Columbia, MO – N Providence

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Adonis B.

General Manager
212 Nebraska Avenue
Columbia, MO 65201

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 7 PM
8 AM — 7 PM
Very good wash for not a bad price. Plain and simple.
Brad W.
02:41 07 Jan 22
I really appreciate them taking the time to get the ice off my jeep.
Justin S.
20:16 01 Jan 22
I like this location a lot. Never busy, friendly staff
Jana H.
16:37 26 Dec 21
Always get my car shiny and clean!
Nicole B.
14:03 09 Dec 21
Very efficient operation!
Shannon B
22:29 09 Nov 21
Really love my membership , best deal in town! Would like if they would spray on the wheels a little longer but all in all a great wash and vacuum!
Richard B.
17:37 04 Nov 21
My favorite location!
emily G.
15:19 08 Oct 21
Car was pretty decent but it never get the back clean. For $18 I expect it
Patricia O.
21:27 10 Sep 21
First time going here after looking online. Great and speedy system. The vacuums at the end were great and they even have microfiber towels that you can use to dry off your car. Will definitely be coming back if I need another car wash.The $10 car wash was just fine and cleaned off all the nasty bugs.
Payton M.
17:10 05 Sep 21
Fast and did excellent wash
Jay B.
00:32 14 Aug 21
Does a good job at are fair price.
Charles S.
03:45 02 Aug 21
Very impressed by the spray before the wash and vacuums have great suction
Tim B.
23:38 17 Jul 21
Love the carwash! Great prices for members and unlimited washes! 😁They should give out dog treats for new members, because my dog was with me. She was licking her lips and trying to put on a show!😁😉
Julie E.
22:57 05 Jul 21
Great service!
Linda H.
17:16 01 Jul 21
I like the looks of it and the idea they're going for but they seriously need more vacuums, etc because it's always busy at every location no matter what time I go. Super annoying to wait forever for my turn(1+hr), then have to give up and never be able to use the service.
K B.
20:56 30 Jun 21
Always great they take care to push the button that prevents my wheel chair carrier from damage...Thanks guys..
Randy D.
00:31 25 Jun 21
You get a fantastic wash for the price that you pay. Attendees are always friendly and helpful. I am a Unlimited wash club member and that is a awesome deal.
David K.
19:34 24 Jun 21
Awesome car wash. All bugs gone! My baby shines again.💯
Dianna M.
17:28 19 Jun 21
Love the folks at the club they staff does a great job of getting the hard to reach areas under the wheel wells and bumpers. Great community supporters. Plenty of room to vacuum out the car afterwards.
Beth G.
02:06 28 May 21
Great job!!
Michelle H.
06:02 15 May 21
Cool car wash, car came out very clean and the vacuums worked great.
Bob M.
09:19 03 May 21
Its a car wash
Jason Y.
11:06 28 Apr 21
Love it.
Joshua A.
22:55 27 Apr 21
Excellent car wash!! the only minor negative is no station to wash your floor mats.
Harry W.
00:43 21 Apr 21
I tried to upgrade my wash and was not allowed.
Tom M.
20:10 16 Apr 21
Always love tiger express, cheap price, great wash. My car turned to awesome clean after dropping by there. Actually deserves a 5 star ;)
Dawei L.
15:03 16 Apr 21
After the upgrades last year, this location has greatly improved!
Jared G.
13:57 16 Apr 21
This rating was from awhile back, I very much enjoy Club Car Wash now. Updated rating.
Seth L.
19:40 08 Apr 21
Great place to wash your car, great customers service.
Jose I.
19:16 02 Apr 21
Good wash over priced i think
John T.
05:23 25 Mar 21
Pretty good drive thru car wash. They need to address the issue of long line when busy. System not quite working when one line is way longer than the other. Does a good job of cleaning and has a lot of places to vacuum and like getting rag to wipe inside but if could lower price without rag might be better
Judy B.
14:41 04 Mar 21
It was 10 below zero F outside but since it is a heated car wash, I still was able to get my car washed. With the dryers at the end, all I had to do was to get back on the highway to blow off what little water was left behind. It blew off before freezing to the car. It came free with the oil change I had done from the neighboring dealership.
Michael H.
01:12 03 Mar 21
Love this place.
Debra W.
11:15 26 Feb 21
Get job. Fast! I get the $10 wash. Best $10 wash in Columbia!
Pro Drive Away M.
17:53 19 Feb 21
Got the deal keeps car clean!
Jeff L.
17:09 02 Feb 21
Spendy but good work
Stephen L.
03:38 16 Jan 21

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