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Club Car Wash
Based on 7329 reviews
Nice clean and friendly staff!
Cassie S.
04:04 26 Jan 22
Great place to get your vehicle washed at this particular carwash is pretty new and it works great... definitely recommend this place.read more
Bradley G.
19:04 25 Jan 22
The place is great, if you have a truck rember to get the leaves out of your bed they end up on the... next guy...read more
Justin S.
18:59 25 Jan 22
Got the job done. Many different wash options, but you're doing your own vacuuming.
Greg K.
13:59 25 Jan 22
Love this place but always out of towels at entry. Otherwise I use them frequently. I pay monthly.... Saves money.read more
Chris R.
09:33 25 Jan 22
Clean as a whistle!
Don G.
01:10 25 Jan 22
In and out very fast
michael T.
00:41 25 Jan 22
The best car wash in the ICT!!!
Craig W.
00:02 25 Jan 22
Nice clean place to get the car washed well and use some great vacuums. Also free wipe down... towels.read more
Stepp U.
19:35 24 Jan 22
Love the towel service, love the staff, do not love having to clean my car
Syndense S.
18:23 24 Jan 22
Friendly service. Wonderfully clean car!!!
DeNene T.
18:20 24 Jan 22
Great carwash!
Kevin E.
01:40 24 Jan 22
I love this place. My friend and I both have a membership.
Janelle H.
00:46 24 Jan 22
Fast and easy. Never a problem.
Larry C.
20:44 23 Jan 22
Excellent service
Charmaine C.
17:40 23 Jan 22
Had good join price 10 dollars a month first 3 months so far so good
Nick M.
05:45 23 Jan 22
Workers are courteous, fast working, car always looks great when finished. Love the free powerful... vacuum and towel. Will be joining club wash again, for new car.read more
Pamela L.
23:59 22 Jan 22
Best car wash around! Staff is very friendly and your vehicle is power washed by two individuals on... each side! My vehicle was full of bird bombs. Not a speck left and my chrome is shining! Definitely worth the money and please leave staff a tip, they deserve it.read more
Jill W.
22:54 22 Jan 22
Good service and great kids there.
Jacqueline C.
22:48 22 Jan 22
Not exactly an old-school car wash, but close! Always tip those young folks pre-treating your car!... Their membership deals are outstanding! Far better than any other car wash in the area.read more
Curt P.
21:10 22 Jan 22
My only regret was not going there sooner!!!Great service.
Sandra H.
20:21 22 Jan 22
Fast, vacuum the best, convenient, I enjoy the light show. Need very little toweling after the... wash and they provide the towels. We went to the fast pass and it is super convenient.read more
Cindy W.
15:04 22 Jan 22
Great wash employees in the cold getting your car ready for the wash. Good prices and deals.
Sue H.
02:28 22 Jan 22
That get your car clean
Eric S.
19:14 21 Jan 22
Keeps my truck looking pretty.
Matt S.
15:43 21 Jan 22
Got a great deal on the monthly payment fer what i need.
Raymond B.
13:36 21 Jan 22
GREAT Car wash, as always very good people working hard to keep things going.
Kenny V.
23:41 20 Jan 22
Great car wash and friendly service. The vacuums are great!
Kyle M.
20:25 20 Jan 22
$10 wash on Tuesdays
Carrie V.
17:42 20 Jan 22
Military discount makes this an excellent choice for winter washing. Bar code added to the car to... make for quick scan and go process. Interior towel provided to clean the inside of your car while it's being washed.read more
Josue E.
15:42 20 Jan 22
I purchased the $10 wash and it did a surprisingly good job.
Robert C.
04:19 20 Jan 22
Good service and decent drive through car wash. Never gets perfectly clean but it helps and looks... nicer than it did.read more
Austin B.
01:57 20 Jan 22
You can wash your car here
Jason O.
00:39 20 Jan 22
Quick, well run, vac free and dry towel! Goodbye Sams.
Mike P.
21:37 19 Jan 22
Was great, but over priced
Terry Y.
20:36 19 Jan 22
Employees are always friendly.
Dave N.
18:31 19 Jan 22
I guess this place is okay. I just drove past it on my way to Menards.
Omigosh N.
15:55 19 Jan 22
Great car wash...
Cristina S.
00:14 19 Jan 22
Been a member since Day1 best Car Wash around by far. Best wash, dryers, and by far best... vacuums.Owner even responds respectful and thankful for everyones business.Club get a 10.read more
Brian C.
17:08 18 Jan 22
High quality "tunnel" car and truck wash, with full time manager on duty fast service done right!!
Glen C.
12:54 18 Jan 22
Polite & wash does a good job even in the cold.
Merriane S.
07:24 18 Jan 22
Express dan free vaccum,so I like it...
Anita T.
04:45 18 Jan 22
Still the best wash in Salina by far!
James C. D.
22:24 17 Jan 22
Was hesitant about which monthly Car Wash I should join but luckily I picked a great one! Club Car... wash is the way to go!read more
Kevin P.
17:08 17 Jan 22
Very nice n friendly staff car wash very clean
charles S.
22:04 16 Jan 22
Excellent car wash
Dennis E.
21:51 16 Jan 22
I go to this car wash religiously. I love the wash and the power of the vacuums. The staff is so... friendly and helpful. The manager even jumped my car today when it died. 🤦‍♀️ I am always so impressed with Club Carwash!read more
Clare S.
19:41 16 Jan 22
We had inches of snow on our car and were headed back to Illinois. We stopped to get the snow off,... these 2 men got every single inch of snow off before the wash even started. Amazing service.read more
Sydney F.
17:13 16 Jan 22
Great place to get your car washed and the staff is very friendly
Aj B.
17:08 16 Jan 22
Great car wash club for the price of you use it regularly.
Blake K.
09:56 16 Jan 22
Love club car wash. Frequently visit this location. Plenty of room to vacuum and detail your car... after being washed. I've had a membership for over a year now and it's worth it. Only down side to this location is they either discontinued handing out the black microfiber towels to wipe your car down or they're never stocked every time I come through. Kind of a bummer.read more
Ryan F.
04:26 16 Jan 22
Great service best car wash I have found in the country
Gary G.
23:45 15 Jan 22
21:08 15 Jan 22
Love this place especially their Tuesday lower price rate, they do a fabulous job!
stephanie Z.
16:08 15 Jan 22
The people were really nice and got a good car wash , I would recommend them.
22:33 14 Jan 22
I asked for the unlimited vip package since it was quoted as being reduced price, but when I... checked my receipt, I was charged for the $10 Tuesday (it was, in fact, a Tuesday). Oh well - it was a good wash nonetheless and I'm sure the mischarge was an honest mistake. Maybe I'll get charged properly the next time I go...🤞🏽read more
Mark F.
17:16 14 Jan 22
I really like Eureka location.. they people are nice and they always have towels and it's not... totally crazy packed.. other locations around here are too busy and never have towels.I have the MVP.. it's great. I was very hesitant about getting a membership for my new truck afraid I wasn't going to use it but I have been there every week and sometimes twice a week since I got the membership 3 months ago.. well worth if you live kinda close to a location...it's still with it if your not.read more
Brandy H.
16:21 14 Jan 22
I went there and was super amazed at this place. I went on a Tuesday and it's $10 Tuesday, most... expensive wash is $25, you get it for $10. They give you a towel to wipe down car. Vacuums and carpet mat cleaners available. The wash did a great job on my truck. I would highly recommend this place. If I didn't live in Chicago I would.read more
Lance N.
04:34 14 Jan 22
The preppers do a great job, my car is always clean!
Chad M.
01:17 14 Jan 22
Busy today, though always a Good Car Wash and Friendly Staff
Marilyn M.
22:14 13 Jan 22
The best carwash anywhere bar none. I have been very impressed with it. Never going to change to... any other carwash. Highly satisfied with price and the employees 👌read more
John H.
17:05 13 Jan 22
Sometimes the kids that work there are too busy chatting it up with each other before they decide... to come out if their little office area. And there's a couple of them that barely dry your vehicle, I get when it's really busy and there is a line of cars but, for the price I would expect a bit more service especially when it isn't busy. I give tips hoping they will do a bit more but, I still get the same mediocre service. Don't get me wrong ive seen some new hires that do a decent job, its the ones that I've seen there for awhile that seemed to have gotten complacent.read more
ReBekka D.
