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Leslie N.
Love the convenience of washing my car every time I go to town. I live on a country dirt road so this ends up being very cost effective. This helps to keep my Chevy Traverse Premier looking car lot beautiful. I also love the towels for wiping your door jams down, then there is the vacuum and floor mat cleaner! Just loving the experience so far.Employees are very friendly too.
Mark M.
I think Club is one of the best in the metro to get your car washed. Their vacuums are the best. Their help are very pleasant. Oh and you can tip the wash guys I like that.Remember to tip your wash guys!
David C.
You must try club car wash,monthly unlimited washes.
Marion D.
It's pretty good at cleaning, but I did have to go through it a second d time because when I was vacuuming, my car outi saw bird poop on the front. I dont know if it didn't get cleaned off or if I just got targeted after I came out. I have an unlimited month. Some vacuums are better than others on the power.
Response from the owner: Marion Dennis- Thank you for visiting our O'Fallon location and for your 4 star review! We are looking forward to seeing you again!
owner P.
Go there to get my ride clean. It's less work.
Suvesh K.
Very nice place for a quick wash, the team is really good
Riley K.
Gotta say the MVP monthly pass is a great option. I work near the wash at a facility where my car is dirty every day. The wash is quick and leaves my car looking great. Even when busy with longer lines the wash moves at a good pace and you're in and out in 10 minutes tops. Free vacuums and towels are a nice touch when needed.
Malissa B.
Great car Wash get your clean car spotless
Response from the owner: Malissa Brown- Thank you for visiting our Springfield location and for your 5 star review! We are looking forward to seeing you again!
Audrey H
The guys pre spraying cars are always so smiley and upbeat. Always a great experience when I go.
Zen A.
My go to club car wash
Kevin F.
Great place, the staff here are so amazing.
Robert P.
Excellent facility!
Ken B.
Quick to the point
Response from the owner: Ken Bettencourt- Thank you for visiting our Topeka location and for your 5 star review! We are looking forward to seeing you again!
James F.
Been a member since they opened in Crystal City/Festus
Adam A.
Love this car wash . The best in Wichita , excellent service
Tommy B.
Best car wash subscription around these parts. I have the cheapest plan and it still does a great job. The staff are always great and I drive a truck and as long as I don't have anything that will fly up and get into their machine, they leave me alone. If I do, they're super nice about it. Complete opposite experience to what I've had at Charleys and some others. Plus they're everywhere now and the membership works at all of them. I only wish they had like a 4 or 5 car family plan.
Jason L
I've had a couple other car wash memberships, but Club is the best. Like everything about this place.
bryan K.
Everything seems to work right most of the time.
Mike P.
Great working car wash and vacuums are the best. When very busy you still get in quick and the scrubby dubb dubb job is awesome!
Response from the owner: - Thank you for visiting our Arnold location and for your 5 star review! We are looking forward to seeing you again!
Wally R.
Awesome car wash
Response from the owner: Wally Roberts - Thank you so much for your 5 star review! We look forward to seeing you again soon!
Stephanie D.
Megan D.
Club Car Wash is fast, convenient and does a great job!
Carol Belt N.
Club car has made it easy and economical to frequently wash my cars. The vacuums (1 left and 1 right) for each vehicle are powerful and easy to handle. The associates are hard-working and friendly. Just a good experience on a regular basis.
michael c
this is the only car wash I'm aware of that actually has THREE young men doing a thorough pre-spray on your car before you enter the car wash. This is a very nice facility and a convenient location. I'll be signing up for a membership soon. Vacuum area is A+ too
Kimberly J.
Best carwash service i have ever used they supply towels for you to wipe your car down inside and out and they give my dog free mill bone. And the free air freshener each time and free windex. Just cant be beat!!!!go buy you a full service package!!!!!!!
chance M.
Great friendly staff and always leaves my car with a great shine also free vacuums
Rachel H.
Very detailed wash! My vehicle has never gotten that clean in an automatic car wash!!!
Joe S.
Quick and easy
Aaron H.
Better than most.
Frederick B.
Needs a package upgrade for those member prices
Bill W
Great value
Response from the owner: Bill Willm- Thank you for visiting our Hutchinson location and for your 5 star review! We are looking forward to seeing you again!
Katy M.
Staff is always super nice and friendly. Car is sparkling clean. Vacuums/etc. easy to use and plenty of space available to clean the interior of your car. Wish there was a way to purchase scent things for car.
Response from the owner: Hi Katy Hickey - Thank you for visiting our Springfield location and for your 5 star review! We look forward to seeing you again!
Cindy P.
Friendly staff great car wash
Nicci V.
Zoe P. at the Arnold, MO location is so kind and considerate. Great addition to the team!
Linda T.
Great employees Great service
DeShanta P.
I have no complaints. It's a car wash and my car gets clean. I think Club membership is worth the value, probably the best this area has to offer.
Duane T.
Stopped in when traveling out of state. Really neat place with friendly young guys.
Jackie W.
Had to get it washed one last time...
Response from the owner: Jackie Woodson- Thank you for visiting our Springfield location and for your 5 star review! We are looking forward to seeing you again!
Ed F.
Friendly staff, great vacuums, and super good wash
Saravanan S.
Reasonable price for single wash
Awesome place to wash your car
Patty C.
Best car wash experience ever! So easy to cancel your membership. But guess what? I missed getting my car cleaned so easily so I’m back!
Boosted L.
Good car wash, rags available, good service.
Great car wash. They got all the bugs off on the first pass
LouAnn S.
I’ve been a member for the last year and a half love every minute of it being able to wash my car as many times as I want now it’s gonna be down close to me
McKinzie C.
Fantastic place for a car wash! Lots of very friendly staff who worked extra hard to get the bugs and grime off my car. I’ve never had better service anywhere!
Pachaunce A.
Every one that works there are always so pleasant!!! This is the only one I go to.
Jason V.
Great customerer service and definately save on money for how many times I need a car wash a month. Highly recommended
Anthony R.
The Best Club Car Wash is1800 block of Topeka Blvd.
Narendra J.
Try to put roof for vaccume place, to protect from sun and rain

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