Father's Day Weekend Guide

With Father’s Day just around the corner on June 16th, we want to send warm wishes to all the dads, grandpas, and paternal figures in our Club Car Wash community. For the happiest Father’s Day yet, follow our guide to giving every type of dad the ultimate day of joy! 

For the Sports Dad: Always cheering from the sidelines, this dad lives for game days and can recite sports stats like nobody’s business. Yet, the constant travel from one game to another can leave his vehicle covered in dirt and dust. To ensure that game day is nothing short of spectacular, arrive at the field in style. Our MVP wash is perfect for the sports dad, helping him be the MVP both on and off the field. Plus, to avoid any post-game odors, make use of our Wonder Wafer air fresheners, free with MVP and Elite membership plans. 

For the Handyman Dad: From repairing a leaky faucet to constructing a treehouse, this dad effortlessly handles any home improvement task that comes his way. Similarly, he takes great satisfaction in maintaining his vehicle, ensuring it appears spotless and well-organized. With his array of tools occupying the back seat, he relies on our high-powered vacuums to eliminate debris from those hard-to-reach spots. Utilizing our free compressed air tool proves beneficial for the handyman dad, tackling those challenging crevices that can be a hassle. 

For the Adventure Dad: Never one to sit still, this dad is always planning the next outdoor excursion, from hiking and camping to kayaking and rock climbing. Inevitably, all outdoor adventures result in bugs and dirt accumulating on his vehicle. This dad benefits from our bug prep treatment, available with all of our wash plans. As he enters the tunnel, our prep attendants will prime his vehicle to ensure all grime from bugs are eliminated. 

For the Joke Master Dad: With a pun for every occasion, this dad’s sense of humor is as groan-inducing as it is endearing. But there’s nothing funny about a dirty vehicle! As the car goes through the wash, he can entertain passengers with his wit and charm, turning a wash into a memorable experience filled with laughter. Plus, a clean car provides a fresh canvas for his comedic antics, ensuring that every punchline lands without distraction. 

In case the Joke Master Dad needs any inspiration this Father’s Day, see some bonus dad jokes below: 

My dalmatian got away from me and ran through a car wash. 

Now he’s spotless! 

What’s a car wash’s favorite TV genre?  

Soap operas!