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Club Car Wash
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Luis R.
Displace is the best in town
Jackie M.
I had a flat tire and three of the help were awesome in changing my flat and helping me out. Ten starsDid not get their names but they are 10s in my book
Kody Z.
I love this place I buy a monthly pass and drive through everyday and my 7 month old daughter loves watching the soap through the moon roof. The employees are pleasant, they give you free towels , and the vacuums work very well A+++
Pascha A.
Best car wash ever!
Response from the owner: Pascha Allen- Thank you so much for your 5 star review! We appreciate your business at our Troy location! See you next time!
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I’ve been there three times I like it
Suanne R.
The membership is worth it. I love the black towels and vacuums. It's so easy to keep my car looking nice.
David & Stefani R.
As usual, decent wash on the car. Service good, but not real speedy.
Christina C.
Amazing workers
Roger L.
Won't go anywhere else great job well worth stopping in to get a car wash
Eric A. H.
Monthly membership, MVP. Unlimited car washes means a clean truck for every occasion. The granddaughters live a clean truck! they help me wipe the interior with the free damp clothes provided.
David H.
Caleb was exceptionally friendly and very cool to have an excited staff member as a greeter to the business. Excellent experience and the wash was tremendous.
Ethan J.
Always friendly staff, always Clean,
Joe A.
I go here regularly and the staff here is the best in the state in my opinion great place, update 7/17/24 Still a great place, treated like family!!!
Response from the owner: Hi Joe Allen - Thank you for visiting our Salina location and for your 5 star review! We look forward to seeing you again!
Raymond J.
Always great service
John M.
This is the good one.
John E.
Great service and wash
Rose S.
My car is always carefully washed. No streaks
Adaora O.
First time today and it was amazing. My car wash felt personalized since they individually washed the car before you proceeded to the automatic wash. I did not have time to get my car vacuumed so I'm unsure how the suction is... But I'm sure I'll return and update my review. The young gentlemen were handsome and very polite. Great experience hands down I'll return.
Brian B.
Great customer service and love how two folks always prewash my vehicles before it goes through the car wash and bugs are gone! That’s why I prefer Club Car Wash over the others.
Glen C
The Club Car Wash works out very well for me. I'm in town often and can pop in at the wash when needed.
Vehicle looks incredibly awesome after going through wash
Broady H.
I received great service.
Kenny H.
Very decent car wash when in a hurry
Laurie P.
Vehicles run through pretty good..
Response from the owner: Hi Laurie Petree - Thank you for visiting our Sedalia location and for your 5 star review! We look forward to seeing you again!
Kevin C.
Great carwash
Lisa D.
Great car wash for the money!
Love these car wash
owner P.
Has to freshen up the ride
Joe K.
Love this car wash. Need a couple more of them spread around Decatur!
Michael G
Was in town for the 2024 solar eclipse and stopped here to get the bugs off of the truck. I have to say this is a very unique car wash and really enjoyed the experience. Staff was friendly and did I good job of cleaning my truck.
Mauricio C.
Clean wash, great service! Gentlemen helped wash car mats aswell! (Santiago & Arturo)
Kegan H.
The staff is very friendly and helpful, they always clean my car to perfection and the wash functions always serve their purpose! getting a monthly membership was extremely worth it and i recommend a monthly membership to anybody! you can even wash your car at any club car wash location if you have a membership! they also have "wash cards" that give you 5 washes for the price of 4, they don't expire and you can use them on any vehicle. very worth it!!! p.s. they will even clean your floor mats for free
Luetje D.
Great service and materials
Keisha R.
Great price and great staff
Anna S.
My car always looks clean 👌
Response from the owner: Anna Maksim- Thank you for visiting our Sedalia location and for your 5 star review! We are looking forward to seeing you again!
Jarrod H.
Hospitality off top. The drive through 4 My 1st time was a little scary, but came out clean, and the vacuum section was Awesome. Every genre of music 🎵🎶🎵 was playing. 👊🏾
Jeffrey B.
Great customer service
Crystal B.
Great experience using this service. Usually able to get through quickly and the damp towels they supply are a nice touch to wipe down interior and windows. Most times the vaccums work well too. I am happy there are 2 convenient locations for me.
Dellshon T.
Need your rubber floor mats sprayed off , I recommend caleb 💪. He will get them looking right
Jose R.
Everything is fine except one thing, the degreaser or the chemical or liquid that they apply when entering has to be done inside the place not outside, that damages the windshield wiper and damages other Parts of your car, please put on and wash quickly
Patricia P.
The only place I can go for 22 a month and the guys do a great job on washing my car at least 10 times a month. I live on a dirt road and it's so nice to have the unlimited car wash
Chris R.
Love this place but always out of towels at entry. Otherwise I use them frequently. I pay monthly. Saves money. 3 vehicles on my account. Everyone is friendly too.Updated:Still no towels available.Updated 8-22-23Towels are ready available and glass cleaner! 5☆Update: I'm here every day. Again no towels or glass cleaner ready.
Response from the owner: Chris Rice- Thank you for visiting our Wichita location and for your 4 star review! We will look into this issue and we are looking forward to seeing you again!
Brandon T.
Great staff
paul M.
Always great service
Mary Ann Young S.
Does the job of cleaning the exterior of the auto. Club car wash furnishes the rags and solution to clean the inside of our car ourselves.
Response from the owner: Hi Mary Ann Young Schulte - Thank you for visiting our Arnold location and for your 4 star review! We look forward to seeing you again!
Michael D.
Quick and easy.
Carl A.
The Club Car Wash chain does a very good job in providing an automatic car wash, with self-serve vacuuming and detailing. The various locations all have excellent, well maintained equipment, that generally provides a good wash. As with all automatic washes, the rear door/window/bumper of SUVs tends to not get thoroughly cleaned. The greatest variable is the pre-wash treatment by staff. Most of the time it is fairly thorough, but at times it is mediocre at best. This seems to be more dependent on how busy the location is at the time, rather than a training or management issue.
Shawn P.
Best car wash in the Dub K Highly recommended the VIP package....
Elizabeth H.
Great price and experience.
Crystal G.
I have never been disappointed with the wash. I live on a dirt road, so my vehicle gets pretty bad sometimes.

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