13:16 13 Jan 22
Not bad.free vacuum
Joe M.
08:02 13 Jan 22
Nice vacuums.
Jonathan S.
05:48 13 Jan 22
Nice works
Bao T.
14:27 12 Jan 22
Great car wash!
Adam W.
05:32 12 Jan 22
Best car wash in town! Actually we use all the Club Car Wash locations but the north side is... closest for us. The staff is wonderful and friendly. All of our cars are very clean after a wash. Well worth the monthly membership and thankful for the veterans family discount.We've had other memberships in town and Club is the best!read more
Candi S.
23:41 11 Jan 22
Very cute workers and very professional service!! 10/10 would go again!
Adria S.
22:24 11 Jan 22
Thorough wash.
Edwin P.
21:43 11 Jan 22
The best! Busy today for a winter day.
Thomas G.
18:53 11 Jan 22
I have been going to Club Car wash since they opened and I don’t plan to stop! It’s so nice to get... the monthly package and then you can just pull up and go through without waiting in line. The employees are always so nice! They have a location in Coralville too so you can use both places without paying any extra. I always get compliments on my car being so clean. It’s totally worth it! Best car wash in Iowa city!read more
Lily S.
18:00 11 Jan 22
Very friendly staff, great wash, vacuums worked well. Will be back
Mad Viking R.
15:33 11 Jan 22
My car looked great, they always do a nice job. They were really busy today but still did not take... long.read more
Sharalyn C.
00:16 11 Jan 22
Excellent facility in the town!!!
Manikandan M.
21:37 10 Jan 22
Very nice place. Great car wash.
Marti M.
16:17 10 Jan 22
Wonderful place....this place is awesome! I love the way the car washes my car. I also get free Vac... and towels with my service.read more
Quayonna K.
12:10 10 Jan 22
Nice automatic car wash, nice to have pre power washing prior to wash. Nice complementary dry... towels and vacuums.read more
nathanael R.
02:08 10 Jan 22
Bre W
22:45 09 Jan 22
When we went through, there were no towels. Only 4 of the drying bays have vacuums that reach to... the back of your car. For the price, I expected more.read more
Brandon C.
20:41 09 Jan 22
I was greeted by an extremely friendly young lady with a big smile and a bubbly demeanor. After... purchasing the car wash, I drove up to the hoses and was directed by a bunch of helpers -- who politely assisted me in getting into the tracks of the machine. From there, it was smooth sailing. It was easily worth the $6 price, my car looks great!read more
Mason W.
20:31 09 Jan 22
Did a very good job with the car wash.
Dale T.
01:43 09 Jan 22
Awesome place
Nick P.
20:29 08 Jan 22
Unlimited what can you ask for more
Henry S.
17:07 07 Jan 22
They do a outstanding job cleaning up my truck I will go back again.
Don the O.
15:03 07 Jan 22
Free mother fathering vacuums. Decent priced car wash as well save nevertheless 100 percent... stasfied with the we can't guarantee a clean car at the cheapest rate its like going to burger King and telling me well I cant guarantee the burger will be good unless you buy the more expensive option but the staff is friendly and the vacuum is free so good trade off.read more
Andrew S.
11:19 07 Jan 22
This is by far the most reasonable location to have a monthly membership for car washes. I go 2-3... times a week and love not having a long wait. The vacuums are give and take on the efficency but that is somewhat expected as individuals do not always use the equiptment as intended.read more
Tina H.
03:19 07 Jan 22
Very good wash for not a bad price. Plain and simple.
Brad W.
02:41 07 Jan 22
The young people working there are magnificent. I hate going in on the really cold days. I know... it's hard for them to be warm doing a great job that they doread more
Sue S.
23:47 06 Jan 22
There are many car washes to choice from in Wichita now and I have used them all. Club Car Wash is... by far the best wash for the money. The have several levels to choice from and for 10 bucks you can get a really good wash. They also run specials now and then so you can get the top wash as a free upgrade.read more
Pete S.
15:37 06 Jan 22
Super nice and convenient for me to swing by before work. Vacuums work really well. If I had to... pick one con its that its a pain to get out of if you need to go west on 70...but again that's just if I HAVE to pick oneread more
Ashley H.
03:28 06 Jan 22
I love this car wash. The added deal of getting to vacuum with a high powered vacuum makes it so... nice. I love to take photos of my experience so enjoy!read more
Lori O.
00:51 06 Jan 22
Always pleasant staff
Lisa S.
18:15 05 Jan 22
Nice friendly people
robert M.
09:57 05 Jan 22
Doesn't always clean the car that good,Zand the vacuum only half work
Nancy P.
03:09 05 Jan 22
Cleans the car really good.
David G.
03:42 04 Jan 22
My car got clean and you didn't have to have a membership
Virginia M.
01:17 04 Jan 22
Every time we are in Ottawa we use this car wash. They do an excellent job and never fail to get... every spot. They have free vacuums and a carpet mat cleaner. I 100% recommend. Mullet boy is hotread more
Oremus H.
21:46 03 Jan 22
Always great service
paul M.
21:00 03 Jan 22
Love the free vacuums and friendly service
Shawnda R.
16:48 03 Jan 22
Does a great job so far,just wish they handed out a damp tool all the time to wipe out door jams... and suchread more
Dana H.
15:14 02 Jan 22
Excellent car wash our comes out clean and shiny! The towels to wipe up interior are nice too!... Plenty of vacuums to get a spot and get the inside cleaned out to with plenty of room between cars! Would highly recommend!read more
Nick F.
02:06 02 Jan 22
Cleans your car nicely
Luke H.
01:35 02 Jan 22
The monthly membership is nice, car always comes out clean!
01:02 02 Jan 22
Wonderful place. Pay once a month wash your car whenever. And they have some high suction vacuums.
ItsMad M.
22:25 01 Jan 22
Awesome place to vacuum car for free
Brandi Marie B.
21:30 01 Jan 22
I really appreciate them taking the time to get the ice off my jeep.
Justin S.
20:16 01 Jan 22
Big smiles all round, but when you get to the end..brighter lights than other club washes.😁
Christy M.
19:02 01 Jan 22
This would have been a five star review if it had been a brushless car wash, but they do have... brushes, it's just a personal preference. Other than that it was awesome.read more
Paul M.
18:04 01 Jan 22
The people are really good.they do a good job on the cars and trucks.plus the free vacuum you can... use.read more
Patrick G.
01:16 01 Jan 22
We have been to a lot of car washes in wichita and this one is by far the best! Our car has never... been cleaner and the vacuums work amazing! This will be our new go to!read more
Sherranda G.
23:14 31 Dec 21
Always clean, friendly, and professional no matter the location
Randy H.
19:51 31 Dec 21
Keeps my car clean
Wendytmoc W.
13:35 31 Dec 21
Decent wash, but I think the machinery scuffed my paint in a couple spots. It was an older vehicle,... so not a huge deal.read more
01:18 31 Dec 21
Easy fast and cheap for veterans
01:05 31 Dec 21
This is the best car wash you will ever use. Everything is first class. It gets your car very clean... and the vacuums that are free to use have great suction. I have the unlimited and I would never be without it. Try it for yourself and you will be hooked. No1 in my bookread more
Jeff W.
17:25 30 Dec 21
Thaks so much
linda G.
02:17 30 Dec 21
I generally get the basic $6 wash. Even though they don't guarantee a clean vehicle with that... wash, it always does a fine job. Vacuums work great and the property is kept clean.read more
Chad A.
16:11 29 Dec 21
Does an OK job
Heather R.
13:52 29 Dec 21
Nice haven't tried vaccum part yet
Kevin S.
21:48 28 Dec 21
Friendly hard working staff.
Pam S.
18:44 28 Dec 21
Love it awesome experience
jason L.
05:11 28 Dec 21
I love tiger. Car wash.
Richard S.
03:16 28 Dec 21
Great place to get your car washed. They give veterans a discount on monthly subscription.
Robert K.
02:35 28 Dec 21
Came through here a few weeks ago and I have to say the car wash experience was great. The pricing... seemed Fair and there's plenty of tiers to choose from. The only thing I wish they had was the pressurized hoses for doing detail work with your dash and stuff. But overall I really liked it here and will be back.read more
Dominic T.
02:01 28 Dec 21
Great wash and the vacuums are the very best. They also provide towels and window cleaner. I will... tell all if my friendsread more
Jeannie W.
