January 2020

Happy New Year from the Club Carwash team! We are off to a great start this new year with some exciting new things coming our way!

It may be cold, gloomy and snowy but that hasn’t stopped us from providing our customers with a clean vehicle! We have many people this time of year ask us when we close for the “season” or if we are open when it is 30 degrees. We don’t close. We close twice a year. We believe our members pay for a service and they should be able to use it when they want. So, if you want to wash in the rain, feel free. While we try not to close and only have 2 scheduled closed days, there are times we are forced to close. Ice, snow, and extremely low temperatures will force us to close. We aren’t talking about an inch or two of snow. We are taking about multiple inches that make it unsafe for our employees to be on the road. Our fleet consists of many trucks and we tackle the roads to get to work for our customers!

A few years ago, many mid-westerners got stuck in a commute of 3-12 hours due to ice. We don’t play with ice and either should you! We also don’t really like cold temperatures. Our equipment doesn’t like it, and our employees really don’t like it. We try our best to keep things from freezing but remember we are playing with water here! We try to stay open above 0 degrees, but you also must factor in wind chill sometimes. The garages may be shut, but we are probably still open! Check Facebook for closures!

So moral of the story here is we try not to close!

The weather may be crummy but it is awful hot at HQ! A growing company means more employees. We are proud to announce some new and old faces to the office! Mid 2019 we added Justin Barnes to the construction team. He will oversee all new construction and remodels alongside Owner Rollie. Late last year we added former Manager Taylor Noll to our Marketing and Membership team! We have also added another manager, Derek Zeller. Zeller is our sole accident claim specialist.

2020 brought a couple new faces to the office! Danny Mueller transitioned from Assistant Area Manager of Mid Missouri locations to recruitment. Recent college Grad Hannah Stambaugh joined the team as a graphic designer! Joining us in February is John Bishop as HR Director. Bishop is coming off many years at Nike and will enjoy not traveling as much!

We have been blessed to not only find amazing people in our office this year but as well to many of our locations! We appreciate all our team’s hard work and dedication to this company! We look forward to serving you in 2020 and many years to come! Happy New Year from the Club Carwash Team!


December 2019

Club Carwash is excited to announce the acquisitions of 3 car washes! The first car wash opening in early December is formerly the Fuller’s Carwash in Peoria Illinois, located at 3203 Sterling Avenue! Club Carwash will do a 6-day renovation to put our touch on this already existing car wash! 

The second and third car washes of our acquisitions happening in December come out of Lawrence, Kansas! Club Carwash is excited to announce we will be taking over the Hurricane Alley located at 4850 Bauer Farm Dr. The third Club Carwash we are acquiring is Tsunami on 23rd street! Both will undergo a quick renovation from us, and we plan to open both locations mid-December.

Club Carwash is known for their state-of-the-art facilities and we plan to transform these three locations into exciting, vibrant locations! We will continue to use top of the line equipment and chemistry that is offered in the industry.

As we have done in the past at many locations, we will be running a grand opening special on both individual washes and our Unlimited wash membership! Members will be able to enjoy many amenities including free vacuums, free microfiber towel and access to our fast pass (member only) lane! Each wash will include our manual prep and assistance onto our conveyor.

We are excited to join the Peoria and Lawrence communities and provide our customers with clean, shiny vehicles at each visit! This will make Club Carwash 12th location in 3 different states; Kansas, Missouri and Illinois!


November 2019

Club Carwash is happy to announce their 9th location in Salina, Kansas! This will be the second Club Carwash in Salina, located at 2675 Market Place, formerly the Salina Roller Rink, Starlite.

The Market Place location was a loved Roller Rink prior to our car wash being built. Roger and Mary Krihbiel, hosted skates for many decades and were dearly loved by the community of Salina. While we are saddened by the closing and retirement of Mr. and Mrs. Krihbiel, we are very fortunate to be able to open another location in Salina!

The New Club Carwash will be a state-of-the-art facility, providing customers with the latest and greatest technology and chemistry in the industry. The Market Place location will include the same amenities as the South Broadway location. Including our Unlimited Wash Program, Free microfiber towels, and free Vacuums! Each wash will include our manual prep and assistance onto our conveyor!

Members will be able to enjoy a new feature to the Salina area! The Market Place location will feature two lanes; one for members only and one for individual paying customers. With high tech technology, both lanes will communicate with each other and let the first customer through. It will also communicate the correct wash for your vehicle to the tunnel.

We are excited to be able to have a second location in Salina! We look forward to being able to provide the citizens of Salina with a clean, shiny car at each visit. Whether it be at our South Broadway location or new Market Place location, we look forward to serving you!


About Club Carwash

Club Carwash was founded in 2019 and has quickly expanded to three states, Kansas, Illinois and Missouri! Club Carwash also plans to open to Illinois this year and acquire 14 Missouri locations in 2020, with plans to have many locations in other surrounding states! Club Carwash is one of the leading car washes in the country providing our customers with clean, shiny vehicles each visit!