Bloomington, IL – E Oakland Avenue



General Manager
2702 E Oakland Avenue
Bloomington, IL 61704

Hours of Operation

Monday — Saturday
7 AM — 7 PM
8 AM — 7 PM
Military discount makes this an excellent choice for winter washing. Bar code added to the car to make for quick scan and go process. Interior towel provided to clean the inside of your car while it's being washed.
Josue E.
15:42 20 Jan 22
Excellent facility in the town!!!
Manikandan M.
21:37 10 Jan 22
Great car wash
Rick K.
20:58 06 Dec 21
Had a great experience at club car wash. Highly responsive and helpful staff. Amazing membership plans.
06:24 03 Dec 21
Does a good job on my truck. Monthly pass for 30 bucks is a solid deal!
R P.
20:38 14 Nov 21
Easy in and out. Reasonable and clean.
Chrissy L.
23:26 23 Oct 21
Easy in and out
Chrissy W.
15:42 23 Oct 21
Always wonderful
The Fluffy S.
17:33 21 Oct 21
This car wash is amazing, I switched from rainstorm and will never go to another car wash!
Ashely D.
20:23 13 Oct 21
A value for the price! Great service, conveniently located. Give it a try.
David S.
22:59 28 Sep 21
An excellent car wash. Awesome vacuums!
susan G.
16:07 16 Sep 21
Nice new location. Appreciate they have employees spraying off bugs, windshields and wheel wells before going through. Wish they had some carts out with extra towels & glass/interior cleaner.
Chris T.
21:54 11 Sep 21
We need more such car wash to bring down the rates of Rainstorm. Definitely better
Annamalai M.
05:19 07 Sep 21
Good car wash, do not enjoy how close they put cars going through the wash together
Justin S.
15:42 27 Aug 21
Wonderful job. We pay $15 per monthDiscounted for veterans.
Pamela H.
04:14 22 Aug 21
My daughter and I absolutely love car washes! Woot!
Mack S.
13:50 19 Aug 21
Memberships are priced decent. Very clean and employees are always smiling!
Britney S.
22:13 10 Aug 21
Never been here but seems like a new business...Updated to 5 stars cause I was able to use the vacuum when it was urgent...
22:07 29 Jul 21
Good wash at a good price. Car looks great.
Brian G.
00:24 05 Jul 21
Nice place . Excellent job washing my truck .
ron R.
23:51 26 Jun 21
As always nice!
philippe narcisse Y.
23:21 25 Jun 21
I thought this car wash was awesome! I went through once and vacuumed my car, but there were still bugs so I went through again for free! There were still some bugs but a lot better. I guess that’s what you get for driving through the entire country... I just couldn’t figure out where the new towels were.. just the towel return stations.
Juliann M.
17:56 25 Jun 21
Very efficient wash process. Drying process is adequate. Vacuums work great. Air wands would be helpful. Staff is very friendly and professional.
Scott U.
22:40 21 Jun 21
Love it!
john D.
23:49 20 Jun 21
Always does a great job on my going there to keep a nice clean 🚗 car everyday since we got the package monthly payment on both our vehicles, my car and my husband's truck. Will definitely recommend them to anyone.
Michelle F.
19:49 14 Jun 21
I'm usually not a fan of automated car washes but the wash system at Club Car Wash did a good job of removing the debris from my vehicle and actually washed/cleaned all the crevices that other automated car wash systems miss. Value is dependent on which option you choose, but overall it can be a good value.
Pathik S.
13:04 10 Jun 21
This place is amazing! Always clean! & the employees are very nice and helpful
Life With B.
10:59 10 Jun 21
Awsome carwash
Ashley E.
16:19 05 May 21
Fast service more space for vacum,
Punjabi A.
23:53 03 May 21
Easy in, easy out. The car wash does a good job on our vehicles.
Ron N.
13:16 24 Apr 21
Pretty fast, even with long lines. Does a good job for a non hand wash service.
Ryan S.
12:37 09 Apr 21
Awesome like always
Tonya H.
20:48 07 Apr 21
In and out, convienent vacuums and cleaning supplies.
cody M.
19:47 07 Apr 21
Joined at the intro cost, pretty reasonable. I've been there about twice a week and somehow, the cleanliness of my vehicle as well as how dry it gets in the automated wash is inconsistent. Other than that, I'm good with it.
Jennifer M
00:01 06 Apr 21
Great place to get your car washed. Plus a veteran discount can not hurt.
22:08 27 Mar 21
The wash is great and the amenities make it shine. Towels for detailing your car with high powered vacuums as well.
Jeff C.
12:09 25 Mar 21
Good place to pamper your vehicle.
Gordon Lawson S.
05:25 10 Mar 21
Great car wash. User friendly, great service. Highly recommend.
Suzanne F.
17:44 09 Mar 21
Great wash and the vacuums are convenient
Joseph M.
23:05 05 Mar 21
Love this place. So far GOOD WASHINGS. And the car vaccum are good and strong.
DeWitt B.
08:58 04 Mar 21
Outstanding service
Muhd Khairul H.
00:53 03 Mar 21

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