00:52 28 Dec 21
I'm happy with, this service and clean place thank you for all Club Car wash...
Daniel R.
18:46 27 Dec 21
Great car wash. My car was filthy after a long road trip. The guys here did an excellent job.
15:55 27 Dec 21
Great service!
Kenneth H.
11:19 27 Dec 21
I like this location a lot. Never busy, friendly staff
Jana H.
16:37 26 Dec 21
Their vacuum cleaner system sucks big time. That's a good thing when you're talkin about vacuum... sweepers. Very good. Once in awhile you'll find one that somebody has sucked a mask up and blocked it up, but if you call an attendant (who are always very responsive) they will remove the blockage. They also have a cart with stacks of microfiber towels and several bottles of Windex that you can use to clean your windows. You definitely can't be all you get for the monthly price.read more
john R.
14:55 25 Dec 21
Nice jod
Albert M.
10:24 25 Dec 21
Great value, great wash and the vacuums are great.
Bo S.
03:22 24 Dec 21
Great wash! But pricey!
Nelson K. R.
21:51 23 Dec 21
Always fast and your car comes out clean. Can't ask for any more than that. 👍
Al J.
17:52 23 Dec 21
Can't beat the club price and the affordable monthly price
Robyn S.
16:19 23 Dec 21
Best place to get your car washed in washington! Wouldve gotten 5 stars but the tire shine sprays... all over the side of the truck, luckily my truck is black, but its gritty on the bottom 1/3 of my doors.read more
Chris D.
22:07 22 Dec 21
Quality car wash
justin W.
20:33 22 Dec 21
Karma at Club Carwash provided excellent customer service today. She was thorough with explaining... the various plans they offer and making sure we understood exactly how to best treat our vehicles post wash. Additionally, she was professional, friendly and accommodating. Kudos to the manager who hired such a stellar employee!read more
Danielle B.
23:12 21 Dec 21
Nice, clean car wash with Great Deals to get your business! I Always Appreciate the Military Deals... because I think the Military deserves discounts for serving our country! Always get a great wash and love the vacuuming area which is clean and I can take my time cleaning up the inside of my car. Nice employees who all seem to be keeping everything operable! Definitely Recommend!read more
Trisha M.
16:47 21 Dec 21
The vacuums are very new and suck stronger than it’s just very efficient. The staff is very... friendly and informative about the membership option or simply telling you about a free car wash. The towel service is pretty rare and very appreciatedread more
Zacarias M.
21:42 20 Dec 21
Great place, always gets my car clean.
Molly S.
20:54 20 Dec 21
By far one of the best car washes in Springfield. Tried the other ones. When you go thru you get... what you pay for. Nothing is broken. Ending my current subscription. Signing up with club wash!read more
Taylor L.
20:11 20 Dec 21
Older facility but still does a good job.
Stephen L.
20:09 20 Dec 21
We have Club memberships for each of our cars. We go weekly to keep them sparkling and love to keep... our cars vacuumed clean! So glad they came to our town!read more
14:51 20 Dec 21
Best automatic carwash in town
Brad A.
23:31 19 Dec 21
Nicest car wash around ..
alan B.
23:13 19 Dec 21
Good quality
Mr D.
09:12 19 Dec 21
Attendants are respectful and helpful. Always clean and tidy looking. Love when they have out... towels and windex to use.read more
Brittany B.
01:29 19 Dec 21
Love it! They do great job cleaning your car! It's quick to get in and out, when you want to wash... your car!read more
Mike M.
23:58 18 Dec 21
Does a good job and free vacuum is nice
Aaron R.
23:34 18 Dec 21
One word wow
liam J.
21:03 18 Dec 21
A fantastic car wash with friendly staff and a fun atmosphere. I really enjoy the wet towels and... the free vacuums.read more
Ezra A.
15:28 18 Dec 21
Exelente servicio...👍🏻
Freiman N.
00:40 18 Dec 21
I really enjoy getting my van washed and they always rinse it off so your car gets really clean
jamie H.
23:45 17 Dec 21
Good car wash. Friendly people
Charlie H.
18:36 17 Dec 21
My truck loves you. It has even snuck out of my driveway without me know to visit you! Staff is... very nice and the vehicle comes out sparkling clean. What more can you ask for from a car wash.read more
Donald G.
02:43 17 Dec 21
Always nice and fast
Shelley M.
22:03 16 Dec 21
Cleans car real well, with no effort from you. Cleaning windows and vacuuming is another story. But... it's available at no charge.read more
Gary L.
21:15 16 Dec 21
Best drive thru car wash in lawrence
Jamie L.
19:48 16 Dec 21
Hard working crew doing double duty at service window, operating line and handling pressure washer... lines.read more
bill M.
13:22 16 Dec 21
Love this place!!!
Kaylee H.
04:38 15 Dec 21
1st timer , really nice carwash . Great vac , even give you a towel to wipe down ur car , they have... monthly clubs if u want , will go back to this one , great job👍read more
Jimmy B
18:08 14 Dec 21
Reasonable pricing. I love always having a clean car.
william H.
06:16 14 Dec 21
Great place to get your vehicle clean. I messed up and bought a 1 ton dually truck which wouldn’t... fit through the auto wash. Staff quickly refunded my purchase from my previous truck. I take my car to the Lawrence locations at least once a week.read more
Doug W.
04:23 14 Dec 21
I always have an amazing experience here
amber B.
16:28 13 Dec 21
Very nice employees I was about 10 minutes early and they opened up so I wouldn't have to wait
Robert S.
15:50 13 Dec 21
Great service and quality wash, but there is never any windex or towels. People need to quit... stealing from them and making it hard on the honest people who like a clean car.read more
Kevin A.
15:19 13 Dec 21
Fast and friendly. Remember to tip!
Tim N.
14:47 13 Dec 21
Great wash, easy to use vacuum included.
00:33 11 Dec 21
Friendliest car wash I have ever been to. Employees were helpful and kind!
Stephanie D.
18:28 10 Dec 21
Love love love they do an amazing job!
Timothy C.
01:32 10 Dec 21
Nice staff and great deals on Tuesdays
Amanda G.
21:15 09 Dec 21
This was my first time using Club car wash. I had parked under a sweet gum tree and had tree sap... all over the car. The manager explained the process, said they would pretreat the tree sap so it would come off. IT WORKED!!!! My car looks great! I'll definitely be back-amazing service, good value for my money, and easy to use.read more
Pat O.
19:04 09 Dec 21
Best car wash for your buck!..They workers do a great job!
Denise B.
16:59 09 Dec 21
Well worth the monthly charge. Wash as many times for one fee. Great concept..
Jeff B.
15:28 09 Dec 21
Always get my car shiny and clean!
Nicole B.
14:03 09 Dec 21
They guys that made sure the dirt spot got off my car need a raise ! They did amazing! I’ll never... go anywhere elseread more
shauntae S.
13:34 09 Dec 21
Excellent car wash free towels too wipe down your vehicle afterwards and free vacuum... stalls😱 and still reasonably priced.read more
Patrice B.
04:42 09 Dec 21
Much better facility and wash than store on Broadway.
Katherine B.
23:46 08 Dec 21
Terrible customer service! Had a problem with a gift card/membership which, with decent customer... service, could have easily been solved but nobody there really cared about keeping a customer. Business must be booming to chase people away that easily.As you can see above I had a terrible customer service experience at the car wash. However, after contacting customer service at the corporate office, my complaint was addressed and the problem immediately solved. Kudos to this company and Robin in particular for caring enough to contact and help me.read more
19:12 08 Dec 21
Great place for your car to get clean
Randell B.
16:35 08 Dec 21
Perfect as always!
Shane T.
23:35 07 Dec 21
Grand opening. $1 MVP wash? Awesome, and friendly workers to boot.
Scott J.
21:13 06 Dec 21
Great car wash
Rick K.
20:58 06 Dec 21
Use them everything I go to town.
Brian K.
03:26 06 Dec 21
I love this carwash. We pay 16 bucks a month for unlimited washes (military member) and because... they prerinse everyone's car scratches are less likely.read more
Kim P.
20:34 05 Dec 21
Nice place to get car wash and vacuumed. Just wish everyone would have respect for each other and... keep their music down! The crew or management should be the ones asking the customers to turn down the music not other customers.read more
Robert M.
20:23 05 Dec 21
Well I finally went for a wash, easy and the suv came out clean. Good place, quick and affordable.
