Columbia, MO – Grindstone Parkway


2601 Grindstone Parkway
Columbia, MO 65201

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 8 PM
8 AM — 8 PM
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Club Carwash makes your vehicle sparkle and shine!! Nice employees as well!!
Nanno K
22:40 13 Jun 22
Club Car Wash does a really great job cleaning vehicles for an automatic car wash!
Cal G.
16:44 12 Jun 22
Club Car Wash has some convenient locations in Columbia though I wish there was one on the Eastside or Northeast. As a
J C E.
17:26 17 May 22
The young men working on 5/11 were super professional and hard working! They always do a great job at the grindstone location!
Ashley E.
18:02 11 May 22
Can't complain. Cheap monthly cost for a great wash and free vacuum use. We move a lot for work, I hope there are more club carwash locations!
Josh H.
20:29 25 Apr 22
Good service with a clean car at a reasonable price.
Roger P.
17:29 05 Apr 22
I have the monthly car wash, and it is very convenient to drive in anytime and get a wash. Staff is very friendly and helpful.
Rosemary L.
22:42 25 Mar 22
Paid dFor MVP service and my tires were not Armour Alled
Todd S.
23:02 18 Mar 22
Good carwash.
K D.
20:35 16 Mar 22
I have the MVP plan, and always get a really good wash. I like how they give you a towel to dry off your vehicle, and free vacuums that really work!
Steve J.
01:17 12 Mar 22
Loooove this place
linda B.
16:46 11 Mar 22
Love it. Nice up to date washing system, fast lane for people who pay monthly, we save money since there are 2 cities we can use.
Candace L.
22:57 08 Mar 22
I enjoy going to the club carwash. My always good and clean. Thank you!
Pierre W.
23:43 04 Mar 22
Great service. Will only come to this car wash.
Monika B.
04:02 02 Mar 22
Great wash great workers in and out quickly great team on $10 Tuesday extra staff on hand to handle the noon rush.
Beth G.
19:57 01 Mar 22
They are the best in town
Yazen A.
06:24 26 Feb 22
Very convenient car wash we need more club car washes throughout Missouri!
Steve D.
04:34 21 Feb 22
Nice clean and friendly staff!
Cassie S.
04:04 26 Jan 22
The place is great, if you have a truck rember to get the leaves out of your bed they end up on the next guy...
Justin S.
18:59 25 Jan 22
Fast, vacuum the best, convenient, I enjoy the light show. Need very little toweling after the wash and they provide the towels. We went to the fast pass and it is super convenient.
Cindy W.
15:04 22 Jan 22
Very cute workers and very professional service!! 10/10 would go again!
Adria S.
22:24 11 Jan 22
Hand dry following wash is a nice touch, thanks!
Reba E.
17:26 11 Nov 21
Best deal in town!
Richard B.
17:39 04 Nov 21
Always a nice place. The attendants are friendly and helpful. Vacuums work pretty good and you can't beat $16 dollars a month for basic unlimited. My only complaint is the blowers at the end are kinda subpar. But other than that - overall worth it.
Sean P.
14:36 03 Nov 21
Great $20 a month deal
Heather S.
08:16 28 Oct 21
This is the best place in Columbia to have your car washed. Affordable, friendly, and great hours. Be sure to tip, they work very hard in all kinds of weather.
David M.
02:07 23 Oct 21
Always gets our car spotless!!!
Christina O.
13:16 09 Oct 21
Friday! Car wash around! Free vacs and free 2nd wash within 2 days
Ben C.
19:47 02 Oct 21
Love this place and they love there veterans!
Timothy C.
14:41 22 Sep 21
worth every dime great great car wash the only carwash for me
Deautre L.
01:16 10 Sep 21
Love the monthly membership.
Tyler D.
13:49 29 Aug 21
Great place. Honest clean quick. Make it your favorite stop.
Daniel L W.
03:23 24 Aug 21
I like it clean car
Mary W.
21:13 20 Aug 21
Its okay.
Mercy P.
01:48 19 Aug 21
Affordable and fast..
Muhammad H.
02:07 14 Aug 21
Great car wash does a fantastic job
Charlie G.
19:11 09 Aug 21
