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shaaron S.
I was very pleased my first time through the Hutchinson location so I have amembership now. It takes off a lot ofthings other washes don't and the shineit leaves lasts.
free Towles to use and complementary floor mat washing.
Response from the owner: - Thank you for visiting our Bloomington location and for your 5 star review! We hope to see you again very soon!
Linda H.
We have used the Club Car Wash many times usually in Hutch and are very pleased. So when I purchased my “ New to me” car” this was one of the first places I came to and signed up for my membership 😊
Lynda M.
Always the best carwash ever!!
Quick, price is reasonable. Car is always clean!Thank you Club Car Wash 🚗
Sandy G.
I bought a membership but I don't get a towel to dry my car with it an air freshener when I go through the membership lane. Car wash is great though.
Joseph B.
Ok. Just a 33 percent increase from last year is a little bit much. INFLATION
Barb S.
Always thorough
Victor G.
This guy's are doing very good 👍
Response from the owner: Victor Gonzalez- Thank you for visiting our Wichita location and for your 5 star review! We are looking forward to seeing you again!
Norman S.
Clean car very well
Joel B.
Overall, does a good job. Depending on the vehicle doesn't always get the backend very well. Staff is pretty good.
Jim S.
They turned up the pressure just a little. Dose better.
Response from the owner: Jim Barns- Thank you for visiting our Sedalia location and for your 5 star review! We are looking forward to seeing you again!
Alejandro C.
Nice one!!
They were so nice and helpful for a very dirty pickup!
Natalie C.
My first time there I was greeted with kindness and life family, I love the cleaness of it and how big the machines are to go around your car.
Gerry H.
Nice facility and fair prices
Jon A
Had the membership her for a few years and love it! My Silverado hasn’t looked better!
Rich R.
Great facility
Bill R.
Great service...however limited locations, the competition is growing faster...which means longer drives and limited visits...
Luis R.
It is very nice to have you in our community as we know it will make us happy
Lucky P.
Best car wash in town!! Love their wax treatments too, car looks great 👍
Nicki J.
I went for the first time today, it was busy but didn’t have to wait long. Fast service, did excellent job on my car! Friendly people.
Lexi C.
Just needed a quick vacuum in the whip and was in and out. No lines was a plus!
Jeremy D.
Monthly deals are the way to go
John H.
Monthly Military cost $20 per vehicle. Unlimited visits. Wonderful business. 🚗
Response from the owner: - Thank you for visiting our Sedalia location and for your 5 star review! We are looking forward to seeing you again!
They do a great job here! They get through the long line very fast if there is one and they typically have several people working to help you.
Syed Mohd F.
I liked the club car wash due to its exceptional service quality, outstanding customer care, excellent value, impeccably clean facilities, eco-friendly practices, and innovative additional Vaccum cleaners, and towel offerings.
James H.
Great wash, towels for wipe down and more!
mike C.
Service may be a little more than your normal car wash experience but they do an excellent job cleaning the exterior of your car. Room to clean the interior is adequate and thr vacuum cleaners actually work without having to remove empty beer cans or other junk from clogged vacuum hoses. Overall good experience.
Response from the owner: Hi mike corlas - Thank you for your feedback.
Grayson C.
Been my go-to for while in Iowa
Stephen U.
Really good car wash and reasonable prices
Staci G.
The kids do a great job cleaning our cars! Always friendly and helpful! This Club Wash is my favorite one!
Jana W.
Absolutely the best place to get your vehicle washed.
Jason Hunt (This G.
I love this location!
Response from the owner: Jason Hunt (EyeSea)- Thank you for visiting our Arnold location and for your 5 star review! We are looking forward to seeing you again!
LeRoy B.
Always good, service & wash
Amber B.
Workers are great at this location, and the wash is great.
Robert D.
Very nice car wash gets ur car clean and very friendly employees
By far, this is the best car wash I have ever been to.
Sandy B.
Very nice. Car was beautiful when done!
James F.
Busy but still quick
Response from the owner: Hi James Fink - Thank you for visiting our Troy location and for your 5 star review! We look forward to seeing you again!
Kelle H.
Quick n easy
dale H.
Nice and easy ride through car wash. Friendly staff, powerful free vacuums.
J M (.
Best place to wash your car. I've had the ceramide finish top wash and the basic. Does good on tires. Usually the back needs wiped down so take a towel or go to the window for a courtesy towel.
Mark O.
Great car wash only have to detail small water spots
carl M.
Best facilities and Customer Service anywhere i’ve been in the country
Sherry F.
Monday, April 29 about 8:45 AM the two guys working in there did an awesome job. I had mud in my tires and they spent a lot of extra time taking care of that for me very much appreciated.
Deborah O.
Very friendly and helpful employees!!
Di H.
Amazing place! My car mats were dirty from mud and having not been cleaned for years…. They now shine!!! I’ve never been to a car wash that works so well. The free vacuum is great too. My floor looks clean and looks just as new as when I bought my car 10 years ago! My truck bed is clean now too. I’m so happy I went here and plan to go back frequently!
Ray B.
It's a very good car wash, and dries well too. I typically go to the Independence store. The employees always seem very happy to be there, from the ones that scan my sticker, ( love that they don't make you put it on your window, mine is inside my door jam) to the people who pre-wash your vehicle, great job!Very powerful vacuums, nice touch with towels, Windex,and air fresheners. 🧽🧼
Hemi C.
these types of carwashes have popped up all over the place recently. The concept is you pay a monthly fee for a level of wash from very basic to the works whenever you feel like it. I have a black car and am concerned that their spinners are not scratching, but sort of, making impressions in my clearcoat if that makes sense. Like I see in the sunlight what looks like marks from the spinners that you can’t see when a bright light is not on it. Anyway it is nice to be able to just swing by for a wash whenever I’m in the area but if you do not frequently wash your car, then it’s probably not worth it for you. I will say I do wash my car more because of it. It’s nice to have a clean car whenever I feel like it. one downside is it can get very busy and you either have to skip it or you’re gonna wait a while. Another downside is your vehicle will not get completely dried off by their blower. I always have to grab one of the microfiber cloths, which are free, and wipe down some things afterwards. Obviously you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to. they also have plenty of vacuum stations that you can swing into to vacuum your car out. Vacs are powerful and always available. I just took away one star because it is still a bit pricey.

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