Kevin B.
19:24 05 Dec 21
A very good car wash with a 2 day guarantee. Free vacuums sure are great!
Thomas L.
06:53 05 Dec 21
The best car wash in town
Anthony P.
01:26 05 Dec 21
Excellent Service & Great Deals!
Ken A.
23:18 04 Dec 21
Need a wash? This place is worthy of a stop as the basic wash for $10 is far better than you could... do yourself at a self service joint and staff is helpful to boot. Recommend!read more
Chris J.
23:04 04 Dec 21
Great service and great carwash!
Carol R.
21:00 04 Dec 21
The best car wash in town, ever!!!
Mike C.
18:11 04 Dec 21
Always Excellent
April J.
10:34 04 Dec 21
This is my favorite car wash. The attendants spray your car off before entering the wash. The wash... does an excellent job! This is the best wash I've ever been to!!read more
23:07 03 Dec 21
Top Notch!
Tim C.
20:25 03 Dec 21
Always happy smiling faces, and as always, awesome job!
Harry L.
17:51 03 Dec 21
Looks very clean inside and out, vacuums are free and work excellent. There's mat holders and trash... cans right by each parking spot. Although the prices of a wash aren't very cheap, but getting a coat of wax is 100% worth it and will benefit your cars paint in the long run. Definitely coming back here again.read more
Jake B.
16:28 03 Dec 21
I washed my car here, it's not a club though they kicked me out for drinking and dancing in the car... wash.read more
Red W.
11:25 03 Dec 21
Had a great experience at club car wash. Highly responsive and helpful staff. Amazing membership... plans.read more
06:24 03 Dec 21
Love keeping my truck clean and shiny. Club car wash does it. Be glad when they have more around... the cities.read more
Beej T.
22:39 02 Dec 21
My wife has a membership their. I can't use it cause I have a trailer hitch on my pickup. That's... not allowed.read more
Ernest W.
22:12 02 Dec 21
I love my club car wash in Festus, I've been going here for 2 years now and can't do without it
Scott D.
21:09 02 Dec 21
Very good wash I've been happy ever time
dennis S.
20:09 02 Dec 21
Good experience with customer service. Love the pre pass
Kathy M.
14:55 02 Dec 21
Niçe facility
Marc L.
01:55 02 Dec 21
I like the fact that they have multiple locations out of state.
Beonka G.
21:47 01 Dec 21
Great Carwash, cute workers, quick wash 5 out of 5 stars!!
Adria S.
21:33 01 Dec 21
Great customer service
Calvin G.
21:11 01 Dec 21
Well worth the Price!!!FREE Vaccums!!! Don't forget to tip the Workers They do a Great Job!!!!
Heather S.
13:24 01 Dec 21
Like this wash better than Charlie’s. Cleans better and the tire shine doesn’t fling up all over my... freshly washed car. Plus, on Tuesday’s they have $10 VIP car washes which benefit Children’s Mercy Hospital.read more
Becca G.
06:39 01 Dec 21
Great wash. Love the towels to wipe down inside & outside
Teresa S.
21:35 30 Nov 21
Would be a 5 if they had stronger vacuums (fairly strong already) and a place to wash floor mats... instead of taking them around to the wash floor where the cars are coming in.SUPER friendly staff and $10 Tuesday for their best wash was great. Inexpensive car air fresheners and the “show” from the wash was amazing to me. My Jeep is clean top to bottom which is rare for these types of car washes.read more
Joe K.
19:30 30 Nov 21
These guys take care of you
Donna S.
11:32 30 Nov 21
The car wash, vacuums and rug beaters are nice. Though sometimes a vacuum or two is not working... properly and I wonder if the rug beaters get much attention. They do a marginal job and are dusty.read more
David F.
22:50 29 Nov 21
Always great for me
Robert P.
21:37 29 Nov 21
Its good
00:00 29 Nov 21
The place is awesome
Mark D.
20:55 28 Nov 21
Awesome, everyone is great love the car wash.
Christine B.
19:44 28 Nov 21
It is nice to have a clean car. I like 💕 the 24 hr guarantee... If a bird messes on the car... you can re-run through for Free.read more
ConR R.
08:37 28 Nov 21
Okay experience price was okay. Wash job was so so.
Bob A
04:38 28 Nov 21
Fast service. Complete outside clean up. Great job at a fair price.
Bob Baugher, S.
03:48 28 Nov 21
I have the monthly pass. I've been really happy with it. I miss the full service car washes we have... in TX, I'm generally not going to wipe down my car after a wash, I wish they did a full detail (inside carpet shampoo etc) they may offer this but I haven't noticed it on their menu. Otherwise it is a good car wash gets the salt and grime off and very fast with the pass.read more
Chris M
01:49 28 Nov 21
Always a good car washing experience.
Tyler D.
22:52 27 Nov 21
Great place. Love the car wash itself. The lights and bright colors and the fregrance. The vacuums... are amazing. I love using them as they have such power they actually get everything out of my carpets. Great place to clean your car.read more
Hannah M.
20:33 27 Nov 21
Do you still offer a military discount for elite service
Bob P
17:30 27 Nov 21
Clean car the easy way.
Bradley J.
14:53 27 Nov 21
Tried the one near my house, but had to go to Derby. There was a breakdown at 47th and Broadway.... Got an excellent wash at the North Rock road location.read more
Frank C.
02:33 27 Nov 21
First time going here, and I was impressed. Probably going to try the unlimited option come... Spring. Great job, reasonably priced.read more
Dennis H.
16:59 26 Nov 21
Clean car is a happy car. Got get you a membership!!
Christine S.
20:41 24 Nov 21
First time at this particular car wash on Scott boulevard really nice place clean quick and easy... in-and-out and the vehicle looks good keep up the good workread more
phillip w. williams S.
17:34 24 Nov 21
My car looks awesome!
Cheryll M.
03:11 24 Nov 21
Friendly staff, good service, great cleaning job
Steve W.
22:54 23 Nov 21
Great wash for $6
Tom J.
21:46 23 Nov 21
Like this place , cleans my truck good. A good place for a fast truck wash
Linda W.
19:46 23 Nov 21
They have Holiday packages available buy 4 get 2 free nice deal.They offer a club option you get... car washes when ever for a monthly fee..Great idea for manyread more
Dick P.
17:25 23 Nov 21
Man this awesomeThis people are beyond greatLove itThey even give me towel to clean my carAnd... the guy from who great me is so niceLove this placeread more
Jhon s
14:36 23 Nov 21
Friendly cashier, smiling attendants and clean vacuum area. Your car deserves a car wash here!
Barb F.
13:16 23 Nov 21
My favorite place!!!!!! I got too many times a week according to my fiance 😂. I pay monthly... and it's reasonable with free vacuum.read more
Ashley F
05:57 23 Nov 21
Great operation with friendly employees and good prices. The facility was clean, the equipment... worked and with numerous locations around the city, this is my go to carwash business.read more
Jon F.
05:24 23 Nov 21
I belong to the monthly club, it is great to just zip through every time I am in town. The staff... are amazing and the car always comes out sparkling clean.read more
m j
17:37 22 Nov 21
My favorite car wash they actually get your car clean because they take the time to make sure all... the grime and dirt is off dog will come here again and again and again and againread more
doug C.
15:40 22 Nov 21
Happy with their service
Apollo P.
13:03 22 Nov 21
Exelent 👍👍👍👍👍
chuy M.
00:54 22 Nov 21
Great washes. I have been coming for awhile and have notice Tremendous change in the atmosphere and... the over quality of the facility. I definitely recommend and will keep coming!read more
Autumn B.
20:12 21 Nov 21
Nice people working there. The car wash is good.
Michael C.
03:14 21 Nov 21
Excellent service every time
Dustin B.
22:25 20 Nov 21
Timmy outstanding, professional, caring worker. Takes pride in a job well done. Thanks so much
Cory M.
20:33 20 Nov 21
Great car wash made the car sparkle
Cindy L.
19:34 20 Nov 21
Great service, powerful vacuums, convenient hours.
Ilona B.
17:14 20 Nov 21
Very helpful staff!
mark S.
17:02 20 Nov 21
Great place
Ronald Williams (.
15:03 20 Nov 21
Always a great place with awesome service!
Paul A.
13:29 20 Nov 21
The deals going on now are amazing!
Allison S.
