How to Maximize Your Membership

Whether you’re a new member or have been with us for a while, these tips will help you make the most of your Club Car Wash experience! 

Understand the Wash Process: Your membership level, MVP, Elite, VIP, or Rookie, will determine your entire wash process. To better understand the key differences for each membership level, visit our webpage HERE. Our attendants are always happy to provide additional guidance and answer any questions you may have about the different stages of the wash or any of our membership levels.  

Take Advantage of Additional Amenities : In addition to the wash, we offer a range of extra amenities such as free towels, free vacuums, and cleaning solution. These complimentary services can enhance your experience and prolong the cleanliness of your vehicle. 

  • Our free microfiber towels are infused with water to wipe down internal surfaces without leaving streaks. We find most members enjoy using them to wipe down their dash, mirrors, and high-touch areas. 
  • Free high suction vacuums are located outside of the tunnel in our parking area, and there’s no time limit or payment required when using them! Our pro tip is to use the vacuum station every time you visit us to keep interior debris at an all time minimum.  
  • At each location, we have a cleaning solution cart stocked with additional towels and spray bottles. We find most members using this to reinforce the shine internally on your front and back windshields and rearview and side mirrors.  

Dispose of Any Trash: Our conveniently located trash cans allow you to dispose of any trash, so that you can easily vacuum out the car’s interior with no obstructions. If it’s a lot of trash or a little, don’t worry, we never judge! 

Wash Your Rubber Mats: Ask one of our prep attendants to wash your rubber floor mats with our high power pressure washers. This service is included in your membership, so no additional fee is applied. Simply bring your mats to the front of the tunnel, and our prep attendants will take care of washing them for you. Then pat dry with one of our microfiber towels or place the mat to air dry on one of our mat pads located next to your vacuum station.  

Keep Your Car Smelling Great: For our MVP and Elite memberships, we offer free air fresheners! This adds the perfect finishing touch (or smell) until we see you again. Ask at our attendant booth to claim yours.