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Club Car Wash
Based on 12364 reviews
The attendants are friendly. They do a great job. Car wash is easy. My car looks great.
03:52 05 Feb 23
Very good customer service and employee
sunny P.
01:23 05 Feb 23
Wash is okSeems to miss some spots,leave some residueProcess is very rushed
Kevin C.
23:43 04 Feb 23
Amazing job truck shines like a diamond 100 times better than any other car wash in the area
Jack C.
23:18 04 Feb 23
I have no issues with the service. Very pleased. The membership deals are great.
Dario M.
23:16 04 Feb 23
Great car wash with vacuums and clean environment!
21:29 04 Feb 23
Great place
John L.
21:17 04 Feb 23
Great place to wash your car
Robert B.
20:37 04 Feb 23
I had some baked on sticky, dry dirt along the sides of my vehicle that didn't completely come off when the wash was... done. I mentioned to an employee, and they told me to take it back through. They spent time sparying and hand-cleaning my vehicle before it went through again. Awesome service!read more
19:39 04 Feb 23
Excellent wash. Can't lose with club carwash! My ride is always fresh.
Russell M.
01:56 04 Feb 23
Another great club carwash! Not much to say. Is your car dirty? Take it here. No more dirty car.
Russell M.
01:51 04 Feb 23
These young people work hard, and always friendly...at all locations! Free towels, scents, and vacuums. No brainer!
22:39 03 Feb 23
Folks,just know where the beginning of the line is.
TjK Painting & D.
20:18 03 Feb 23
Got a great deal on the monthly payment fer what i need. Have not been to happy with my recent visits to the wash, the... second set of rolling brushes were none operational and the first set misses on the passenger door every time..read more
Raymond B.
17:19 03 Feb 23
Best car wash aroundUPDATE My boss said my truck glowed so bright he was blinded temporarily.
15:30 03 Feb 23
Awesome promotion going on now. $10 per month for three months on any car club membership. Cancel anytime but well... worth the money during this promotion. Great way to get the salt off of your vehicle.read more
David R.
12:34 03 Feb 23
Bought a membership a few months ago for my new car. I go through and it is always nice and shiny when I am done. I... also like that the vacuums are free and they are easily accessible trash cans near the vacuums. Staff was also very nice and I did not make me feel stupid when I could not figure out how to put my new car in neutral. Also grabbed my temporary plate for me when it blew off!read more
Savannah H.
07:02 03 Feb 23
Nice car.monthly Membership is well worth it. Very powerful vacuums and they give you a towel to help you wipe down... your car.read more
A H.
01:51 03 Feb 23
Great friendly staff they always getblack car spotless granted it is dirty 10 minutes later but that is my fault
ClassicCars 6.
00:17 03 Feb 23
they always do such a great job and make my car look like new. it’s also fast and reasonably priced
Annika B.
22:40 02 Feb 23
Get the $17 wash. Removes salt and made my car and black rims gorgeous.
Kimmie K.
22:21 02 Feb 23
I maneuvered my way through the tight parking lot. paid for a car wash with speedy service. enjoyed the automated car... wash. appreciated the service and went on my way.read more
Drake O.
21:19 02 Feb 23
Great place! The employees are very friendly!
Theora B.
15:07 02 Feb 23
I have been a loyal customer of Club Car Wash for some time now and I am consistently impressed with the quality of... service I receive. I bring my Chevy Cruze in for a wash and I always leave with a sparkling clean car. The staff is friendly, efficient, and take great pride in their work. I love how my car looks and feels after a wash from Club Car Wash. I highly recommend this car wash to anyone looking for a great experience and a clean car.read more
Adventurous S.
04:18 02 Feb 23
The wash does a great job. Friendly folks in the booth. Sometimes the crew at the entrance do good but most of the time... not much effort goes into it though. Should be able to tip at the end of the wash, not the beginning.I did an experiment. Several times I tipped when there was nobody behind me. It didn't make any difference in the effort, still mediocre at best.Some employees put in effort, others never put in any effort.read more
Mark S.
01:26 02 Feb 23
The free vacuums are a huge plus making the price always with it.
Marlon “Merlin” W.
01:17 02 Feb 23
Great service
Bishop K.
14:58 01 Feb 23
$10 Tuesday is when I go.
Brendan S.
13:35 01 Feb 23
Always great to clean my truck and get all the salt and dirt off! They were quick and always do a wonderful job. Thanks!
Karen Van De W.
00:21 01 Feb 23
Great car wash. The kids do a super thorough job.
Randy C.
23:42 31 Jan 23
What a great concept, when you live in a rural area of Kansas, you need to wash your car often, this place is perfect... for keeping your car nice!Thank you!read more
Russ F.
22:17 31 Jan 23
Best deal yet
Duane D.
22:16 31 Jan 23
Nice and clean. Never a long wait, even when it looks busy!
Melissa H.
22:14 31 Jan 23
It's an carwash not much to say good work nice employees.
Kenny thaBoss W.
19:18 31 Jan 23
Wow wow wow. I just got my truck cleaned here, today 01/31/2023 at 10:15, and the two attendants were amazing. They saw... the mud in the wheel wells etc. and went the extra mile to thoroughly clean it. Very impressed by their courtesy and work ethic. I didn't have any cash on me but I am going to the bank and getting them a tip because they completely deserve it. Bravo and Brava! Give them a raise.read more
Seán Patrick S.
16:20 31 Jan 23
Great experience every time I get a car wash! Thanks club car wash.
Aaron S.
16:10 31 Jan 23
The best car wash in missouri
Steve R.
16:01 31 Jan 23
Nice staff, Efficient,
Vicki B.
22:03 30 Jan 23
Love this place. Have military discount so the cost is very affordable
Robin H.
19:54 30 Jan 23
Great experience towels provided to you for drying or cleaning your car also with solution.
Joshua H.
19:20 30 Jan 23
Very convenient
Andre I.
17:58 30 Jan 23
Very good overall - so.etumes out of cleaning towels, but swem to be on top of vacuum maintenance, etc... Wash does a... nice job on my cars.read more
Gordon A.
15:15 30 Jan 23
Young lady at entrance to pay was very helpful. Car got washed to my satisfaction.
Angel M.
12:53 30 Jan 23
The staff were quick to spray down my van before I drove onto the track to go forward.
Brenda L.
02:10 30 Jan 23
Best Gift Ever! The vaccumnes alone make it worth the membership.
00:19 30 Jan 23
They offer a great deal for veterans. $20 per month for the $30 level.
Thomas H.
18:26 29 Jan 23
Its 23 degrees and these guys are going the extra mile to power wash off all the frozen mud in my wheel wells. Best... vacuums around and they provide spray bottles and microfibers so you can stay and detail your car for free. Love this place!read more
Garrett F.
17:34 29 Jan 23
I was getting ready to go through the car wash and the young man told me very politely that their were technical issues... and it would be a few minutes wait. He apologized that I had to wait. Such polite young man.read more
Ronnah B.
16:49 29 Jan 23
So far so good
gamera the B.
16:43 29 Jan 23
Expensive but amazing wash and very professional people. Super modern and clean.
Theodore B
07:12 29 Jan 23

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