22:11 19 Nov 21
Very nice car wash good price They even give you a wet towel to wipe down the inside of your car... while you're going through the car wash. I like!read more
Misty O.
21:48 19 Nov 21
We have been using Club Car Wash since they have opened and have nothing but positive things to say... about them. Using the membership is so easy and if you need to cancel or put on hold they are understanding and helpful. Then there is the inside of your vehicle, the vacuum system is amazing. I have never been to any car wash before that all the vacuums work all the time. Keep up the great work!read more
Ryan/Patricia A.
22:35 18 Nov 21
So easy to wash your vehicle and you're provided with a towel to use to dry and wipe down your... vehicle too. Also have unlimited washes for a small fee each month, love it!!read more
Doug S.
02:27 18 Nov 21
Very clean. The staff are very friendly and efficient.
Gary M.
16:42 17 Nov 21
Great car wash and amazing employees.
Stephen M.
12:32 16 Nov 21
Very fast paced Business, pre washed by people and then by machines.Well worth the money
Frank W.
01:13 16 Nov 21
Got my car completely clean and gives you a towel to wipe down residual water spots and free... vacuums! Will be my go to place when I swing into town to clean my car!read more
Lorry L.
23:47 15 Nov 21
This car was does a pretty good job, every once in a while I will being it back thru if I still see... dirt on it when I am wiping it down.read more
Vicky W.
23:19 15 Nov 21
Always a great wash
casey G.
21:10 15 Nov 21
Awesome carwash. Really good military discount.
Chris B.
03:51 15 Nov 21
Thank you for the free car wash on veteran's day
John D.
02:49 15 Nov 21
Does a good job on my truck. Monthly pass for 30 bucks is a solid deal!
R P.
20:38 14 Nov 21
Great service. I had a Ford Transit 15 seater and it cleared the car wash just fine. I got the... cheapest wash and it was just fine. Just the rear wasn't as clean but probably due to length and design of vehicles. Self serve vaccum worked great, I was there for at least an hour and they didn't say anything. Bathroom was very clean.read more
17:57 14 Nov 21
Amazing place to clean your car
Shannon N.
17:13 13 Nov 21
Love this place because it does a great job of getting my vehicle cleaned. Even purchased a... monthly membership!read more
Marcia G.
16:09 13 Nov 21
Great wash at a good price. Employees were very friendly and helpful
William R.
06:26 13 Nov 21
I love this place. The prices on the packages are decent and you can wash and vacuum your vehicle... as much as you want. The staff is always help and respectful.read more
Arledi “Heavenly Chocolate” J.
11:05 12 Nov 21
I would recommend it because cars come out really clean depending on what wash you choose yourself... and also you get free vacuuming as well.read more
Stacked D.
00:08 12 Nov 21
Good place to get car wash
Eddie C.
23:32 11 Nov 21
Quality service, good facilities, not the easiest access but not bad, if you have a dark colored... car it may leave some swirls in the paintread more
Randall H.
23:17 11 Nov 21
Reasonable rates with a great smile
Heather K.
20:31 11 Nov 21
Hand dry following wash is a nice touch, thanks!
Reba E.
17:26 11 Nov 21
Can I hit it in the morning??
Rick J V.
07:19 11 Nov 21
The wash does a great job. Friendly folks in the booth. Sometimes the crew at the entrance do good... but most of the time not much effort goes into it though. Should be able to tip at the end of the wash, not the beginning.read more
Mark S.
01:32 11 Nov 21
Love this car wash! I bought a membership and with being in real estate, on and off of new... construction sites, downtown, and all around, it’s the best value. Not to mention, the wash itself is stellar, the vacuum is free, and they give you a towel to wipe down excess water. The staff is helpful, responsive, and always smiling! A++read more
Elizabeth Bruch- Your STL Realtor (.
22:22 10 Nov 21
This place is amazing. They give you a towel to clean the inside of your car. They got every bug... off of the front of my car. 10 out of 10 recommend.read more
Joseph T.
21:03 10 Nov 21
Wayne R.
10:46 10 Nov 21
Very efficient operation!
Shannon B
22:29 09 Nov 21
The one on the south side of town is better. They dont spare the pink and blue soap. North side,... you can tell the difference, it looks thinner.read more
Blue F.
17:53 09 Nov 21
I, personally, have yet to utilize this business simply due to a lack of personal transportation.... However, I walk past the joint almost daily. CSRs are pleasant. And it's always clean.read more
McKinsey Rice (.
02:54 09 Nov 21
Excellent wash. But wasn't sure who or where to tip employees.
Jerrimy D.
01:01 09 Nov 21
Good, consistent customer service. Also efficient. 👍
Anthony B.
18:04 08 Nov 21
Have a VIP unlimited membership and really like it. Every team member I've interacted with had been... polite, professional, and knowledgeable. Best to get there early as later in the day seems to not clean nearly as good but still a 10/10 highly recommend.read more
Jim J.
05:39 08 Nov 21
Great car wash, really like the unlimited club. I use them quite often and I would highly recommend
Nick R.
23:52 07 Nov 21
I got the most expensive wash, and when I parked to vac my truck, there was still a lot of dirt on... the bottom of the truck. But it seemed to me to really put me through faster than normal.read more
Mona H.
20:51 07 Nov 21
I used the free vacuum it was very convient
Joseph D.
18:44 07 Nov 21
Quick, easy, convenient. Friendly staff.
Angie F.
07:37 07 Nov 21
This is a carwash. You go there. They wash your car.
Guard B.
02:15 07 Nov 21
Nice car wash
Legina S.
23:12 06 Nov 21
Decent car wash in town
Lin L.
20:55 06 Nov 21
Great except the wash never gets the rocker panels.
Michael P.
20:23 06 Nov 21
They are way way way better than zips!
Nathan S.
16:59 06 Nov 21
Best one in town
a B.
15:23 06 Nov 21
I love this place! They make my tires shiny and they do a great job
Reg O
14:52 06 Nov 21
This is the only place that you can get unlimited Car Wash and Free Self Vaccuming with Brand New... machines that Actually make your Car's interior look like Brand New For $20.00 a Month with auto pay with your debit card or Credit card, They also supply Free Cloth Towels to wipe down all area's of your car, and if you're a Veteran like me you get this Spectacular Deal for $16.75 a Month and you can Cancel your Service at any time, But You know that You want to Look Good in the Car You Drive and So does Your Car, Take My advice and Get This For Yourself because it's not available anywhere else but Club Car Wash and they have locations in Wichita, Derby, and other Cities all over the Country, and their Open Front 8am to 8pm 7 days a week. 😊read more
16:10 05 Nov 21
I have a membership at this car wash. The staff seem happy and do a great job. If there’s a line... you normally get in pretty quick. So glad Lansing has this service.read more
Hannah B.
14:05 05 Nov 21
Those boys work hard. And people can't leave a tip. Shame on those who don't help them out for... washing your carread more
Share C.
08:13 05 Nov 21
The service is great.
Terry B.
22:02 04 Nov 21
Does a great job...keeps my Chevy lookin' good
James C.
18:44 04 Nov 21
Great kids running the car wash!
Vanessa G.
18:40 04 Nov 21
Best deal in town!
Richard B.
17:39 04 Nov 21
Really love my membership , best deal in town! Would like if they would spray on the wheels a... little longer but all in all a great wash and vacuum!read more
Richard B.
17:37 04 Nov 21
Really through in cleaning your car. Vacuum's are really powerful.
John E.
01:06 04 Nov 21
Excellent service
Don W.
23:18 03 Nov 21
Always good don't have to wait much. My car looks great. See ya soon.
Donald T.
21:33 03 Nov 21
Great way to clean the car and get in and out.
Deandre J.
19:53 03 Nov 21
Great car wash...You can get a real good wash for 10 bucks.The staff is friendly and... efficient.Free vac as well.They have a deal for holidays....buy 4 get 2 free. They also have memberships available.read more
Richard P.
18:51 03 Nov 21
Friendly, fast, and clean! I definitely recommend going here for your next car wash!
ashley H.
18:39 03 Nov 21
Always a nice place. The attendants are friendly and helpful. Vacuums work pretty good and you... can't beat $16 dollars a month for basic unlimited. My only complaint is the blowers at the end are kinda subpar. But other than that - overall worth it.read more
Sean P.
14:36 03 Nov 21
They went above and beyond to make sure my truck was clean.
Jeromy B.
