash area. Cleans car very well!
Paul B.
01:09 05 Mar 22
Really top end car wash.
Steven H.
14:47 04 Mar 22
Very quick service. Free vacuum cleaners are very strong compared to most. I enjoy the unlimited washes for a monthly rate. Make sure to hold onto their membership brochure if you sign up. You can change your plan and cancel using their 800 number.
Brandon J.
00:13 04 Mar 22
I’ve tried this place twice now and I’m not in love with this car wash. I pay for extra stuff and I’m not convinced it’s actually being put on my car. Also, I get water spots every time I leave here. That doesn’t happen with my go-to place and it’s a little cheaper. So…I may go back to my usual spot.
Stephanie K.
14:27 02 Mar 22
Nice, I love the unlimited washing
Chris S.
14:25 21 Feb 22
Absolutely AMAZING experience! Best wash I've ever had! The staff was so professional and friendly, the soap they use is magic! My car has never been so shiny and clean and heir vacuums feel like a tornado getting every single piece of dirt you didn't even know was there! They also have free towels to wipe down the interior of your vehicle which is sooo nice! I bought a monthly membership right away and will buy many more for family as gifts! I LOVE CLUB CAR WASH!!!!!!
Katey O.
22:29 16 Feb 22
Best car wash around! HANDS DOWN!!
Dani B.
01:12 10 Feb 22
Good price with good service and really strong self vaccuum.
Meg S
03:26 31 Jan 22
Really nice car wash. They hand out a windex towel to clean off the dash and you just toss it in a bucket when you exit the wash. I will say this, I paid like $20 and when I pulled out and went to park at my next stop, my driver's side still had Oklahoma red dirt all down the door both in front and in back. Otherwise was a good exerience
Mark M.
23:40 30 Jan 22
Great vacuums..good service
Scott H.
00:42 24 Jan 22
This car wash is great! This is the only car wash I use! The prices are sort of high, but it does a great job!
Katelyn M.
19:06 18 Jan 22
I love that they include a towel and windex for afterward! The vacuums are VERY strong which is also nice. Will definitely be coming back!
Emily G.
23:21 11 Jan 22
This is my absolute favorite drive thru car wash!! The staff is so friendly and the wash does such a great job. It was a wonderful surprise to get there today and find out my wash was free plus the free vacuums! Thank you Club Car wash for keeping my car shiny and clean!
Renata D.
21:21 09 Jan 22
Best car wash in town! Great deals! And discounts for military!!
Meshell M.
06:51 30 Dec 21
My car always is spotless and the employees are amazing and so kind. I love that when i leave my car smells like eggnog or bubble gum.
Hannah T.
16:50 19 Dec 21
Honestly the best carwash ive ever gone through. The free damp towel was a super nice touch and it made taking the dust and vape residue off Super easy. Very good vacuums, and good dryers in the car wash.
Remix S.
18:40 02 Dec 21
Love the free air freshener and damp towels to wipe your car down. Car wash does a great job and free vacuums as well.
Mandy G
00:22 02 Dec 21
Excellent results! Friendly and helpful staff! When are you going to open a carwash in Moore?
Carla W.
00:43 22 Nov 21

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