Bloomington, IL – E Oakland Avenue


2702 E Oakland Avenue
Bloomington, IL 61704

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 7 PM
8 AM — 7 PM
ground view of location with club car wash logo on building tower to the right and entry lanes on the left of screen

Holiday Hours


Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Years Eve

New Years Day


7 AM – 5 PM


7 AM – 5 PM

9 AM – 7 PM

My daughter works there and she dies an amazing job
val F.
18:40 08 Dec 22
First time here. The employee was very nice and I love that they give you towels as you go through the wash so you can wipe down the interior!
Heather Witt - R.
22:03 07 Dec 22
Nice job
Roger L.
21:31 19 Oct 22
Great place friendly people
Benny C.
16:17 05 Oct 22
By far the best quality car wash in town!
Rick H.
19:44 04 Oct 22
Truck always looks very nice afterwards.
12:50 17 Sep 22
Very efficient
Doug W.
00:14 14 Sep 22
Great job but I do have some new scratches on my car possibly from there and the dryer at the end is too close to the track cause sometimes it scrapes my side mirror on the way out
Angela M.
19:52 12 Sep 22
Very good car wash. Quick in and out, with plenty of vacuuming spaces. Reasonable plans.
Barbara M.
15:48 12 Sep 22
Love this place. Very fast and they do a great job.
Rick M.
15:23 11 Sep 22
I love this place! Everyone is very welcoming!
Lori T.
13:56 10 Sep 22
The employees are so nice when you go to this establishment. We go through the wash and then we can vacuum and wipe down our cars after.
Robert F.
00:20 10 Sep 22
Love, love, love Club Carwash! Best vacuum suction, towels for the windows, and the cleaning spray is awesome.
Candace F.
19:50 09 Sep 22
We signed on early to the auto pay monthly plan and could not be happier.The worker's attention to trouble spots is appreciated.Enjoy getting a wash.
greg K.
19:27 09 Sep 22
The staff is so courteous and the wash gets my vehicle really clean! I drive an SUV and live in the country so bugs and dust are a constant. I’m very pleased with quality of the drive-thru car wash.
Jessica A.
19:21 09 Sep 22
My vehicle really looks great after use Ing your service
Larry P.
19:02 09 Sep 22
Nice car wash. Quick and easy in and out. Free vacuums, towels and window cleaner.
Ron N.
18:48 09 Sep 22
Super friendly staff when I signed up.Easy to get vacuums.....great place!
Sue F.
18:21 09 Sep 22
i use car club for drive thru automatic car washs. i have monthly pass for both of my vehicles. Staff is very attentive and careful. they prerinse car to remove debris before wash brush and spray wheel wells. entrance has dry wash cloth to clean side mirrors... They offer military 🎖️ pricing. Tuesdays wash special is available for non-members.
Top notch.
Larry B.
17:59 09 Sep 22
Alway clean and efficient. Great staff and a great car wash
Ronald R.
17:59 09 Sep 22
The workers who pre-wash your car are awesome, work hard, and definitely earn their pay. Wish I could afford to tip every time I go through the car wash but I go through every day.
Jim W.
17:13 09 Sep 22
There is no cleaning assistance at this car wash. Your car is washed automatically and vacuums are available for the patron to usr
Scott B.
16:58 09 Sep 22
Cancel my membership. I've not live in Illinois for over 1 year.
Christopher B.
16:53 09 Sep 22
Great place to go
Lisa M.
16:33 09 Sep 22
Great wash job; strong vacuum tubes; provide cloths to wipe off excess water droplets that the blow dryers didn’t get.
Michael B.
16:27 09 Sep 22
Excelente servicio, me encanta
Judayne C.
16:22 09 Sep 22
Fast, always clean, and great amenities for cleaning out your vehicle.
Jason S.
16:14 09 Sep 22
Love this car wash!
Tomeika W.
16:14 09 Sep 22
Do a great job washing my car. Use it weekly.
Carol W.
16:13 09 Sep 22
Great customer service. Thorough and friendly staff. Never a long wait !
Josh G.
16:13 09 Sep 22
Great car Wash friendly people to a good job and give rags
Ron L.
16:13 09 Sep 22
Great people best car wash in town
Aidan H.
16:12 09 Sep 22
I enjoy this place. New equipment. Just wish they had someone to at least clean or dry out our car manually like P.A.L.S. my I agree CCW has the newest equipment and there staff is super cool. Maybe too personal but my card was declined and they just drop your Automatic Payments and you can renew it Once you get your Credit Card or debit card going again. That's cool that this company doesn't hassle you.
Christian M.
18:42 02 Sep 22
Nice to see such young and hard working employees greeting you with a smile. I love that car wash.
Evelyn N.
16:03 28 Aug 22
Went in for $10 Tuesday. The wash was good and the vacuums are powerful. They let you use towels and a spray bottle with cleaner too.
Bill P.
23:03 16 Aug 22
Good and clean wash, best deals available for monthly discounts.
Did a very good job! Would go back!
Chris M.
21:30 23 Jul 22
It's a car wash that really gets ya car clean ya right I couldn't believe it they do get your car clean
3 words. Ten dollar Tuesdays.
Joe Y.
21:15 12 Jul 22
Very nice car wash
Dennis C.
22:56 06 Jul 22
Best carwash ever
Adan F.
14:52 05 Jul 22
I love this place
Misty H.
02:57 02 Jul 22
Great place to wash car
Sean G.
17:42 28 Jun 22
I absolutely love this car wash. They hit all the spots and customer service is always great. I highly recommend coming here especially if you drive on the expressway a lot. The price is very reasonable and you get a power wash before entering into the car wash.
Kyonna R
14:07 28 Jun 22
Nice car wash. Always does a good job cleaning the car. The attendants are always nice and helpful. Very nice vacuums. Very powerful. Would highly recommend.
Cat K.
02:43 13 Jun 22
I go thru often. Keeps my car shining.
Tyron S.
20:22 28 May 22
Like this car wash just wish they would spray off vehicle better first
Sasha D.
15:39 24 May 22
They are veteran friendly, being a veteran I get special pricing and they do a great job cleaning your vehicle and the personal is very friendly and helpful, just love the place
Art W.
19:18 18 Apr 22
These are super nice people. The place seems to run well even when busy. Thank you.
Kevin C.
03:36 05 Apr 22
Always a pleasurable experience my car crash they were quick to remove my credit card.
Cristine B.
16:09 27 Mar 22
Good place to wash the car
Charles S.
16:38 16 Mar 22
$10 Tuesdays means a clean car for a great price. Bonus, part of the proceeds go to St. Jude. Seriously, it's a well maintained facility and a excellent value.
Eric H.
03:56 02 Mar 22
23:55 01 Mar 22

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