13:11 03 Nov 21
Excellent service!! Good deal on Tuesday and the monthly package is a nice deal too... They even... hand dry your car after.read more
pup M.
23:51 02 Nov 21
Great car wash place I have a membership and they even washed my floor mats for me with there power... washer!read more
Samantha E.
17:14 02 Nov 21
Friendly staff. Like how they still spray the hard areas before entering the main wash .
nathan B.
16:55 02 Nov 21
Professional, fast and a high quality product. We are members of the “club” and absolutely love it.... We went on a weekend trip to St. Louis, the car got dirty, I thought I was gonna have to wait till I got home, but lo and behold there are club car washes all throughout Missouri. So my baby stayed clean and I stayed happy! Absolutely love being a member.read more
Stephen M.
14:07 02 Nov 21
Did a really good job on my car. Will go back.
Alesia W.
03:45 01 Nov 21
Nice car was
Songie M.
22:43 31 Oct 21
Always have been fast
melvin H.
16:24 31 Oct 21
Oh this my new exclusive place to keep my vehicles 🚗 serviced and clean ! Price is the best... in town I switched from zips and I appreciate the respect this business gives to veterans and active duty military!read more
John M.
11:10 31 Oct 21
Nice and awesome
Kathy R.
23:29 30 Oct 21
I stop in every time I am in salina and get my car washed...great deal on a great wash...will keep... using your service A++++read more
Kevin C.
19:50 30 Oct 21
Love this place!
Jessica H.
19:23 29 Oct 21
Best automated car was I've ever used!! Staff is amazing and the price is perfect
Alan G.
18:34 29 Oct 21
Have good deals on washes and free vacumns
jennifer R.
18:17 29 Oct 21
The service here is great. They deliver a great wash and never fail to get my car cleaned. They... always smile and say thank you when I tip. You guys have a great team at the Scott Blvd location. Love this place I always feel welcome!read more
Garrett F.
17:56 29 Oct 21
Just started my monthly subscription here so far so good... Can jump in the fast lane and can have... my truck vacuumed out in no time.. they also have damp towels for cleaning of the interior and drying of the exterior... They work good on windows too.read more
Brandy H.
18:29 28 Oct 21
Great $20 a month deal
Heather S.
08:16 28 Oct 21
Cleans my car really good and the smell of the car wash is excellent! I felt that the cost was... worth it to join and as the weather conditions start getting bad, this will allow be to easily be able to keep the dirt and later the salt off my car!read more
Bill M.
05:32 28 Oct 21
Cat was very clean
nathan H.
15:24 27 Oct 21
I have big membership I love being able to pull right in keep my car clean
Londa R.
01:11 27 Oct 21
Most excellent service as always! Club carcass never disappoints! 10$ Tuesday!
Ben C.
00:29 27 Oct 21
Love the car wash. Could do without the loud music coming from other cars when vacuuming. ... Sometimes it's a lot of cuss words, not something I want my grandkids hearing when they are with us. Why not turn the music down and respect everyone.read more
Suzanne S.
15:04 26 Oct 21
The employees working this wash are great. They are always polite, professional and do a great job.... Equipment is new and works extremely well. Highly recommend Club Car Wash!read more
Josh S.
10:36 26 Oct 21
Love the service
Stephen L.
00:11 26 Oct 21
Gets the car clean
Kathy H.
22:01 25 Oct 21
Not going to lie I showed up wanting to cancel my membership I was so overwhelmed and in satisfied... with my washes, then Andrea walked me through everything and fixed my tire shine then she came out and washed the car for me and after that she showed me how to make sure I get no spots on my car! These old bones Surely did appreciate her. I even kept my membership but I’m only going to wash when she’s thereread more
Toby G.
18:07 25 Oct 21
Super friendly, fast and knowledgeable.I got a young lady blonde hair always has blue glasses on.... I believe she said her name was “Andrea?” Helped me at the booth, washed my truck then walked the parking lot and asked how everything turned out. Hands down recommend!read more
Skud J.
15:49 25 Oct 21
Best car wash in Leavenworth
Jeff H.
03:32 25 Oct 21
Clean car good
Carlito C.
22:01 24 Oct 21
Brand new car wash that renovated and existing car wash. It is a scrubbing Car Wash not a... touch-free. Lots of options for how fancy you want your wash. They give you real cloth towels to clean your interior, but if you use them on the Windows they will leave a film. Some people have complained that the soap and chemicals leave a candy or bubble gum smell. The vacuum area is spacious with hoses on both sides of the car and a few stalls with extra long hoses to reach the back of SUVs. The vacuums have plenty of suction probably the most of any place I've been.read more
Jack S.
03:19 24 Oct 21
Nice place for a car wash
Jenae O.
02:00 24 Oct 21
Easy in and out. Reasonable and clean.
Chrissy L.
23:26 23 Oct 21
The very best for money spent
Edward S.
23:25 23 Oct 21
Free vacuum and towels. Just get the basic wash. The other washes leave a gross film on the... windshield.read more
proteus S.
23:17 23 Oct 21
Friendly service. Great car wash. Great vacuuming system .!!
Shirley H.
20:31 23 Oct 21
Very good wash service. Can be crowded but early day works. Special on Tuesdays.
Richard I. O.
20:00 23 Oct 21
Great car wash and the interior vacuums have super suction! Be careful! 🙂
TR 1
18:37 23 Oct 21
Best investment I've ever made in purchasing a monthly membership! Cleans the car very well!!
Jerry Gentry J.
15:59 23 Oct 21
Easy in and out
Chrissy W.
15:42 23 Oct 21
This car wash is absolutely the best hands down. Their membership prices are unbeatable and the... fact they prep your vehicle before it actually hits the wash is amazing. If you are in the area and want to have a clean vehicle I would suggest stopping by and seeing for yourself.read more
Ashley J.
15:34 23 Oct 21
Good workers polite. I highly recommend.
Bill L.
14:54 23 Oct 21
This is the best place in Columbia to have your car washed. Affordable, friendly, and great hours.... Be sure to tip, they work very hard in all kinds of weather.read more
David M.
02:07 23 Oct 21
Did a great job on my extremely dirty truck! Highly recommend!
Terry G.
23:01 22 Oct 21
Fast and I love the idea of giving young adults a chance to earn money. Best education about... earning your way into a better life.read more
Amy L.
22:12 22 Oct 21
Drive thru wash gets my van clean every time. Got exhaust residue off my wheels. Free towels to... wipe interior and dry ones to use with glass cleaner. Vacuums all have great suction.read more
Lynnae F.
21:20 22 Oct 21
Great service very polite they did a wonderful job
suzanne S.
19:36 22 Oct 21
Excellent car wash, best drive through car wash I’ve ever had. The membership is well worth it.
20:09 21 Oct 21
Always wonderful
The Fluffy S.
17:33 21 Oct 21
Great value for the monthly plan
Dewayne W.
14:58 21 Oct 21
My wife and I felt this Club Car Wash applied less product than our usual washes in Derby. Still... the best car wash I have used with great vacuums for the inside.read more
Billy B.
11:57 20 Oct 21
Lovm this place...
Rick W.
19:30 19 Oct 21
Best Car Wash 🚗 Ever, With unlimited Car Wash 🚗 and Feee Vaccuming for Only $20.00... a month, You owe Your 🚗 and Yourself The Dignity to Look Good 👍, Just ask your Car 🚗 and Your Friends, and Tell them about the Best Car 🚗 Wash and Let them Be Happy to 😊❤read more
18:48 19 Oct 21
Stop here every week, full clean and vacuum! Love this place!
Damean R.
03:29 19 Oct 21
Great carwash for the price! The young men are very polite and really prewash your car well.
Edita 2.
01:09 19 Oct 21
The staff is amazing and always friendly
Bill R.
23:03 18 Oct 21
Great service and price when getting the packages. The MVP pays for itself in a carwash and a half.... Unlimited washes for $32 per month.read more
Michelle H.
19:34 18 Oct 21
The Nifong location is a little tricky to get into easily, but this was some top notch service! Not... saying the other locations are great, but they really one upped!read more
Sara S.
13:53 18 Oct 21
Very friendly, patient and accommodating employees. Car wash works really well. I had zillions of... baked on bugs. Other car washes were not getting them off. Club Car Wash got them all cleaned off. My car looks brand new again.read more
Mary H.
11:44 18 Oct 21
Fun! Like a carnival ride!
Kay A.
