Unlimited Wash Plan FAQs

11x14 Rockwell

What is Ceramic X3 Shine?

Ceramic X3 Shine is an unrivaled formula with an advanced three-step layering process, with resistance to water and other environmental conditions. It provides a longer lasting shine by creating a hydrophobic surface producing exceptional glass and color depth. The Ceramic X3 Shine is only included in our MVP wash and can last up to two weeks after washing. 

How do I get my rubber floor mats cleaned?

Once you’ve completed your wash, and drive over to our vacuum stations, take out any rubber mats you wish to be cleaned and carry them to the front tunnel entrance. Place them on the ground, and one of our attendants will promptly spray them at no additional cost. While they take care of your mats, feel free to return to your car and use our vacuums while you wait. The attendants will have your mats ready to go in the same spot you left them. All carpet floor mats can be cleaned at your vacuum station with our convenient floor mat holder and high suction vacuums. 

What air freshener scents do you have available?

We have four different Wonder Wafers air freshener scents available to our customers. Clean Car, European Leather, Aqua Frost, and Black Royal. Air fresheners are a complimentary amenity for our MVP and Elite membership plans. They are available for purchase to all customers.  

Does my membership work at all locations?

Yes, once you become a member with us, you have access to all Club Car Wash locations. 

What free amenities are available to members?

With any membership level you have complimentary access to our vacuums, towels, air guns, cleaning solution, and air fresheners (only available for MVP and Elite memberships.) 

How do I find the location nearest me?

We have 160+ locations across the central United States! To find the location nearest you, visit our locations page, HERE. 

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