BIG Veteran Discount! $15 monthly for unlimited Elite wash (normally $18 per single wash)!!Did a great job on my messy truck.Thanks, Club Car Wash!
Robert C.
11:45 08 Aug 21
On the whole it is worth the money as I am a member and I can go through as many times as I want for a monthly fee
Fran H.
14:21 01 Aug 21
Strong free vac to take away that lived in homeless feel outta your ride. 😂
Alex H.
16:55 28 Jul 21
Good place, we have vip package and only pay half due to military discount. $15 a month unlimited is pretty good.
Tawnya M.
19:35 25 Jul 21
We have the membership. It doesn't get the back of my van like I would like and the fast pass camera can be slow. But other than that I like it and my kids like going through too.
Josie N.
17:51 21 Jul 21
Very friendly staff
Brenda R.
23:00 17 Jul 21
Awesome as usual!
Justin B.
14:59 14 Jul 21
Great car wash, and the staff are always courteous, friendly, and do a great job.
Barry S.
21:53 02 Jul 21
Clean car is a happy car...
Edward H.
21:44 13 Jun 21
Got the VIP package and after going through the wash the windshield was still pretty dirty. But the car looked pretty good. The vacuuns worked great. The floor mat machines need adjusted so the brushes actually touch the mats as they are going through to clean them.
14:06 05 Jun 21
The water pressure was very strong!! I love this car wash!!
Amanda B.
09:14 01 Jun 21
WOW WOW WOW!!! This wash and interior cleaning was very impressive for the price! I haven’t found a car wash this good since I moved from Texas 3 years ago. I recommend this place to everyone! Also, this company is military friendly and has an excellent discount.
Shelby A
16:35 02 May 21
It's still the same as the old place. Only the name has changed
Jebmo 5.
22:46 12 Apr 21
Class act
billy S.
16:25 10 Apr 21
Best car wash in Columbia !
Steven M.
00:44 08 Apr 21
Always professional, always quick. Awesome prices, veteran discounts as well.
Ulysses P.
18:48 07 Apr 21
Best vacuums in town and no time limit to use them.
Heidi B.
12:12 23 Mar 21
Better service than usual. Thanks
Earl F.
21:41 15 Mar 21
It's was great, the best vacuum ever and free with wash !!!
Brenda K.
04:27 07 Mar 21
Love this place.
Debra W.
11:11 26 Feb 21
There people there was awesome and the car watch was great
Nicholas H.
22:05 24 Feb 21
Surprised how quickly service was provided given the length of the line when I arrived. Great service!
Lori M.
18:46 23 Feb 21
Love this location!!
Kimi C.
02:30 30 Jan 21
I usually go to the Scott Boulevard location but decided to try the South Side location off Grindstone today. definitely worth it! My car is shiny, the tire cleaner is amazing and it keeps your tires looking clean and fresh long after you've gone to the car wash and it's more entertaining as far as colors go if you're into that!
Rebecca C.
00:07 29 Jan 21
Love this place
A S.
15:35 24 Jan 21
Car wash and them a coffee! I love the Grindstone location.
M. R. C.
21:54 23 Jan 21
Great wash
Stephen L.
03:33 19 Jan 21
The wash is maintained we'll and for 25 per month I can clean the car when needed. A lot better then that paint killing car wash at the lake and Jefferson City with it's spinning brush of sand and dirt. I like the fact that the wash does not damage my paint and cars body because the cloths that touch my car are not spinning 10000 Mph hitting my dry cars surface. Like another wash that comes to mind. The pre wash that Club gives you actually has soap in it to loosen up what has dried on your car and it's not just plain water. GREAT WORK.Now the key is to keep it up and service the wash as well as you have up until now.
Randy D.
16:31 02 Jan 21
Zach K.
18:40 16 Dec 20
The best one in town. First time I went to this one.
Jane R.
19:24 18 Nov 20
Always clean and courteous
Anthony B.
00:18 08 Nov 20

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