04:08 18 Oct 21
Did a nice job.
Joshua A.
02:35 18 Oct 21
Does a good job cleaning my car. My car is white so that tells you a lot.
Kathy S.
01:41 18 Oct 21
First time to visit. My car was very clean afterward.
Rebecca H.
20:48 17 Oct 21
Friendly staff. My kids got a kick out of the neon lights and whirling machines... They said it was... better than a roller coaster ride! 😂🤣 We will be regulars!read more
Alison C.
17:54 17 Oct 21
My car stay shining 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Business S.
16:06 17 Oct 21
Great place and fast service. Love getting my vehicles washed here and they offer a military... discount.read more
Charles M.
04:09 17 Oct 21
Does a great job and makes your car smell fresh. Staff is friendly and courteous!
Debra Y
02:51 17 Oct 21
Stopped in for a quick wash. Pick your options, pay at the booth, drive through. It is not... touchless if that's what you're looking for.read more
Aaron R.
19:03 16 Oct 21
Best wash in the area! I love that my membership works at every location as well!
Nic C.
16:26 16 Oct 21
This wanamaker location is great! The workers are always smiling and do a great job of going above... and beyond. Love club car wash!read more
Jenniferfer H.
14:41 16 Oct 21
Más rápido
Gabriela G.
13:32 16 Oct 21
Love this place I wash my truck at least once a week it gets dirty at work
Joshua O.
03:23 16 Oct 21
Literally love this Car Wash! Such a nice place, great prices and I love the easy and accessible... vaccums. This is always where I go when I need a quick wash!read more
Jocelyn H.
23:35 15 Oct 21
Friendly and does a great job
John K.
23:00 15 Oct 21
Great service!
Jeanette W
19:09 15 Oct 21
Great crew. Not sure how this place could do it better but if they do Google will need to add more... stars to the review.read more
Dory Hayes (.
14:10 14 Oct 21
This place has free vacuum's and while your there they will offer to spray you floor mats at no... cost. Remember they do take tips.read more
Brian F.
13:40 14 Oct 21
Gets the car clean and shiny. Their vacuums are powerful and in great working order. The... complimentary drying cloths are a nice touch.read more
David G.
05:41 14 Oct 21
This car wash is amazing, I switched from rainstorm and will never go to another car wash!
Ashely D.
20:23 13 Oct 21
Henry H.
18:25 13 Oct 21
I got the Elite Car Wash which is more than I normally would. I had just gotten back from a 2 week... - 2,200 mile round trip. On the way back home it must have been bug mating season because the outside of my car was covered in what used to be bugs. I explained the foregoing to the Cashier and said that I was going to bring my car back around if it wasn't clean. The Cashier said don't worry you can, you have a 2 day guarantee.When done with the wash, I checked my car over at the Vacuum Cleaners. Amazingly, the car was spotless, not 1 dead bug! I could not believe it!!!The Vacuum Cleaners really, really sucked! I could not believe how powerful the suction was! They must have like a cosmic Black Hole at the other end of the Vacuum Cleaner system. Warning: Watch your fingers and other dangling parts! The Vacuums did the best job ever on cleaning the inside of the car and trunk!I highly recommend Club Car Wash in Warrenton, MO!!!read more
Eric T.
16:55 13 Oct 21
Clean Place friendly people did a good job on my car getting the bugs and tar off of it thinking... about becoming a member of their unlimited washread more
Dave D.
16:17 13 Oct 21
Good car wash they did a really good job getting the bugs and tar off of my truck well lit at night... unlimited Club thinking about becoming a memberread more
Dave D.
16:07 13 Oct 21
Good car wash
Cheri M.
14:48 13 Oct 21
Good place to get your car wash but keep your head on a swivel we do have jackers in the vicinity.
Dwight P.
14:20 13 Oct 21
Best vacuum cleaner I seen in a long time
John M.
00:27 13 Oct 21
Usually quick line, good wash, especially wheels; negative is a lot of times they have the cars... going into the wash like 2 inches apart……not a comfortable feeling, and at least a foot apart woukdnt slow the rate down measurably.read more
Chase H.
21:21 12 Oct 21
Favorite car wash I’ve ever used. Joined the VIP club and don’t regret it for a second. My truck... is always clean now!read more
Melissa B.
18:34 12 Oct 21
I've had a membership since the 21st street location opened and I have had a great experience every... time. I probably visit once per week. Thank you for great service!read more
18:02 12 Oct 21
Friendly staff, vacumes are awesome! We only use club car wash now. Always happy with how our cars... results.read more
Jessica C.
10:38 12 Oct 21
Great place to wash the whip
JermTim77 K.
01:44 12 Oct 21
Employees on hit
Scott B.
23:57 10 Oct 21
I live 2 hours away but I cannot pass this Carwash up when I go by. Their customer service is... amazing!!! The wash is second to NONE!! If it’s not clean the first time (which happens….I live on gravel and it takes extra work to get clean) they do it again no problem. If I lived here I’d have the monthly package FOR SURE!!! I appreciate you all so much!read more
Brandy J.
20:11 10 Oct 21
Always seems to do a good job, tire shine is thick, if you dont like it, tell them not to put it on
19:49 10 Oct 21
Got an MVP with an interior cleaning add on. Interior is only $10 extra, but these guys do a... fantastic job and it is definitely worth more than that, so be sure to tip generously.Car is now super fresh and clean, may as well be just driving it off of the lot.Great service for very reasonable prices.read more
Corinne B.
18:18 10 Oct 21
Nice clean and good job
Mark D.
18:03 10 Oct 21
Great car wash. Highly recommended. We are members with 2 vehicles. A midsize suv and a... hardtop convertible. Safe for both and keeps the cars clean. Plus very friendly staff!read more
Nathan D.
07:14 10 Oct 21
So far. So good!!!
Sarah W.
02:48 10 Oct 21
I loved it. Great prices and friendly service 👏 great job guys
Christine H.
23:34 09 Oct 21
Turn your vents on during the wash, your truck will smell like a candy store!
troy T.
23:25 09 Oct 21
I like this place. Does a good job and I can go through Everytime I'm in the area. Only thing is I... wish they could turn down the dryers. They are powerful.read more
Doug G.
21:08 09 Oct 21
Really enjoyed the thorough car wash!
Justin B.
16:04 09 Oct 21
Always gets our car spotless!!!
Christina O.
13:16 09 Oct 21
Everything was great i don't like auto wash but this one will get my business
John W.
11:10 09 Oct 21
Reasonable rates. Staff nice
Donna S.
09:43 09 Oct 21
Great car wash
Kurt B.
21:45 08 Oct 21
Great place for a do it yourself car wash.
Robert S.
18:22 08 Oct 21
My favorite location!
emily G.
15:19 08 Oct 21
I switch to the carwash from another. I get so much more for the same amount of money.
Derrick G.
14:17 08 Oct 21
Like the monthly fees. Only $15.00.
Kristina G.
16:51 07 Oct 21
The Elite package is great my daughter loves going thru the car wash and seeing all the colorful... lights, and I also love how shiny the tires come out.read more
Carlos B.
16:20 07 Oct 21
very clean
Tim L.
01:11 07 Oct 21
Awesome crew!!!
Steve E.
16:14 06 Oct 21
Terry D.
12:16 06 Oct 21
On Tuesdays you can get a $15 wash for $10 👍
Amy C.
03:01 06 Oct 21
Great service, reasonable price, very helpful statg
vimal P.
11:10 05 Oct 21
Our expedition was covered in bugs and grasshoppers. The car wash was awesome.
Debbie P.
02:06 05 Oct 21
Washed three cars today.
Rory R.
22:52 04 Oct 21
Great staff
Granville H.
20:23 04 Oct 21
Omg best touch less car wash i have ever tried.
Leah H.
18:19 04 Oct 21
Washed the car here last weekend, great service, quick & easy.
Bryan P.
12:57 04 Oct 21
Great experience
Charles N.
14:31 03 Oct 21
Awesome thank you great job.A++
02:08 03 Oct 21
Great place
Chris B.
01:27 03 Oct 21
It’s crazy how fast and easy it was. They do an awesome job.
Roy D
21:05 02 Oct 21
Friday! Car wash around! Free vacs and free 2nd wash within 2 days
Ben C.
19:47 02 Oct 21
Amazing as always. Been going since day 1 and I won't go anywhere else ❤💯
Corey E.
01:00 02 Oct 21
Every time I go they are so friendly! I even went right before they closed ( didn't realize it) and... they were so friendly and let me know when the vacuum was going to shut off since they can't control that. Definitely recommendread more
Krystal R.
17:49 01 Oct 21
Love.... Love... Love this place. Free vaccum and wipe down towels.
Dave C.
16:14 01 Oct 21
Memberships are good, Vacuums could use some work
Rebecca H.
01:28 01 Oct 21
Wish I could drop by more often
Ron H.
21:14 30 Sep 21
Good car wash does a great job free vacuums good specials
Thomas A.
13:49 30 Sep 21
Fantastic wash quick and efficient. It comes with a bunch of free perks like mat cleaning and... windex. Love it.read more
Rachel V.
17:01 29 Sep 21
Fantastic car wash!
Collin P.
16:12 29 Sep 21
We love having a Club Car Wash in Waterloo!
Kendell P.
16:10 29 Sep 21
Great deal great wash
car C.
14:39 29 Sep 21
Good wash, but a single wash is a little pricey. Subscription deal seems like a good value though.
Benjamin Z.
02:17 29 Sep 21
Club Carwash does an excellent job pre-washing, and spot cleaning my windows, rims, and the bsck of... my vehicles. I am so excited for the new one being built by Grand Prairie. My car will be spotless all the time!!!read more
angie H.
00:03 29 Sep 21
A value for the price! Great service, conveniently located. Give it a try.
David S.
22:59 28 Sep 21
Best place
Amanda L.
22:10 28 Sep 21
Had a great wash with my 1st time visit to Club Car Wash on "$10 Tuesday" for a value of $25.Great... service at the counter, awesome job from the pre-wash, complete wash and spotless dry through the tunnel, powerful vacuum and free microfiber towel for the finishing touch.Hope to visit again.read more
Nishantha W.
21:22 28 Sep 21
Clean and good car wash. Hope there is a senior manager to pay some attention to detail. I... frequently travel to Chicago and my windshield and the front has insects all over from the drive through the marsh near the river.. but I always end up with job half done.read more
Praneeth C.
22:37 27 Sep 21
The car wash does a great job with cleaning the car. However, if you are not a member, it can take... a very long time to get through the line because the process of explaining every single option to people is tedious. There needs to be a more streamlined process for explaining options for people who want to purchase their passes. Otherwise, it's a great place.read more
Katie S.
21:49 27 Sep 21
The car wash club is a vehicle wash and a club if you choose to join. It is fairly reasonable and... the car came out very nice. The club is not that expensive and I will probably take advantage of it during the winter months when they start to put down salt. I do love driving thru the carwash any time I want. There is just something about not having to stop and pay that is exciting I suppose. The staff there is very attentive and if you can grab a dollar or two for them as a tip.I ordered the middle of the road wash and the car looks good. The windshield was clear and clean which to me is the most important thing. If it does not look clean how could the rest of the car be clean.I like this place there are 2 in town and I think you join one club and you mihgt be able to use both but don't hold me to it. They gave me lots of information.read more
20:49 27 Sep 21
Nice car wash
kenneth W.
12:46 27 Sep 21
It was a beautiful day so it was kind of busy but the line moved along quickly did a great job and... I'll be backread more
02:01 27 Sep 21
This carwash is great gets your car cleaned and leaves no scum on it I recommend it
Vernon S.
22:52 26 Sep 21
The wax last real long on your 🚗
Zechariyah YAHAWAH R.
04:38 26 Sep 21
Great place that got the bugs off the front grill. Nice job done with waxing. They all had great ... customer service. Thank you!!read more
Jeremy C.
01:42 26 Sep 21
Love the free towels to dry the car
Amy T.
21:30 25 Sep 21
Love the car wash but needs improvement with the vacuuming service. Love the idea of free vacuum... after I get my truck washed but I can't finish a good vehicle cleaning if everyone from the streets just drive in and take up all the vacuums. I've lost count how many times cars just pull right in and into the vacuum spots. I'm not getting the full service of what yall advertise if I can't even vacuum my vehicle. Tried to be patient a couple ttimes but then I got a line of cars behind me who just got washed and have nowhere to go. Are people that don't get their cars washed there allowed to just pull right into the vacuum spots?read more
Joey S.
18:15 25 Sep 21
In my opinion this does a better job than Charlie’s.
Becca G.
17:07 25 Sep 21
Bobbie K.
04:48 25 Sep 21
Great wash,s & vacuum is great they love our car,s Treet you so want to back.
Brian L.
01:33 25 Sep 21
Removed 2000 miles of bugs. Free 2nd wash within 2 days
Bill S.
22:04 24 Sep 21
Awesome opossum!
D D.
21:45 24 Sep 21
Too expensive for me.
Keith D.
20:35 24 Sep 21
Their machine does a great job my car comes out all sparkly and clean and they give you free... shammy's cloths to use.read more
Jerry G.
18:48 24 Sep 21
I've never had any issues and my husband drives to Wichita multiple times a week, so lots of bugs. ... The guys always work hard to remove them all!read more
Meagan B
18:32 24 Sep 21
Hands-down the best automatic car wash I’ve been to. Have not had any excessive damage or scratches... done to any of my vehicles that I have noticed. If I could go back to being 16 again I would definitely have a job there. You can tell a lot by a person by how clean the vehicle is.read more
Mitchell “BurDock Root” B.
14:58 24 Sep 21
I love this car wash
Teresa R.
13:03 24 Sep 21
Only place I go.
Dave A.
12:48 24 Sep 21
Cool new wave vacumes neon lights , This techno car wash is the coolest I've been to in a while ,... The car came out absolutely beautiful I absolutely love this place Keep up the great work guysread more
John R.
20:04 23 Sep 21
With more locations being added all the time, makes this great deal even better when traveling!
Gary G.
15:43 23 Sep 21
Great car wash great staff
Christine Z.
04:17 23 Sep 21
Love the free vacuums
J. Mark C.
01:12 23 Sep 21
Fun experience. I've noticed you must wipe car off though or else it leaves a film. Vacuuming works... great!read more
Angela W.
18:33 22 Sep 21
Love this place and they love there veterans!
Timothy C.
14:41 22 Sep 21
Nice place to rinse off the buggy
Richard B.
14:26 22 Sep 21
That vacuum is so powerful and awesome will definitely be here again
Benjamin T.
14:19 22 Sep 21
Good customer server
Amaris C.
13:54 22 Sep 21
Great car wash! Tuesdays are specials day... $10 for a $25 car wash! Even includes spraying your... tires.... and unlimited excellent vacuums!Try it! Cheersread more
Greg M.
11:45 22 Sep 21
Love this car wash! Wish we had one where we live!
Tonya T.
01:14 22 Sep 21
Very nice car wash. Being able to have a highest tier plan with no tire shine is a great perk.... Unfortunately sometimes people get out of line, causing me to get tire shine all over my truck.read more
Josh T.
00:21 22 Sep 21
Love this car wash
Janet T.
23:16 21 Sep 21
My suv gets clean always 💘 it!!!
Lisa K.
21:04 21 Sep 21
Always great to go here. Hopefully the winter months are just as good. Thanks
Earl C.
20:10 21 Sep 21
Little pricey, but great value
Jacob B.
20:28 20 Sep 21
Best car wash in Columbia and House Springs hands down. $15 a month unlimited rookie wash and my... car looks amazing and brand new every wash.read more
Kathleen M.
19:47 20 Sep 21
Love there system. Leaves my car looking great and not just for a day
Donna M.
23:40 19 Sep 21
I purchased the VIP 2 for $20 wash, and was very impressed with the outcome. The attendants sprayed... my SUV down very well beforehand. I'll definitely be back.read more
Scott J.
23:34 19 Sep 21
The staff were polite and friendly. The wash was quick. Didn't have a long wait either.
19:28 19 Sep 21
Best car wash in Springfield.
Chuck F.
15:59 19 Sep 21
Fast and friendly staffs
Dan N.
12:36 19 Sep 21
Great car wash
James R.
07:15 19 Sep 21
Convenient, close to home, on monthly plan, go at least once a week
Kel B
02:25 19 Sep 21
I washed my car 3 times I enjoy the colors while going through the carwash. Also the vacuums clean... really well for $40 a month for MVP I will be referring my friends thanks Club Car Washread more
Sandtago J.
01:05 19 Sep 21